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Basic Subscriptions. Our Popular Sessions - Calliope. Creaza. JellyBeanScoop Homepage. Learn More — Seesaw. Assessment. Untitled. Last month’s Toolbox focused on the use of iPads in the classroom.


This month, we will explore applications (apps) available for handheld devices that runboth Mac OS and Android operating systems. Before you begin collecting apps for your iPad or Android device, take a look at Kathy Schrock’s checklist, Critical Evaluation of An Ipad/Ipod App. The form is free to download for classroom use. To get you started, Google Apps in Classrooms and Schools: 32 Ways to Use Google Apps in 50 Minutes is a teacher-created slideshow (or you can download it as a PDF) that shows how to use apps to increase efficiency, collaboration, and engagement in your classroom.

Content area apps: Android Celeste, 3-D Graphics of the Skies, and Algebra Tutor are among theTop 8 Android Apps for Education from Mashable. 50 Of The Best Free Apps For Teachers. 50 Of The Best Free Apps For Teachers by TeachThought Staff What are the best free apps for teachers?

50 Of The Best Free Apps For Teachers

That’s a pretty general and subjective idea. The best for them as human beings–health, finances, and entertainment? The best for them in the classroom? For iOS, Android, or Windows Phone? To say that there is a lot to consider is an understatement. That said, we’ve taken a wide-lens view of the modern teacher and taken a stab at what might be considered 50 of the best really, truly actually free apps available for iOS. Share Photos, Videos, Text, Music and Documents Easily. Bounce. Quick Rubric Provides an Easy Way to Craft Rubrics.

How to Create Custom, Multimedia Maps on Scribble Maps - No Account Required. 5 Popular Tools That You Might Not Realize Work on Android Tablets. There are certainly many more solid apps available for Android tablets than there were a few years, yet there are still many times when someone will ask me if one of my recommended tools is available for Android.

5 Popular Tools That You Might Not Realize Work on Android Tablets

In no particular order, here are five of my most frequently recommended tools that will work on Android tablets as well as on Chromebooks, iPads, and in your laptop’s web browser. Padlet is probably my favorite tool for quickly creating an online space in which students can post short notes, respond to questions, and share links to things they’ve made and or discovered. Padlet now offers an iPad app, but they don’t offer an Android app. However, Padlet does work quite well if you just open it in the web browser on your Android tablet. Six Tools for Creating Online Timelines - A Comparison Chart. Your Bookmarks and favorites in the cloud.

Photos du journal - Free Technology for Teachers. 9 iPad Apps that Assess Student Learning. By Katie Chirhart As an iPad Lab teacher, I work closely with the classroom teachers to deepen and assess their students’ understanding of the material taught in the classroom—oftentimes, teachers ask that I spend additional time in the lab covering material that they’ve already taught.

9 iPad Apps that Assess Student Learning

3-Minute YouTube Videos to Make You a Tech-Savvy Teacher. By Jessica Sanders It’s safe to assume you need to spend long hours in a professional development course to become tech savvy, right?

3-Minute YouTube Videos to Make You a Tech-Savvy Teacher

Quite the contrary; all it takes is 3 minutes to learn something new, something that you can immediately apply in your classroom—that is, when you turn to YouTube videos. YouTube has more than 1 billion users that upload 300 hours of video every minute. This makes YouTube a valuable resource if you’re looking to improve your technology skills whenever a moment becomes available. Here are some of the best channels for teachers who want to learn a thing or two about using technology in the classroom.

Channel: ISTE 8 Essential Elements of PBL. Quest - Write text adventure games and interactive stories. Quest lets you make interactive story games.

Quest - Write text adventure games and interactive stories

Text adventure games like Zork and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Gamebooks like the Choose Your Own Adventure and Fighting Fantasy books. You don't need to know how to program. All you need is a story to tell. Your game can be played anywhere. Quest - Write text adventure games and interactive stories. Timeline. WhatsApp. Free school blogs and secure social learning platform. Ideas to Inspire. Integrate Technology Effectively.png - File Shared from Box. Chatterpix and YakIt: Great Apps to End the School Year. This is a guest post from Samantha Morra of, an advertiser on this blog.

Chatterpix and YakIt: Great Apps to End the School Year

The year may be winding down, but you still have your students for a few more precious weeks of school. If you have access to iPads in your classroom, a great end of the year activity with your students is to make pictures talk, create animations that anthropomorphize objects, or use personification to demonstrate understanding. It's actually a great activity anytime of the year. You can create with your students and keep them engaged and learning right up until the last day. Two fantastic sets of apps for creating talking pictures on iPads are ChatterPix / ChatterPix Kids and YakIt / YakIt Kids ($.99). ChatterPix Kids & ChatterPix ChatterPix Kids and ChatterPix from Duck Duck Moose are simple, elegant, and useful apps. Features: 30 seconds to record.Add stickers, frames, or text.Send movie to the camera roll. Book Creator. Online voice recorder.

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