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My challenge to you - 8 things all teachers should learn about #edtech. EdTech Published on March 27th, 2016 | by Mark Anderson I love the School Report scheme that the BBC run via Newsround.

My challenge to you - 8 things all teachers should learn about #edtech

We all remember the Newsrounds of our youth. Spruce Up Your Centers with Technology. Currently Seesaw is iPad only.

Spruce Up Your Centers with Technology

Three Ring is another digital portfolio choice and supports iOS, Android, Fire, desktops, and laptops. Like Seesaw, students and teachers can capture media, including photos, videos, notes, and audio. Artifacts can be accessed in the app and online at

4C's in Ed

7 Amazing hacks for teachers to use in class today - Microsoft in Education Blog. A Must-Have Edtech Cheat Sheet. Flashback to the year 2008 in Pittsburgh, PA to an event known as Boot Camp—a very intense professional development training I was required to attend when I was named our district’s Classrooms for the Future Instructional Technology Coach.

A Must-Have Edtech Cheat Sheet

I can recall that within the first hour of this week long experience I felt so completely overwhelmed with the volume of unfamiliar terms I was hearing that I thought I would loose my mind—even though I seriously thought I had a pretty good grasp of all things edtech. Um, not so much! It was as if someone air-dropped me into a third year course of Mandarin Chinese which left me with that sickening what in the what am I doing here feeling. Of course, there were some words that made me giggle too! (i.e. wikis, widgets, vokis and glogs to name a few! SPLAT-Ed: The tedium of new pedagogies. I'm being reflective of where I was 'at' last year and where I am 'at' now.

SPLAT-Ed: The tedium of new pedagogies

It is somewhat disconcerting to look back on it, to realise how much I have learnt about who I am, what I do, what ideas have shifted for me. But it is also worthwhile to see the changes. These days I am not nearly as certain as I was last year. So, reconsidering the same ideas that cropped up then - and are unsolved now- is something that can help me comprehend the shifts. About this time last year, I asked: "How is following the ideal different from following the leader?

A Beautiful Visual On The Impact of Technology on Today's Classrooms. April 28, 2015 We just came across this beautiful visual on the impact of technology on classroom learning and teaching and wanted to pass along some important stats that stood out to us.

A Beautiful Visual On The Impact of Technology on Today's Classrooms

Technology is radically transforming the education landscape and the stats below speak volumes to this transformation: In a 2009 report released by the National Centre for Education Statistics with the Department of Education:74% of Pre-K to 12th grade teachers said that technology has helped them reinforce and expand content and has also motivated students to learn. 73% of these teachers also reported that technology enables them to respond to a variety of learning styles and allows them to demonstrate things that could not demonstrated otherwise.

Impact of technology on student writing: A larger majority of teachers attest to the positive influence of web technologies on students writing. The Curio Challenge — Redesign Challenge. So I proposed something I titled then, “Curio-ed Convos” because at the time I was reading Brian Grazer’s A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life (a book I picked up because I was curious).

The Curio Challenge — Redesign Challenge

I didn’t really even understand the idea at that time, I just knew I had a vision. I envisioned a way for teachers to systematize what they already did naturally to become better teachers, to follow their own curiosity to discover, share, and collaborate on new ideas. In 2015, this process is often a combination of the virtual and the personal. Most teachers I know Google first, talk about what they find, and create materials after synthesizing the ideas of others with their own original ideas.

Why couldn’t video PD just embrace what I instinctively knew teachers already did? Apparently my instincts were right on, because Redesign Challenge selected my idea as one of the few to develop during Innovator’s Weekend in Washington D.C. Innovator’s Weekend changed my life. Magnetic Poetry With Google Slides. The other day I mentioned @shakeuplearning‘s awesome Halloween Magnetic Poetry created in Google Drawings.

Magnetic Poetry With Google Slides

After reading about it, I was inspired to create my own. After getting some programming assistance from @gersteinj, who created an amazing app to turn a word list into individual images for me, I got to work making several different magnetic poetry slides. Each one has over 100 words, and the ‘Genius’ one has over 400! Please feel free to make a copy of your own, and to share with anyone else interested. Tech for Teachers. Teacher Tech Tools. Tools for Teaching. Teacher tools 2.0. Tech Resources for the Classroom. The surprising thing about schools with lots of technology. More time spent on technology in the classroom doesn’t necessarily help kids do better in school, a new study has found.

The surprising thing about schools with lots of technology

In fact, above a certain threshold, an over-reliance on technology might actually detract from learning. “Limited use of computers at school may be better than no use at all, but levels of computer use above the current … average are associated with significantly poorer results,” states a new report released late Monday by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. “Students who use computers very frequently in school don’t outperform students who use them moderately, even when we modify for social background,” OECD’s education director, Andreas Schleicher, said in an interview. 12 Emerging Educational Uses of Technology That Are Most Exciting Right Now. Well, it's that time of year again … the start of a new school year.

12 Emerging Educational Uses of Technology That Are Most Exciting Right Now

With it often comes the irresistible urge to make another list, or even better … many lists! Lists help us to plan, and they can also help us reflect and assess. Lifehack. Back to school time!


Soon enough, you will be occupied with classes, academic projects, exams, and of course, a social life. That’s completely fine as this academic year you will have a perfect chance to make yourself more effective in every aspect of your life. There are so many powerful online applications you can use to change the way you approach student life. You probably own a smartphone and tablet, so you should try to use the potential they offer. Below, you’ll find a collection of 15 apps that will change the way you deal with the daily struggles and joys of student life. Raspberry, Shmazberry, There’s A $15 Single Board Computer Called The Orange Pi. Is $35 for a Raspberry Pi too rich for you blood? Do you prefer using sparsely-supported but cheap single board computers? Are you willing to ignore the obviously goofy name “Orange Pi?”

Then have we got something for you. The Orange Pi PC is a new single board machine that is ostensibly compatible with the Raspberry Pi OS images and can also run standard Linux and Android. It has a H3 Quad-core Cortex-A7 H.265/HEVC 4K processor and includes three USB ports, an IR receiver, and supports MicroSD card storage. The board has a fairly complete download page and there seem to me active support forums. Teachers colleges struggle to blend technology into teacher training.

MUNCIE, Ind. — On a typical day in Corey Gilman’s second-grade class, students view and listen to books on a Smart Board, following the text in their hardcover readers; they collaborate in small groups named for colors; and take turns using an iPod to listen to a reading of books they wrote by hand and then narrated. In between, they take “brain breaks” – 30-second bursts of moving and stretching under Gilman’s direction.

All the while, Gilman’s iPad never seems to leave his hand. Gilman, 26, is a self-proclaimed geek. Growing up, he built his own computers. Cool web tools 4 school. Getting Technology Right in Schools. Earlier this week, the Association for Learning Technology published an interview with me about getting technology right in schools. Since I failed miserably to keep to the word count, they had to edit it down considerably. The ALT version of the interview is here, and the original, unabridged version is below. What was the strategical framework adopted by your institution before giving iPads to staff and students? In too many schools the strategic vision with regard to technology is epitomised in the sentence “we need to use more ICT” — a notion almost always arrived to in response to a pointedly critical inspection report.

Since all schools have an ICT Department, an IT Support Department or at the very least someone at the other end of the phone “in charge” of ICT, it always seems logical to pass on the technology baton to the “experts”. You often appear critical on Twitter of the commercial sector encroaching on schools. I think this is a problem that can be solved in two ways. 8 Educational Technologies That Are Changing The Classroom. Whether it’s a university computer lab or a middle school audience, technology in the classroom is playing a bigger role in the teaching styles of today’s educators. New tools are helping to streamline the collaboration between teachers and their digitally-native students. EdTech for Schools Image via: Joyce Kasman Valenza, Ph.D. is the Director of the MLIS Program at Rutgers University. If you asked her about EdTech in schools she would speak of the importance of curating the best content, apps, resources, tools and instruction for students.

“Who is going to be the one who helps us teachers and learners makes sense of the emerging digital landscape by building the most useful parking lot? Image via: Academic institutions, educators, and even students all have a huge array of products and services constantly fighting for their attention and support. The top 10 edtech lessons I’ve learnt after 15 years in schools. I've worked in schools for nearly 15 years, and I'm about to take the next big step in my career, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to lay out some of the most important edtech facts that I wish I’d known when starting out. Let’s go! 1. Simplicity always wins, always It doesn't matter if the technology you’re pushing is the most sophisticated in depth learning tool ever created, if it’s not better than the alternative only the most IT literate staff are ever going to use it. The simple fact is that most people won’t change their routine unless your solution is easier, simpler, and is more effective.

The history of school IT is littered with the carcasses of Virtual Learning Environments. 3 Good Interactive Guides to Help You Integrate Technology in Your Teaching. Teacher: “I don’t have time to use technology in my teaching” The 4 biggest mistakes that teachers make when integrating technology. **The Edvocate is pleased to publish guest posts as way to fuel important conversations surrounding P-20 education in America. The opinions contained within guest posts are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of The Edvocate or Dr.

The Secret to EdTech No One Talks About. Americans Internet Access: Percent of Adults 2000-2015. Main Findings The Pew Research Center’s unit studying the internet and society began systematically measuring internet adoption among Americans in 2000. The Case for Ridding Schools of Technology  8 Characteristics of a Successful K-12 Technology Department.

Top 25 Tech Tools for Teachers for 2015. Classroom Technology Is Not a Substitute for Teaching. Home » Articles » Classroom Technology Is Not a Substitute for Teaching Teaching is one of the most difficult jobs in the world but those who are involved in it'll say that it's very rewarding. After all, being able to influence the minds of the future can give any teacher a great deal of satisfaction and pride, which will hopefully help make up for some of the rougher moments. Of course, all jobs will have positive and negative moments around it, not just teaching but it's fair to say that teaching is a role that many people hold in high regard. This is why many teachers are concerned about the increasing level of technology that's creeping into the job as they say this is taking away from much of the magic of teaching.

This is certainly not the case though and teachers should embrace these new products and methods as an aid to their teaching methods, as opposed to a substitute. Dear ISTE (reprised) iPad classes are affecting our children's learning: parents. Last updated 21:57, July 5 2015. A New Tool for Turning Webpages Into Whiteboards. Teacher Guides for Technology And Learning. Is It Time to Give Up on Computers in Schools? What Education Technology Could Look Like Over the Next Five Years.

5 Things to Share With Your Teachers About Educational Technology - Latest Tech News, Tips and Tricks, How to Guides, Famous Storys. No gimmicks: technology in schools must serve a purpose. 13 Simple Ways to Integrate Technology into any Lesson Plan. Teachers know best: What teachers and students want from EdTech. Inside iOS 9 Search: Apple’s Plan for More Connected Apps. Training for teachers in war against pupils who use mobile phones in school.

Education Week. 4 Good Resources That Provide Digital Textbooks for Teachers. How Teachers Can Become Fluent in Classroom Technology. Why Technology Will Never Fix Education. Does Technology Belong in Classroom Instruction? Education technology: Your cheat sheet to 10 fads, trends, and WTFs. 7-apps-children-love-today-that-parents-need-aware. Evaluating Technology? Here's What To Look For... Learning Leading Change: EduTECH Day One: Open Schools for globally connected learning. 10 effective web tools educators should try out. 6 Ways EdTech Can Knock Your Principal's Socks Off Infographic. Tools for Teaching. Teacher Tech Tools. Teacher-tested Tools for Enhancing Collaboration in Class. The digital divide goes mobile: Teens without smartphones are falling behind. 3 Simple Strategies To Integrate Technology Into Any Lesson. Why do teachers struggle with technological change?

Making Thinking Visible in a Technology Infused Classroom. Tools for Teaching. Cool web tools 4 school. Teacher Tech Tools. Tech Tools. Welcome to TakingITGlobal! An Apple for teacher: how tablets are changing education. The Difference Between Technology Use And Technology Integration. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 0ver 150 EdTech Tutorials to Help You Integrate iPad in Your Instruction. 5 Things to Share With Your Teachers About Educational Technology  15 Gmail Tips Every Teacher Should Know About. Best-Kept Secrets for Teaching Tech to Kids. Teachers, Stop Being Scared of Cellphones. The Least Talked About Problem in EdTech. Hack Education Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2014. The Tech That Will Change Your Life in 2015. Utilities. Teacher Web Tools. Awesome Visual Featuring The 6 Types of Technology Integrators.

8 EdTech Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Interactive Collaboration in the Classroom. Future Of EdTech 101: Automation, Curation And Gamification. ClassDojo Now Helps Teachers, Parents and Students Communicate Better. An Introduction to the SAMR Model for Teachers. Silicon Valley Turns Its Eye to Education - The 6 Major Skills for 21st Century Students. Google Classroom OR Schoology? Here's How I Use BOTH Effectively. Making The Shift To Mobile-First Teaching. Most Internet Users Will Soon Be Smartphone-Only. 7 Telling Statistics About the State of K–12 Online Learning. Businessinsider. 12 Companies Transforming Education To Watch Next Year. Google Drive Tutorial 2014 - Quick Start. Technology on Pinterest. Classrooms Without Walls: Using Digital Media to Connect Inside and Outside of the Classroom.

Web2.0 tools. Technology in Education.