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Early Learning Guidelines/Early Childhood Standards. National/General Resources Early Learning Guidelines-Standards Website This Website is designed to provide recommendations and raise issues for state committees to consider as they make decisions about developing or revising Early Learning Guidelines (ELGs).

Early Learning Guidelines/Early Childhood Standards

It was developed by Catherine Scott-Little of the University of NC at Greensboro, together with Sharon Lynn Kagan and Victoria Stebbins Frelow at Teachers College, Columbia University, with support from the A.L. Mailman Family Foundation. Early Childhood Classroom Technology & Supplies. Student Technology Skills and the PARCC Assessments. The following student technology skills were contained in PARCC: Technology Integration and Ohio's New Learning Standards , a presentation developed by Char Shryock, Bay Village Schools.

Student Technology Skills and the PARCC Assessments

Ms. Shryock is a member of the Ohio PARCC Educator Leader Cadre (NE). EdSurge : The Best in Education Technology. "App"solutely Awesome K-8 Apps for your iPad! Carrie Johnson from Minnehaha Academy shared with her best of list from the "Best Use of iPads, iPad Apps and Other Technology Tools to Increase Student Learning (Grades K-8)" conference.

"App"solutely Awesome K-8 Apps for your iPad!

News and reviews on children's interactive media. VTech Just Made a Tablet for Your 12-Month-Old - Lauren Wilson - Media. VTech is hoping to tap into one of the last unexplored tablet markets: Infants.

VTech Just Made a Tablet for Your 12-Month-Old - Lauren Wilson - Media

The Hong Kong-based toy maker is targeting its Inno Tab 2 Baby at children from 1 to 9 years of age, expanding beyond the regular Inno Tab’s 4-to-9 year age range. “The reality is that [the technology’s] there, and babies as young as 12 months just have this natural propensity to want to do whatever their parents are doing,” said Laurie Honza, director of product development of VTech Electronics North America.

Aesthetically, the Inno Tab 2 Baby looks like others in the Inno Tab line. The best educational iPad apps, handpicked by experts. Tablet for K-12 Education. Tools Archives. iPads – A Tool, Not Alchemy, for Education. The topic of kids and technology is a hot topic again.

iPads – A Tool, Not Alchemy, for Education

This would normally be a good thing, if the questions that are being discussed weren’t fundamentally the wrong ones. It is, however, a familiar situation. We are going through a normalization of a new technology, and it will be met in the same way that technology has been met before: with skepticism, doubt and the occasional hint of technophobia. Discussions like these cloud the interesting part—the choices that parents make for their kids. But let’s start with at least getting the terminology right. Firstly, we need to stop talking about the notion of screen time. Secondly, there is a big difference between watching something and interacting with it. Thirdly, it is no longer a matter of “if” you should use technology for learning but rather “how” it can be done. Finally, technology is not a replacement for anything else. The iPad is not a babysitter, some say.

Animal Habitats. There are some absolutely amazing sites out there for kids to learn about animal habitats.

Animal Habitats

Here are a few of my favorites: Build an Online Habitat is where students choose animals and match them to the correct environment by changing weather, vegetation, animal & biome. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Teacher's Comprehensive List of Great Educational Technology Resources. Top 12 Education Technology Blogs. The top twelve education technology blogs are packed full of thoughts from educators, health professionals, and technology experts dedicated to sharing information.

Top 12 Education Technology Blogs

These must-read blogs contain valuable insight into the tools and processes for technology in education. Yes Tech! Web: Yes Tech! Yes Tech! Is run by Pam Shoemaker. SocialButterfly Web: SocialButterfly SocialButterfly by Alexandra Bornkessel, follows social marketing and the movement to change. VideoScience. Top 30 Blogs for Teachers 2012. The Honor Roll: 50 Must-Read K–12 Education IT Blogs. There’s no question that technology has transformed the classroom.

The Honor Roll: 50 Must-Read K–12 Education IT Blogs

Thanks to the proliferation of mobile-computing devices, social media and online-learning resources, and classroom-based tools such as interactive whiteboards and document cameras, digital literacy has become increasingly important for today’s students. But developing strong technological skills is only half the battle; mastering the subject matter using these tools is equally important. The technologies that give the so-called 21st century classroom its power have been the subject of many K–12 blogs, with teachers, administrators, IT leaders, vendors and even parents weighing in on everything from how to fund these tools to how to effectively integrate them into the curriculum.

But it can be hard to separate worthwhile content from all the clutter, so the EdTech: Focus on K–12 team has scoured the web to assemble this honor roll of educational technology blogs you should be reading. 2¢ Worth. Finding the Education in Educational Technology with Early Learners. Finding the Education in Educational Technology with Early Learners Lilla Dale McManis and Susan B.

Finding the Education in Educational Technology with Early Learners

Gunnewig View Interactive PDF Download the most recent version of Flash. Download PDF Download the most recent version of Adobe Reader. Fred Rogers Center - Purpose. The Fred Rogers Archive preserves and organizes in a single location all the materials related to Fred Rogers personally and to the public person that became the iconic Mister Rogers.

Fred Rogers Center - Purpose

Archival materials are an essential resource for the work of the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media, but they are also intended to be a source for other scholarly and applied research into children’s television, early childhood development, and Fred Rogers’ unique role in bridging both fields. Fred’s creativity and imagination were expressed in music and stories. Before he became known as the host of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, he enjoyed composing songs and writing stories, often combining these into “operas.” Technology in Early Childhood: Advice For Parents and Teachers From A Trusted Source. 3.28.12 | It seems like everyone has weighed in on the how-young-is-too-young debate around children and technology. Doctors, parents, researchers, software developers, media producers—the list goes on.

TEC Center: Technology in Early Childhood. is a membership community built from the collaboration of two experienced early childhood educators who saw a need for practical inspiration, ideas, and resources for exploring technology implementation in preschool settings. Karen Nemeth and Fran Simon are the founders of and Co-Authors of Digital Decisions: Choosing the Right Technology Tools for Early Childhood Education, (Spring, 2012, Gryphon House).

Over the past several years, as technology has become more prevalent in early education settings, and we participated in the “to-tech or not-to-tech” debate we often found ourselves at a loss for good examples of best practice. We decided to do something about it! We envision a community to which our colleagues can turn for inspiration and guidance about using technology in developmentally appropriate settings and to which everyone can contribute.

Tech Savy.