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I, pet goat II

I, pet goat II
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Insights - Andrew Bartzis To revoke is to renounce, retract, annul and erase. What are we erasing? The contracts that have bound us into bondage. What are we renouncing? The idea that we were ever anything less than divine. And what are we revoking? These Soul Contract Revocations are a way to use the power of your voice to break free from the energetic chains of the past, present and future that have been knowingly and unknowingly created. You are challenged to say them every day as a declaration of your freedom. Challenge yourself to freedom! freedom Vidéo Keny Arkana - Imagine MPG4 de NONONOPASARAN (Musique - NONONOPASARAN The Occult - Occultopedia: The Occult and Unexplained Encyclopedia Welcome to Occultopedia, the premier internet index of the paranormal, occult and inexplicable. In addition to being the foremost online destination for information about the supernatural, unusual phenomena and the occult, Occultopedia also features a variety of resources for the pagan community, new age buffs, unexplained phenomena enthusiasts, curious minds, and skeptics as well.Occultopedia is the genuine article, the original and the best internet index of the extraordinary and uncanny, shamelessly copied by many, but never equaled. Online since 1995 — at first in a free web space provider, and in 1997 finally with its own domain name and hosting — Occultopedia still is the principal online resource for those looking for the unexplained, the curious and the unusual. Occultopedia is a work in progress, and is not completed.

Psychotronic Generators by Tim Rifat from PsychotronicGenerators Website Psychotronic generators are psychic batteries that store life force or the other 34 types of energy that are available to manifest humans. These Pavlita generators were fatally flawed in that they store negative energy as well as positive so could be used to place negative energy in the Soviet Union leading to it’s breakup. As the world expert on Psi, Tim Rifat completely understands psychotronic generators the Tim Rifat class of psychotronic generators that use two not one psychotronic generators in tandem the bioparticle psychotronic generator and the biophysical psychotronic generator. Put in layman’s language this means Tim Rifat can design psychotronic generators that are always positive and never ever can store negative energy as in Pavlita Generators or the occult denied rubbish sold worldwide. Since both the BPG are couple they share energy. A useful tool for the cash strapped Psi-Adept. These being:

44 Ways to Become an Authority in Your Niche | WHSR Want to become an authority in your blog’s niche? Becoming an authority not only establishes your reputation and expertise, but it is a surefire way to earn a living and monetize your blog. How? The Benefits of Being an Authority There is no better way to build your reputation as an influencer than becoming an authority. Reason # 1: Trust Consumers purchase from bloggers they trust, even if they don’t know them. Reason # 2: Authority Authority figures are invited to podcasts and online TV shows. Reason # 3: Earn an Advance Bloggers and ebook writers are offered publishing house contracts. Reason # 4: Get Free TV Time Local TV shows invite experts in various topics to speak. Reason # 5: Speaking Fees Bloggers with authority can easily pitch to speak at a conference, especially if you have connections. 44 Ways to Become an Authority in Your Niche How do you become an authority? Be everywhere. Use these 44 ways to build authority in your niche and you can become a more profitable blogger.

Human Levitation Levitation has evoked awe, bewilderment or disbelief throughout history, and has a surprising number of links with the UFO and alien abduction phenomenon, anti-gravity being the most obvious one. Human levitation occurs when a person hovers or moves through the air with no visible means of support, seemingly in defiance of the force of gravity. Despite its fascinating and anomalous nature levitation has seldom been the subject of serious research. Few people today claim to have seen someone levitating and science currently has no explanation for it, except to say that, if it occurs at all, it seems to be paranormal or miraculous. It is understandable, therefore, that human levitation has traditionally been regarded as a religious phenomenon with numerous saints from various religions being reported to have levitated. The headline of a recent New Scientist cover-story reads, "Anti-gravity: Can the heretics turn physics upside down?" UFOs are often reported to use anti-gravity.

FREE Unique Article Creator Online 18 Rare Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes to Make You Question Everything | High Existence Friedrich Nietzsche is one of the most misinterpreted philosophers the world has ever seen. His incomparable, fierce literary style and tenacious will to question all orthodox beliefs and institutions have captivated and perplexed readers for over a century. I hesitate to share a list of quotations from his work, knowing full well that without the proper context, it is easy to misapprehend the full meaning and significance of his words. However, Nietzsche is also one of the most quotable writers who ever lived, and I think it is worth providing a sampling of some of his less commonly cited quotations here for a couple of reasons. For one, those familiar with Nietzsche will probably find something illuminating in this collection that they would be unlikely to come across elsewhere online. Now, contemplate and enjoy these quotes, but be warned: Nietzsche’s work can be dense and challenging! 18 Rare Nietzsche Quotes “How little it takes to make us happy! “Main thought! “. . .

20 Most Useful Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys That You Would Actually Use “I saw a bank that said ’24 Hour Banking’, but I don’t have that much time”. – Steven Wright (comedian) Being a part-time writer and a full-time dad, I am very concerned with my productivity. I want to get my writing assignments done well and fast so I can enjoy more time with my wife and daughter. Now I’m sure that not all of you reading this have families to raise and all, but I’m guessing two things: 1. The World's Best Photos of dextrorotatory <span class="bannertext", style="color:red">JavaScript is not enabled. The picture viewer will not work.</span> Our Privacy Policy has been updated. Take a look. Explore Log In Hivemind: Hits: 18 Pages: 1 Pairs: 12 levorotatory,sphere dextrorotatory,levorotatory dextrorotatory,sphere 11 helix,levorotatory dextrorotatory,helix 8 gabrielkelemen,helix helix,sphere 7 dextrorotatory,vortex archetype,dextrorotatory archetype,levorotatory levorotatory,vortex 6 sphere,universal sphere,vortex dextrorotatory,universal gabrielkelemen,sphere dextrorotatory,gabrielkelemen helix,vortex gabrielkelemen,levorotatory archetype,vortex levorotatory,universal 5 helix,universal chirality,sphere universal,vortex gabrielkelemen,vortex archetype,helix archetype,sphere Our Privacy Policy has been updated. Welcome to Flickr Hive Mind. Flickr Hive Mind is a data mining tool for the Flickr database of photography.