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Developpement - Web Site

Developpement - Web Site

MySQL Performance real life Tips and Tricks. Part 3-rd. / MySQL Решил продолжить цикл заметок по данной тематике. В данной статье особое место хотел уделить профайлингу MySQL запросов. Описать средства, которые предоставляются MySQL для профайлинга, и что нужно делать для определения узких мест запроса. Также, после опубликования первых двух статей я получил пару отзывов и вопросов, связанных с проектированием БД / расстановкой индексов / составлением запросов. Профайлинг запросов Итак, начну со стандартных средств профайлинга запросов средствами MySQLEXPLAINSHOW STATUSPROFILING С помощью команды EXPLAIN MySQL показывает ориентировочный execution plan запроса (Описание всех возвращаемых полей командой EXPLAIN можно посмотреть по адресу — ). Также в этом абзаце хотел отметить главное — что производительность запроса зависит от количества записей, которые были проверены (исследованы) MySQL, а не от количества возвращенных запросом записей. После этого выполняем интересующий нас запрос Slow query log

CakePHP and Nginx I still got sites running Apache, but all new projects are launched with Nginx. I don't need many of the features that Apache offers, and the speed gain of Nginx is just tremendous. Once you've experienced it, I doubt you'll want to go back. Update - May 2nd, 2013 The official CakePHP documentation now includes a good Nginx section. Update - Feb 24th, 2013 Chris Hartjes takes a similar approach in articles written way before mine, be sure to check it out! Continuing Even though there has been quite some fuzz about Nginx and I bet most of you have at least heard of it by now, I think the acceptance is still a bit low. I'd like to help that process along by providing developers a simple yet effective example. Maybe you'll play with it on your local box - and eventually decide to go production. Let me show you how easy it is to get hooked to the power of Nginx. In this article I'm demonstrating a CakePHP setup, but 1 slight modification and this applies to pretty much any PHP Framework. HtAccess | Richmond Hill/Thornhill Deals of the Day You’ll be able to dance the night away after learning how to move to the beat of the music. You’ll learn so much when you take advantage of this deal - $50 for 10 group ballroom dance classes. Toronto Social Dance School is located in just off Yonge Street in Thornhill and people come from miles around to have fun, learn how to dance and get fit at the same time! Tango, Waltz, Cha Cha, Rumba, Salsa, Hustle, Merengue, Swing and so many more dances are taught by certified professionals at this upscale dance school. Learning how to dance will make you feel better not just physically but your self- confidence levels will go up helping you to better manage whatever stress may come your way. If you’re not sure whether learning how to dance is quite your thing, with a deal that saves you almost $150 there is no going wrong. Come discover a new way to have fun, meet people and have a great time learning dance steps you never thought imaginable! MrPshem This is where I finally learned to dance!

Web & Software Dev Telecommuting and Part-Time Jobs Job Listings Posted Middleware Engineers desired for a full time position with potential for telecommuting options while providing assistance with engineering and configuration administration. Utilizing 9+ years of software engineering experience the Technical Environment Designer will work full time with options for telecommuting or remote work. Back-end development internship open to candidates with PHP and SQL. Full-time, 18 month contract position available who will be responsible for application development and support. 5-7 years experience, MS SQL, .Net, SQL, HTML, PL/SQL, Oracle Databases and Internet Protocols. Senior Presentation Layer Developer is needed to create and execute designs and handle front-end technology projects. 4+ years of hand-coding experience is required. Full-time Freelance to permanent Web/Front-End Developer is needed to code designs and produce prototypes, specifications and style guides. 5+ years of experience and web technology skills are required.

Автоматизация кэширования :: WEB Optimizator Кэширование на клиентском и серверном уровне может значительно ускорить скорость работы сайта. На данный момент все современные системы управления сайтом включают поддержку кэширования, в некоторых случаях даже многоуровневого. Кэширование на клиентском уровне Настройка кэширования для предотвращения дополнительных запросов из браузера к серверу осуществляется достаточно просто: нужно всего лишь знать наиболее характерные случаи использования: Статические ресурсы без сжатия Форсирование кэширования для статических ресурсов без сжатия. В случае выставления директив для Apache: <FilesMatch \. И в случае nginx: location ~* ^.+\. 10-летний срок кэширования здесь вполне оправдан: таким образом мы сообщаем пользователям, что ресурсы в течение этого времени перезапрашивать не нужно. Статические ресурсы со сжатием Все отличие от предыдущего случая заключается в том, что разрешить локальным прокси-серверам кэшировать такие ресурсы (обычно это CSS-, JavaScript- или ICO-файлы) нельзя. Код для PHP: <? <? <?

The protocol-relative URL There’s this little trick you can get away with that’ll save you some headaches: If the browser is viewing that current page in through HTTPS, then it’ll request that asset with the HTTPS protocol, otherwise it’ll typically* request it with HTTP. This prevents that awful “This Page Contains Both Secure and Non-Secure Items” error message in IE, keeping all your asset requests within the same protocol. *Of course, if you’re viewing the file locally, it’ll try to request the file with the protocol. We use this trick in the HTML5 Boilerplate for a clever request of jQuery off the Google CDN: Technically, this is called a “network-path reference” according to RFC 3986. This trick also works fine in CSS: … assuming the site you’re pointing to has this asset available on both HTTP and HTTPS. Caveat: When used on a <link> or @import for a stylesheet, IE7 and IE8 download the file twice.

An Intro to Backbone.js: Part 1 – Models and Collections - Liquid Media This is Part 1 of a series of tutorials. You can find Part 2 here. JavaScript interpreters are FAST, and they’re in every browser out there. You can run a rich application in the browser using only open technologies and built in browser-functionality, today. Backbone.js can help build it. It’s a light-weight MVC for the browser – only ~1000 lines of code, and it’s clean. There’s no magic. Trying Out Backbone If you’re looking to try it out, you’re going to need to load Underscore.js first. Oh yeah, and Backbone does not have anything to do with the DOM, although it does have some loose dependencies on the $ and ajax calls of jQuery/Zepto. What’s going on in there? There are five main prototypes in Backbone. Backbone.Collection – A little more than what you’re thinking.Backbone.Model – ActiveRecord implementation, but it’s got a url! In this blog post we’re going to look at Models, Collections, and Events. Backbone.Model: That’s analogous to defining a model class in Rails. Backbone.Collection:

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