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The Creativity Mindset I absolutely love all of the emphasis on mindsets these days. There are growth mindsets (which I discuss in The Educator with a Growth Mindset: A Staff Workshop) and maker mindsets (which I discuss in The Mindset of the Maker Educator). Mindsets are simply defined as “the ideas and attitudes with which a person approaches a situation.” Mindsets imply that mental and attitudinal states can assist one in being successful with a given skill set. I believe this to be true for engaging in the creative process, that a creative mindset is a prerequisite to being creative. Creativity is a process in which the elements of mind consolidate in a completely new manner and something original comes into existence, a form of behavior in which a person resists routine answers, tolerates, and even seeks out the ambivalence, insecurity and vagueness that may serve as a basis for a new order (Gyarmathy, 2011). ( be highly creative you first need the right creative mindset.

Gregg Segal - 7 Days of Garbage Rotator powered by <strong>EasyRotator for WordPress</strong>, a free and easy jQuery slider builder from Please enable JavaScript to view. All Images © Gregg Segal Artist’s Statement: “7 Days of Garbage is a series of portraits of friends, neighbors, and other acquaintances with the garbage they accumulate in the course of a week.

Image Quality, Sensor- and Pixel Sizes CCD or CMOS? So far, I have just referred to camera sensors as "CCDs" (Charge Coupled Devices) and not mentioned the alternative sensor type CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Sensor) at all. This is deliberately so, as the quality compact cameras have almost exclusively used CCDs until today (mid-2009). In later years, CMOS have entered into the DSLR designs and recently also in some current "prosumer" camera designs - i.e.: Larger, cameras with more advanced specifications somewhere between compact and DSLR cameras. Trends: Patterned Socks, Harem Pants, & Modified Espadrilles Socks socks socks– whether striped or native-printed they're the latest essential statement making accessory for men. Stance and Nigel Knox loaded us up on socks, so in a late winter shoot we paired them with a few new pairs of Toms, stylish threads from Onassis, and a few other pieces. "playing chinese checkers"; vintage Gant plaid button-up; selvedge Levis: Nigel Knox skull socks; Toms desert botas; LRG belt, Nixon watch A few years ago it was all about skull scarves, last year and the year before skull velvet slippers, this year you gotta have atleast one pair of skull socks.

Pete Seeger on Combinatorial Creativity, Originality, Equality, and the Art of Dot-Connecting by Maria Popova “All of us, we’re links in a chain.” In 1987, shortly after being appointed editor of SongTalk, the journal of the National Academy of Songwriters, Paul Zollo began interviewing some of the greatest songwriters alive — Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Madonna, Frank Zappa, David Byrne, and dozens more — “always with the assurance that my focus is strictly on songwriting and the creative process, as opposed to the celebrity-oriented queries often directed to them by the press.” These remarkably candid and wide-ranging conversations, collected in the impressive tome Songwriters On Songwriting (public library), transcend the realm of songwriting to unmask the essential elements of ideation in just about every creative discipline, from writing to illustration to design. Pete Seeger (photograph by Annie Leibovitz)

Ken Hermann - Flower Man Flowers are a hugely important part of Indian culture, used in everything from temple rituals to festivals and parties – and Malik Ghat flower market is the largest of its kind in India. Located in Calcutta, next to the Hooghly river, it attracts more than 2,000 sellers each day, who flock to peddle their blooms amid frantic scenes. Commercial photographer Ken Hermann first visited Calcutta three years ago, when he was shooting coal miners, one of the three or four personal projects he tries to complete every year. On that trip, the Dane, now 35, visited the flower market, and ever since held on to the idea of returning to take portraits of the sellers, their magnificent garlands often appearing in stark contrast to their own dusty and sweat-soaked attire. He returned two months ago, accompanied by a local interpreter, and approached various traders with a view to taking their picture.

Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash Review You are looking at one of the most popular DSLR accessories available - a shoe-mount flash. The Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash, at the time of this review, is Canon's middle child of standard Speedlite flashes. It contains a big amount of functionality, power and style in a modestly priced and sized body. The Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash replaces the Canon 430EX Speedlite Flash, so let's start with a review of the upgrades. China's Harbin Ice Sculpture Festival Becomes A Massive Illuminated City At Night Posted on January 10, 2014 / Sunny Skyz This year marks China's 30th annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. Visitors brave sub-zero temperatures to take in the city's massive ice and snow-carved winter wonderland, built by 10,000 workers using 600,000 square feet of ice and nearly 500,000 square feet of snow. Photo: Sheng Li / Reuters Siberian winds blow across Harbin, the coldest city in China, with winter temperatures dropping as low as -36 F. Photo: GOH CHAI HIN/AFP/GETTY/NEWSCOM

A time-ticking countdown of 1000 awesome things by Neil Pasricha We’re all gonna get lumps. We’re all gonna get bumps. Nobody can predict the future but we do know one thing about it: It ain’t gonna go according to plan. Yes, we’ll all have massive highs, big days, and proud moments. Color faded, postcard-streaked blurs will float and flash through our brains on our deathbeds, of wide eyes on graduation stages, father-daughter dances at weddings, and healthy baby screeches in the delivery room. And dotting those big moments will be smaller ones too: fragile hugs with Grandma on Christmas morning, two-year-olds handing you a bouquet of dandelions and saying ‘I love you’, or your boyfriend staring into your eyes and smiling while lazing in bed on Sunday morning.

The seven most effective techniques for creativity (backed by real data) The seven most effective techniques for creativity (backed by real data) October 25th, 2013 by Tanner Christensen A little over a year ago I launched an app that gives users access to more than 150 creative techniques and thinking methods. The app is called “oflow.” Within the app you touch a button and a random creative technique or prompt flips into view. It’s super neat.

Andrew Lyman photography Andrew Lyman is an artist living, working, and attending school in Savannah, US for the time being. Lyman is driven to create and learn from his daily experiences and his immense group of inspired friends. We unveil his Fleeted Happenings project below, as the most outstanding from his portfolio

List of EOS Lenses FORUMSI've added a forum section to the website. I'm sure traffic will be light at first, but please don't be shy in posting a question or comment there NEWS:A review of the newTokina 12-24 f4 has been posted on valtari videos the valtari mystery film experiment now available on dvd, blu-ray and download. includes 3 behind-the-scenes featurettes. valtari was sigur rós's last album as a four-piece. an elegaic work; they didn't feel much like talking about it, and so, instead, asked a bunch talented directors to make whatever they felt like making to go with music. these 16 films are the result. sad, funny, beautiful and, occasionally, plain bewildering, they represent just some of the available emotional responses to this most contemplative sigur rós album. the film's credits include thank-you's to all 800-plus entrants to the mystery film experiment competition. buy from us: downloaddvd or from retailers: the films

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