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La Moulade - Creative Studio

La Moulade - Creative Studio
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10 Web Design Trends for 2013 For starters, we’d like to say thank you for the amazing reception our free eBook Web design and Mobile Trends for 2013 has had since its launch last week, and especially to all those who made it possible by sharing their insightful opinions. Today we’re doing a review of the end conclusions, where we will identify and analyze 10 of the key trends. This is just a brief overview of the conclusions you can read in the book. In fact, we have now released an updated version of the eBook in PDF format, which includes a few corrections and a new layout for an easier and more enjoyable reading experience. It’s no easy task putting together a short summary of all the interviews, but as far as we’re concerned, there are a few memorable statements in the book which nicely encapsulate the conclusions we’ve come to: Bruce Lawson:“If I go to a train website, I don't really want to see a picture of Richard Branson smiling at me, I don't want to read the Chief Exec's ambitions and life history. 1.

WTF Is A Bullet Journal And Why Should You Start One? An Explainer 95 Inspiring Websites of Web Design Agencies Fresh, innovative, creative, minimalist ... What's your style? You probably won't have a better chance to show off all your potential if it's not by designing a website for your own agency or web studio. It's time to push all those ideas and concepts forward, those a client would never understand or that would probably end up spoiling in the end.

SCROLL FOR YOUR HEALTH - by Tomer Lerner Rich in minerals Rich in vitamin C Makes you less hungry Low on calories Source of B-complex vitamins Rich in anti-oxidants Will make you poop... Rich in vitamin C Contain vitamin A & E Makes your teeth whiter Low in calories Rich in anti-oxidants Makes you feel peachy Rich in natural sugar Rich in vitamin B6 Makes you feel happy :))) Site of the Year 2011 - Users' Choice And the Awwward for "Site of the Year 2011 – Users' Choice" goes to... Slavery Footprint , developed by Unit9 ! With an exquisite treatment of typography, colors and illustration, a friendly navigation and a great user experience, Slavery Footprint is a great site and definitely worth of a recognition. Slavery Footprint guides the user through an 11-question survey to unveil the truth about forced labor. It is entirely created in HTML5 to be accessible from computers, laptops and tablets, accompanied by a mobile app for iOS and Android, to help users off-set their footprint on the move. Via the integrated share-function all actions and progresses can easily be shared on Facebook and Twitter. Director Robert Bader directed a beautifully engaging, fluid and animated experience for Call & Response through San Francisco based agency, MUH·TAY·ZIK | HOF·FER . and developed by Unit9 .

Pracownia Olszańska – malarstwo, rzeźba, lalkarstwo, batik, rysunek, biżuteria Site of the Month May 2013: Chrome Super Sync Sports The month of May has brought us as Site of the Month winner a joint project created by Google Creative Labs in collaboration with Rafaël Rozendaal, Weir + Wong and Rami Niemi; an endearing and fun interactive game called Chrome Super Sync Sports! . Super Sync Sports is a Chrome Experiment that allows you to sync your mobile phone to your computer and use it as a game controller. Pick a sport, sync your mobile device to your computer, choose from 50 athletes and if you're sitting with friends, invite up to three of them to join your race using their mobile device and your computer screen. To get started, you’ll need a computer and a smartphone or tablet that run a modern browser, like Chrome.

20 blogs de diseño y UX en español que no deberías perderte Si conoces UX con eñe (comunidad de diseño centrado en el usuario en Google+), sabrás que siempre estamos buscando buenos contenidos acerca de diseño de experiencia de usuario para compartir. Y no es fácil, ya que hay muchísimo contenido en inglés pero bastante menos en español. Por esto merece la pena hacer un listado de quienes están creando buenos contenidos en español (Actualizado en enero de 2016). También puedes introducirte en el tema con este curso UX ;) no solo usabilidad Esta añeja publicación (desde 2001 dando guerra) está dirigida por Yusef Hassan Montero y Francisco Jesús Martín Fernández, aunque cualquiera puede participar. Usable y accesible – Olga Carreras Olga también lleva nada menos que desde 2007 compartiendo sus extensos conocimientos, en especial sobre accesibilidad, pero también sobre usabilidad, arquitectura de información y otros temas relacionados. Revista Faz Torres Burriel Índica (Juan Leal) Jmarquez Usolab Alfonso Morcuende Carmen Hevia Verónica Traynor