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Thumbalizr - thumb your webpages

Thumbalizr - thumb your webpages
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PDF to Word Converter — 100% Free PhishTank | Join the fight against phishing Snapshots - websnapr - Website Thumbnails For Your Website BitLet - the BitTorrent Applet Promotion d un article Error 404 - Not found The document you requested is not found. YouTube Converter - Internet Traffic Archive | acm sigcomm The Internet Traffic Archive is a moderated repository to support widespread access to traces of Internet network traffic, sponsored by ACM SIGCOMM. The traces can be used to study network dynamics, usage characteristics, and growth patterns, as well as providing the grist for trace-driven simulations. The archive is also open to programs for reducing raw trace data to more manageable forms, for generating synthetic traces, and for analyzing traces. Traces contributed to the archive have no restrictions as to what use may be made of them (except for traffic analysis as noted below). Traces may however have restrictions on redistribution. Software contributed to the archive is in general copyrighted. Traces contributed to the archive often will have been filtered to some degree to preserve the privacy of the network users whose traffic was traced, and to address network security concerns. The actual ITA data and software archives are here.

WireTap Studio Note: Per-application recording is not yet available on MacOS X 10.7 or later. We're working on it! Using WireTap Studio, you can record all system audio, or record audio input from any microphone, line-in, or audio input hardware. If you can hear it, WireTap Studio can record it. Once you have recorded your audio, you can easily organize your recordings in the convenient Recording Library, and edit them with WireTap Studio's integrated lossless audio editor. WireTap Studio also boasts full Audio Unit effects support, for adding professional quality effects to your audio. WireTap Studio's LivePreview™ feature allows you to listen to audio from any hardware source, and hear it compressed live at whatever settings you choose - before you record! You can actually hear what your audio compressed as an MP3 at 128kbps will sound like, and then change the compression settings on the fly to hear the difference side by side. It's nothing short of a breakthrough in audio recording technology. Macintosh

Top 20 Websites No Teacher Should Start the 2010-2011 Year Without I have to tell you that it was a tough call to make these decisions, especially when we’re talking every teacher no matter what grade level or subject, but I hope that you find a couple of gems to put away in your virtual treasure box. You may have others you’d like to add to the list. Please post them in the comments for all of us to explore. A great photo editing tool is a must for teachers and I recommend Aviary, LunaPic, Picnik, or BeFunky with some being simpler than others, but all having unique features. Explore all the tools and choose the best option for your skill level. Creaza and Jaycut are answers to the Windows XP Movie Maker and Flipcam problem. Delicious or Diigo are online bookmarking networks teachers need. Doodle is a groovy scheduling tool teachers can use when setting up a collaborative work meeting or building social committee event. Dropbox is one of my absolute favorite tools shared with me by Intel Teach buddies Glen Westbrook and Jill Summers.


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