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2045 Initiative

2045 Initiative
The 2045 Initiative is pleased to announce the online broadcast on April 10, 2014 of a lecture by Dr. Alexander Kaplan, Doctor of Biological Sciences, head of the Laboratory of Neurophysiology and Neurocomputing Interfaces at the Faculty of Biology of the Moscow State University. The subject of the lecture is "Neurointerfaces: towards prosthetic brain functions." The live webcast with simultaneous translation into English will be held on April 10th at 19:00pm Moscow time or 11:00am EST on the website of the 2045 Initiative at

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Humans will be extinct in 100 years says eminent scientist ( -- Eminent Australian scientist Professor Frank Fenner, who helped to wipe out smallpox, predicts humans will probably be extinct within 100 years, because of overpopulation, environmental destruction and climate change. Fenner, who is emeritus professor of microbiology at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra, said homo sapiens will not be able to survive the population explosion and “unbridled consumption,” and will become extinct, perhaps within a century, along with many other species. United Nations official figures from last year estimate the human population is 6.8 billion, and is predicted to pass seven billion next year.

Growing new brains with infrared light [exclusive] Illustration of the “neuronal beacon” for guiding axon growth direction (credit: B. Black et al./Optics Letters) University of Texas, Arlington, scientists have discovered a way to control the growth or repair of neurons and neuron circuits, using a non-invasive “neuronal beacon” (near-IR laser beam) — essentially rewiring brains, or even creating new ones. This major discovery, just published today in Optics Letters, promises to enable several new applications, UT Arlington assistant professor of physics Samarendra Mohanty said in an exclusive interview with KurzweilAI:

Geeks Errant. Two webheads explore the big longitudes After an epic overnight climbing Mt. Agung and a boneshaking scooter ride back to Ubud and a bleary-eyed visit to the Ubud Palace for Barong dancing, it was time to leave Indonesia behind. Roxane and I loved it, and we’re planning to come back before we finish our travels. Our overnight flight stopped in Hong Kong, where we reveled in the modernity and Western food and, most of all, free fast WiFi. How the Web Became Our ‘External Brain,’ and What It Means for Our Kids Recently, my two-year-old nephew Benjamin came across a copy of Vanity Fair abandoned on the floor. His eyes scanned the glossy cover, which shone less fiercely than the iPad he is used to but had a faint luster of its own. I watched his pudgy thumb and index finger pinch together and spread apart on Bradley Cooper’s smiling mug. At last, Benjamin looked over at me, flummoxed and frustrated, as though to say, “This thing’s broken.” Search YouTube for “baby” and “iPad” and you’ll find clips featuring one-year-olds attempting to manipulate magazine pages and television screens as though they were touch-sensitive displays.

The Most Influential Person In Modern History Gavrilo Princip would never live to see the fruits of his actions. Shockingly enough, he only received a 20 year sentence for his action due to his age. According to Austria-Hungary’s legal system, capital punishment couldn’t be applied to anyone under the age of 20. However, afflicted with tuberculosis, Princip wasn’t long for this world. He’d die in 1918 of the disease, missing the endless real world plot lines he set in motion. He was by no means extraordinary, but his one act set so many things in motion that we still live with today.

THE FUTURIST Magazine Releases Its Top 10 Forecasts for 2013 and Beyond Each year since 1985, the editors of THE FUTURIST have selected the most thought-provoking ideas and forecasts appearing in the magazine to go into our annual Outlook report. Over the years, Outlook has spotlighted the emergence of such epochal developments as the Internet, virtual reality, the 2008 financial crisis and the end of the Cold War. But these forecasts are meant as conversation starters, not absolute predictions about the future. We hope that this report--covering developments in business and economics, demography, energy, the environment, health and medicine, resources, society and values, and technology--inspires you to tackle the challenges, and seize the opportunities, of the coming decade. With no further ado, THE FUTURIST Magazine releases its top ten forecasts for 2013 and beyond. Video by FUTURIST magazine editor Cynthia G.

Scientists sequence genome of ‘sacred lotus,’ may hold anti-aging secrets Nelumbo nucifera from China, more commonly known as the “sacred lotus” (credit: Jane Shen-Miller/UCLA) A team of 70 scientists from the U.S., China, Australia and Japan reports having sequenced and annotated more than 86 percent of the genome of the “sacred lotus,” which is believed to have a powerful genetic system that repairs genetic defects, and may hold secrets about aging successfully. The Nelumbo nucifera plant is revered in China and elsewhere as a symbol of spiritual purity and longevity. “Molecular biologists can now more easily study how its genes are turned on and off during times of stress and why this plant’s seeds can live for 1,300 years,” said Jane Shen-Miller, one of three corresponding authors of the research and a senior scientist with UCLA‘s Center for the Study of Evolution and the Origin of Life. This is a step toward learning what anti-aging secrets the sacred lotus plant may offer.” The research was just published in the journal Genome Biology (open access).

An Up-To-Date Layman's Guide To Accessing The Deep Web If you binge-watched the second season of House of Cards, along with a reported 15% of Netflix's 44 million subscribers, you may be newly interested in the Deep Web. Slate has done a good job of describing what the Deep Web is and isn't, but they don't tell you how to get there. How To Access The Deep Web First: the hot sheets.