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AntiVJ is a visual label

AntiVJ is a visual label

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100 Interactive Installations - From Eye-Controlled Lights to Crystal Memory-Themed Curation Interactive installations are works of art that, on their own, are brilliant -- but with the help of the viewers, interactive art becomes something grandeur. Displays can be viewed from afar, altered as you participate with them or completely be reliant on audience participation. For instance, some light art pieces require people to walk by and cast shadows, while others just need people to walk in, through and around the piece to take it in. Interactive installations encourage the creative process and the idea that art is a collaborative practice. Participants who may normally shy away from interacting are given free reign to do as they please and the results are spectacular. Interactive installations are meant to be explored, played with and to create an ambiance of fun and excitement.

༺ The Art of Samuel Farrand ༻ Featured Work | Art Gallery | Exhibits | Store | Bio | Graphic Design | Connect MO musical objects from the Interlude project Video credit: Interlude Consortium Jean-Louis Frechin (French, born 1962) and Uros Petrevski (Serbian, born 1981) of (France, est. 2001); Frédéric Bevilacqua (Swiss, born 1967), Norbert Schnell (German, born 1967), Nicolas Rasamimanana (French, born 1978), Emmanuel Fléty (French, born 1975), and Côme Maestracci (French, born 1987) of IRCAM (France, est. 1977); Fabrice Guédy (French, born 1961) of Atelier des Feuillantines (France, est. 1995); Bernard Garabédian (French, born 1975) of DA FACT (France, est. 2002); and Dominique Fober (French, born 1957) of Grame (France, est. 1992) ABS, printed circuit board, and lithium-ion battery Dimensions variable

PolyWorld - Low Poly Tools for Unity The PolyWorld suite of tools and 3D artwork enables you to create a faceted, low poly world in the Unity engine. Let’s Do Low Poly! Create your low poly world using the familiar Unity Terrain tools, painting infinite terrain textures, then convert that to a faceted, Polyworld terrain. A completely nondestructive low poly terrain construction workflow enables you to iterate quickly and realize your vision. Visuals for Sonar Festival + VDMX to Unity [Tutorials] - Creating a Sound Visualizer with #Unity3D by @miketucker Numbers, a record label originating from Glasgow, had the opportunity to showcase artists at this year’s Sonar Festival in Barcelona. The artists Redinho, Spencer, Deadboy, Jackmaster, and Lory D each had a spot in the set. Adam Rodgers, co-founder of Numbers and Remote-Location approached Thomas Traum, Adam Finlay and myself to create live visuals for the show. We compared a number of technologies and frameworks– OpenFrameworks, Cinder, Unity3D, Cocos2d, WebGL, Processing, and good ol’ Flash. Doing something in 3D was a priority, and since we only had a 2-3 week timeline, the decision really came down to what would be the fastest to develop.

IRIS by HYBE The Normans Parte de la colección de Dolce & Gabbana Menswear Fall Winter 2014 ilustrada por el artista tailandés Hans. Henry Oakley Geometric gridwork by Henry Oakley. Abbey Road zebra crossing live feed lets you watch Beatles fans piss off motorists 24/7 - Lists - Weird News Heroically, Abbey Road provides a live feed of the crossing, seemingly for no other reason than to let bored people giggle and bang their legs with glee as motorists are ceaselessly held up by people jauntily striding the zebra stripes. I'm only 15 minutes into this time swallower and I've already witnessed: - A man walk across, then back, then back again, then spontaneously sprint across it for good measure

Interaktion — Institut Visuelle Kommunikation — FHNW HGK Basel Seminar: Data Exploration Spaces Data coins our contemporary culture by sensing, storing, archiving, transferring and computing our lives, behaviours and communication. But data is also known for being volatile, hidden and overwhelmingly confusing. Best Ogg Theora Video Compressor Best Ogg Theora Video Compressor Published: 2010-04-25 A while back I did a comparison of the popular mp4 compressors. Specifically ones used to convert videos for HTML5 playback. Well here is a follow up, this time around though, we're comparing compressors for Ogg Theora. I try to make my content cross browser compatible, but for this one I have no choice.

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