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Google’s Matt Cutts somewhat confirmed on Twitter that Google has taken action on another guest blogging network. This network is named PostJoint and claims “there’s no footprints.” Someone tweeted to Matt that PostJoint was penalized. In fact, if you check out Google for a search on their name, their web site no longer ranks on […] April 18, 2014 at 12:17 pm ET by Barry Schwartz | | Read Story Google Trends announced today it has added a “Subscribe” feature, allowing users to receive email notifications on search topics, Hot Searches for any country, or any US monthly top chart.

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How to Learn SEO in 2018 (NEW Guide) This guide will help you learn SEO in record time. The best part? Everything here applies to SEO in 2018. SEO Isn't Dead. It's Just Different Over the last few years, search engine optimization has become one of the most misunderstood terms in the world of publishing. Ask marketers about SEO and some will probably tell you it’s a chore, a nuisance meant to promote spam. Others might nod vigorously like the term is important, even if they don’t really know why. For those who are still unsure or unconvinced, know this: SEO remains incredibly important. According to Shareaholic, search accounts for about one-third of all Internet traffic. The Main Stages of Online Sales in an ECommerce Store - Ecom Galaxy The online sales process of eCommerce is not only developed for desktop computers or laptops but for mobile devices as well. Nowadays, we see more and more purchases being made through Apps that allow its customers the experience of a safe, secure, and mobile environment. In order to optimize the process of online sales, one must first understand its four phases. The four phases are: Phase 1: Dissemination The brand must try to reach its target audience as efficiently as possible, for which it has a varied set of digital and traditional tools, such as

6 Shining Examples of Educators Using Social Media Did you know that 41% of university officials believe they can directly attribute an increase in enrollments to their social media efforts? This figure demonstrates just how effective digital platforms are when it comes to engaging with students and shows the value of social media as a recruitment and brand awareness tool. That said, students want to delve deeper than the programs on a portfolio. Today's student wants to know more about the college, university or training provider itself - and what they will gain by enrolling. As such, educators need to offer potential students insight into the benefits of choosing not only their program but what the qualification will give them personally, such as what their future career may look like or what it’s like to follow in the footsteps of esteemed alumni. This blog looks at 6 shining examples of how educators are using different digital platforms to engage with students, stay ahead of the competition, and ultimately, increase enrollments.

Clustering Engine Carrot2 Search Results Clustering Engine Carrot2 organizes your search results into topics. With an instant overview of what's available, you will quickly find what you're looking for. 199+ High Authority Backlinks List [High Domain Authority Sites] - 99Media Sector 199+ High Authority Backlinks List [High Domain Authority Sites] High Domain Authority Backlinks Sites List : Most of the beginner don’t know the value of backlinks. So they never try to create backlinks for their own website. But fact is that high authority websites backlinks are one of the most SEO step.

5 reasons why your company has a high turnover rate Did you ever try looking into why your employees are leaving your company? Have you thought about the possible reasons as to why this might be occurring? This article will help answer the question as to why your company may have a high turnover rate and what can be done to deal with the issues. Poor management This is a very important factor that may result in people leaving the company as managers fail to properly establish communication with the employees. This may happen because managers fail to display proper use of communication skills and hence end up promoting ( digital advertising services )a rather autocratic behavior where employees have no say in what is happening around them. This can really demotivate employees and push down performance thereby leaving employees with no option but to quit.

Four Factors One Should Consider Before Creating an Ecommerce Store - Ecom Galaxy Starting and running a successful online business shares many of the issues, risks, and problems inherent in any business and to ensure successful online enterprise creating a good business plan or a model is very essential. Here are four factors one should consider before creating an eCommerce store. 1. Investment: a work team, a determined and constant stock, marketing strategies, and actions are needed to spread the online store and servers. 2. Time: before and after commissioning, you must devote many hours to operate the site.

10 Simple Ways to Promote Online Courses on Social Media Social media is often where many institutions showcase the lighter side of school life. From stories and posts highlighting student social events, to photos and videos that capture the beauty and bustle of a campus in full swing, the channel’s visual, casual, and communal nature makes it one of the most engaging marketing tools available. But what happens now that, in the wake of COVID-19, many schools are moving their operations online for the foreseeable future? How do you find Instagram-friendly visuals when your campus is empty?

Watson Semantic Web Search This is the Watson Web interface for searching ontologies and semantic documents using keywords. This interface is subject to frequent evolutions and improvements. If you want to share your opinion, suggest improvement or comment on the results, don't hesitate to contact us ... At the moment, you can enter a set of keywords (e.g. "cat dog old_lady"), and obtain a list of URIs of semantic documents in which the keywords appear as identifiers or in literals of classes, properties, and individuals. You can also use "jokers" in the keywords (e.g., "ca?

Top Free Web Directories List for Building Backlinks Finding Free Backlinks Is Not as Simple as It Seems Backlinks are very useful for driving traffic to your website, so after launching this website and submitting it to be indexed by Google and Bing, the first thing I decided to do was submit a link to to as many free website directories as possible in an effort to gain more backlinks. This required that I carry out a search for the best website directories that would serve my purpose. I started with a Google search and quickly discovered that most “Top 20” or “Best Directories” lists contained either outdated information, had many broken links or were directing users to directories where they had to pay to submit a link. I discovered that it takes a lot of time and effort to find websites where one could submit a link for free; therefore, I decided to compile a list of my findings to save others the time and hassle involved in finding free website directories.

Importance of Online Reputation Management for Business – Vanshul Banta Online Reputation Management is the game changer in the high tech environment, but most people are still not clear about the concept of Online Reputation Management (ORM). According to some businesses, it’s all about monitoring a company’s social media accounts, whereas other believes it involves public relations. And some have never even heard of it and have no idea what it can do for a business. Therefore, Vanshul Banta – a leader and an entrepreneur took the initiative to make businesses understand the importance of online reputation management in 2018. If you look back, the way companies used to interact on the Internet was very different than it is now.

7 Types of Online Payments for Ecommerce - Ecom Galaxy Part of the success of an eCommerce is due to the customer’s ease of making online payments. In fact, recent studies have concluded that 22% of users abandon their purchase for not finding payment methods adapted to their needs. That is why it is vital to work to gain the trust of users, offering a safer, more varied and more guaranteed shopping experience, if possible, than a physical store. Based on the same report, PayPal is the preferred payment method used by 64% of Americans due to the privacy with which transactions are made and the security that this reports to consumers. It is followed by credit and debit cards, which for 25% are the most comfortable option.

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