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Four Factors One Should Consider Before Creating an Ecommerce Store - Ecom Galaxy. Starting and running a successful online business shares many of the issues, risks, and problems inherent in any business and to ensure successful online enterprise creating a good business plan or a model is very essential.

Four Factors One Should Consider Before Creating an Ecommerce Store - Ecom Galaxy

Here are four factors one should consider before creating an eCommerce store. 1. Investment: a work team, a determined and constant stock, marketing strategies, and actions are needed to spread the online store and servers. 2. Time: before and after commissioning, you must devote many hours to operate the site. You must verify that the content, photos, and product information are correct. 3. Selection of suppliers: in this case, it is to choose who will be the ones who will help you. Marketing fact VS Marketing Fantasy - Audrey Fleury. Search Engine Land: Must Read News About Search Marketing & Search Engines. Electronic Commerce (ecommerce) Definition. The Main Stages of Online Sales in an ECommerce Store - Ecom Galaxy. The online sales process of eCommerce is not only developed for desktop computers or laptops but for mobile devices as well.

The Main Stages of Online Sales in an ECommerce Store - Ecom Galaxy

Nowadays, we see more and more purchases being made through Apps that allow its customers the experience of a safe, secure, and mobile environment. In order to optimize the process of online sales, one must first understand its four phases. The four phases are: Phase 1: Dissemination The brand must try to reach its target audience as efficiently as possible, for which it has a varied set of digital and traditional tools, such as Brand awareness and remembranceA friendly and brand-related URLAn efficient e-mail marketing strategy that develops a shipping policy has an updated database and has users permission to be contacted through this channelPaid campaigns that promote offers and attract an audience to the site, andThe SEO or ability to appear very well ranked in Google attract traffic to the website. Phase 2: Sale Phase 3: Distribution Phase 4: After-Sales. 7 Types of Online Payments for Ecommerce - Ecom Galaxy. Part of the success of an eCommerce is due to the customer’s ease of making online payments.

7 Types of Online Payments for Ecommerce - Ecom Galaxy

In fact, recent studies have concluded that 22% of users abandon their purchase for not finding payment methods adapted to their needs. That is why it is vital to work to gain the trust of users, offering a safer, more varied and more guaranteed shopping experience, if possible, than a physical store. Based on the same report, PayPal is the preferred payment method used by 64% of Americans due to the privacy with which transactions are made and the security that this reports to consumers. It is followed by credit and debit cards, which for 25% are the most comfortable option. Finally, there is a low penetration of the cash on delivery, which barely reaches 7%. Find below the payment system you would like to know: PayPalCardsCash on deliveryBank transfersMobile paymentsVirtual currencyOnline banks 1.

PayPal is a payment method born in 1998 and purchased by eBay in 2002. More advantages.

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7 Tips to make your E-Commerce Store a Success - Ecom Galaxy. Managing a successful e-commerce business is more than just great products and a good website.

7 Tips to make your E-Commerce Store a Success - Ecom Galaxy

In this article, we analyze 7 tips to make your online business profitable. Electronic commerce is a highly competitive and successful sector, but not all online businesses succeed. For an e-commerce business to succeed, it takes more than just quality products and a good marketing strategy. In this article, we will share 7 tips to make your e-commerce business a success. This is not an exhaustive list, and it is likely that in the future, we will analyze these issues in more detail. Whether you have an online store or a cafeteria, it is essential that you know your target audience.

Create an image of the client. Succeeding on the internet means offering an excellent user experience. Write excellent product descriptions. Note: it is actually an aspect of functionality, but it deserves a separate mention. Minimize the steps. Check your website on mobile devices. “Content is king.” Key Dates For Your Ecommerce Calendar - Ecom Galaxy. The preparation of an e-commerce calendar can give you an important advantage over your competition.

Key Dates For Your Ecommerce Calendar - Ecom Galaxy

These are some of the main events of eCommerce that you should prepare for in advance. Sports Events: Guaranteed Success In 2014, the Winter Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup reached 2,100 million and 3,200 million in audience reach, respectively. Sports events generate peaks of specialized consumer traffic in various sectors of eCommerce. For example, the growth in electronic sales (especially televisions) and sports retailing take off before and after these major world events. Retargeting campaigns can match a user’s preferences and behavior profile, offering a high degree of customization in addition to special campaigns.

For example, Winter JJOO promotions can employ specially prepared retargeting creatives, using event visuals, but products and recommendations that are displayed by the user. Festive Events The e-commerce market increases before the holidays. Special Events.