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LÖVE - Free 2D Game Engine

Hi there! LÖVE is an *awesome* framework you can use to make 2D games in Lua. It's free, open-source, and works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Documentation The wiki will help you get started, and contains a description of the entire API. It is collaboratively edited by LÖVE users — getting bigger and better every day.

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Developers The SDK contains everything a developer needs to rapidly get their project going, polished and deployed, including: A complete version of the JavaScript Engine code is available for developers to browse and use during debugging. The Engine is completely modular allowing developers to select exactly what features they want to use, and modify or replace anything that isn't suitable for their game. Novashell Game Creation System What is Novashell? Novashell is a high-level 2D game maker that tries to handle all the hard work behind the scenes allowing you to whip up sweet games using path finding, dialog, persistent dynamically sized maps with construction/deconstruction, save anywhere, and especially features that adventure and RPG type games would use. It's also built to allow easy sharing of games you make and modding of them. The underlying concept is everything is cut and pastable and can be added and removed even during play. The worlds/games/mods it makes can be played under Windows, OS X, and Linux without changes.

Tiled Map Editor by Thorbjørn Tiled is a free software level editor. It supports editing tile layers in various projections (orthogonal, isometric, hexagonal) and also supports decorating the levels with freely positioned, rotated or scaled images or annotating them with objects of various shapes. Even though Tiled is available for free, I accept voluntary payments in order to be able to spend more time on it. Traditionally Tiled was a fun hobby project I picked up while studying, and I had quite some time to spend on it. Now I have a full time job, a wife and two kids, and this means that without monetary support I barely get around to answering to all the requests.

Nonsensical, Humorous Storytelling In Disgaea 3 [In a continuing series of game narrative reviews, Jaddua Ross, a student at The Guildhall at SMU, picks apart the silly, convoluted, and occasionally ludicrous story of Nippon Ichi's Disgaea 3.] Overview This story, like the others in the Disgaea series, takes place in the Netherworld, a place run by demons and ruled by an Overlord. This installment, however, revolves around the Netherworld Evil Academy, a school for demons that turns the human scholastic system upside down. Honor students never attend class or complete homework, only delinquents do. Within this setting, the "hero" of the game, Mao, the number one honor student, sets out to take revenge on his father, the Overlord, for stepping on Mao's video game console and destroying 20,000 hours of work in saved games. While reading his manga, he decides he must become a hero to defeat his father.

java-universal-tween-engine - The Universal Tween Engine allows you to create smooth interpolations on every attribute from every object in your project ! See the Changelog page. The Universal Tween Engine enables the interpolation of every attribute from any object in any Java project (being Swing, SWT, OpenGL or even Console-based). Implement the TweenAccessor interface, register it to the engine, and animate anything you want! In one line, send your objects to another position (here x=20 and y=30), with a smooth elastic transition, during 1 second).

DELIGHT ‐ Native to the Web Realistic Camera Model Demo This demo features a physically based camera which includes techniques like bokeh depth of field, glare, lens flares, film grain, dynamic color grading and more. It uses advanced techniques such as physically based shading, deferred rendering, HBAO and variance shadow mapping. Please select medium quality if your computer is not on the high-end. Play around with this DELIGHT Engine powered demo. P.S. Ejecta - Impact A Fast, Open Source JavaScript, Canvas & Audio Implementation for iOS e·jec·ta, noun – debris that is ejected during the formation of an impact crater Ejecta is like a Browser without the Browser. It's specially crafted for Games and Animations. It has no DIVs, no Tables, no Forms – only Canvas and Audio elements. This focus makes it fast.

Visual Studio 2015 Tools for Unity extension Sign in to write a review Sort by: Great job! Michiel De Mey's Blog - Programmer, designer and flash juggler Stay awhile and listen... Installation (Ubuntu & Windows) I’m using an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server, but any OS will do. To install Node.js on Ubuntu, it’s fairly easy. A few commands and you can start developing. If you’re running Windows, you can simply use the installer. JS3D: 3d Javascript Graphics Layer Click the cube to toggle animation Skip to: What is JS3D? JS3D is a library which allows you to have interactive 3d objects on your website, such as the spinning cube at the top of the page. The 3d effect is created using actual text, try selecting the text on the cube above! Develop Cross Platform Mobile Apps and Games BasicBuild your games or apps in record time and start monetizing with in-app purchases or ads.BUY $16/monthProPro adds advanced graphics, all Corona Plugins, analytics and much more.BUY $49/monthEnterpriseCall any native library (C++/Objective-C/Java) from your Corona app and do offline builds.CONTACT US Download Corona and you are automatically a Corona SDK Starter. You can build and publish your apps for free.Upgrade to Basic, Pro or Enterprise when you are ready for more functionality. Do you have existing apps? CoronaCards lets you take Corona’s richness and ease-of-use to any native app.

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