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SWEATSHOPPE Video Painting Europe

SWEATSHOPPE Video Painting Europe
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Le Vidéo mapping ou mapping 3D Conductive Ink + Projection Mapping = Magic Storytelling As part of their presence at the inaugural Retail Design Expo, Dalziel and Pow created a space to stand out from the crowd, a conversation starter: experimental, innovative, playful, integrated, exploratory and, to many visitors, surprising. The idea came from the work they created for Portuguese childrenswear brand Zippy, magnified as a prototype to test ideas and push the range of interactions and feedback. Screen-printed illustrations spring to life when touched, as conductive ink triggers a host of playful digital animations – a mix of informative and charming content, from product information to brand stories to chasing ducks. Pushing the boundaries of storytelling within a space, making it fun and engaging, putting ideas before hardware. A total of 48 interactions and over 100 unique animations make up the broad spectrum of content on the stand, from simple sound toys to more complex exchanges that layer projection mapping and movement around a physical space.

Le light painting Le Petit Chef: PM on your Dinner Plate Projection mapping could be coming to a restaurant near you! It’s always a treat to see designers go that extra mile to create beautiful projection mapping content and this piece is no exception. Filip Sterckx and Antoon Verbeek over at SkullMapping put on a wonderful show for their dinner guests. Hit the jump to see the mini-chef in action. As you sit down, preparing to gobble down your meal, a mini chef arrives at your plate ready to serve! For this project, we experimented with projection onto a dinner table. The chef then picks up all the ingredients, even going as far as cutting down a broccoli tree to make sure guests get the very best: This isn’t the first time we’ve seen projection mapping on a restaurant table. Truly magical!

TRON l'héritage, affiche Free VJ Loops | Docoptic Night Beams (Free VJ Loop) Textilized (Free VJ Loop) Blink Blocks (Free VJ Loop) Blazerpede (Free VJ Loop) Invertigo (Free VJ Loops Set) Milky Waves (Free VJ Loop) Streaksphere (Free VJ Loop) Astral Belt (Free VJ Loop) Geoboom (Free VJ Loops Set) Negated (Free VJ Loops Set) Diamutation (Free VJ Loop) Sectionulls (Free VJ Loops Set) Sphyramids (Free VJ Loop) Light Splatter (Free VJ Loop) Alley Booze (Free VJ Clip) Liquid Silk (Free VJ Clip) Growing Matter (Free VJ Clip)

Tron l'heritage,affiche Blog - Projectile Objects (infrequently updated) It’s been a while since I have been able to post some of my projection mapping adventures, but this one with Lazercrunk was fun. You don’t have to be local to appreciate an 8′ tall projection mapped city skyline. 10 buildings, spanning 16′ wide by 8′ high across the stage. Here’s an example of what it looked like by itself. So for all of you who are interested in Projection Mapping, I’m detailing a little bit of my workflow in this post. Essentially you start with an idea. Make a cut out a Vector cutout for each building and separate them by layers. Now we could leave the buildings connected for the next step, but part of this project was to rearrange the buildings on site to get the desired look within the projectors throw dimensions. From here I can control each layer and customize my content as I see fit. Now the building out: Todd any I have been working together for quite some time and we have learned a lot from one another. Then the setup: Now it’s time to map.

Tron-1982, l'affiche Build a Mood Wall (Mental Health Awareness Week? Finals?) Like an Urban Mood Ring, the MMM PROJECT creates an artwork comprised of the collective, changing moods of people moving along Market street visible both on site and globally. The METRO MOODS ON MARKET street project seeks to build upon the powerful capacity for "Third Places" to enable complete strangers to share a common experience and in doing so make very real human connections. MMM proposes to explore a Fourth Dimension of public interaction. If our first place is our home, in essence, our ‘self’, our workplace or school, is the second, or our necessary ‘other’. The places we chose to encounter others, are of course, those third places. But what happens when we become connected with others through an indirect, but nonetheless collaborative act? Another concept being explored in is that of "Urban Feedback". A third concept being explored is one of ephemerality and permanence amidst a digital society. Project Gallery