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jQuery Geo docs

jQuery Geo docs
Welcome! jQuery Geo is an open-source, geospatial mapping jQuery plugin from Applied Geographics developed with the intention of making spatial web mapping significantly simpler than it may initially seem. We would like to point out the term "open-source" to explictly state that Google, Bing, & Esri are generally free but not open. Please read the following sections for more information and examples, and thank you for considering us! If you have any questions feel free to ask the lead developer on Twitter. If you would like only release notifications, you can follow the project itself on Twitter. docs This project takes pride in having easy-to-use, up-to-date documentation. examples Now that that's out of the way, here are some code examples! "everything" examples These first two examples attempt to let you test as many of jQuery Geo's features as possible on one page. demos The examples in this second set of use the features of jQuery Geo in a more interesting way. showcase component examples Related:  Mapping

Welcome Real Ajax Uploader Modern HTML5 base multi file uploader. Fast, parallel uploads, chunk upload and more. Read More Cube Slider 3D Cubes Image Slider base on css3. Fine Zoom OpenStreetMap List of geocoding systems Geocoding is the process of finding associated geographic coordinates (often expressed as latitude and longitude) from other geographic data, such as street addresses, or ZIP codes (postal codes). Two lists are included here; one for the coding schemes, and one for systems that can encode and decode to and from a particular scheme. Encoding and decoding services[edit] These systems encode and decode data to and from a particular scheme (schemes listed below). Web services[edit] Downloadable[edit] Using the OpenStreetMap database: Nominatim, which powers and other sites and has a PostGIS-based backendPhoton, based on Apache Solr; powers komoot.deGisgraphy which also uses the GeoNames database and has a PostGIS-based backendPostGIS TIGER geocoder which uses the U.S. Coding schemes[edit] Some of these code systems are free for use, others have different licences. Administrative Airport Codes Geodesey Sport IOC country codes, area, worldwideISO 3166 country and subdivision codes

Open Source Ebook Readers for Android Your Android device is a versatile tool which can be put to a variety of practical uses, including reading ebooks. But for that you need a decent ebook reading app. While there are several ebook readers available on the Android Market, the Cool Reader and FBReader open source apps are probably the best of the bunch. There are several features that make Reader worthy of its name. For starters, Cool Reader really excels at format support: the app can handle all popular ebook and text formats, including EPUB, FB2, TXT, RTF, and HTML. Cool Reader provides basic tools for managing your ebook library. The app’s default interface offers a comfortable reading environment, but you can also tweak a wide range of settings from page background and page margins to alternative fonts and external stylesheets. While FBReader supports only the EPUB, OEB, and FictionBook formats, the app does have a few clever tricks up its sleeve.

Mapbox: the jQuery Map Most Recent Blog Post:jQuery Mapbox Updated Click to toggle dark text on white Home » Plugins » Mapbox Get latest code here. Or get the outdated (but still working) version:[ Click here for the mapbox.min.js code - Click here for the uncompressed code ] $().mapbox(). The jQuery mapbox() plugin is for creating relatively small scale, zoomable, draggable maps with multiple layers of content. Mousewheel will zoom the map. * New feature: by default, the map will now zoom to the cursor position when the mousewheel is used. The code:Before using Mapbox, you must link to jQuery and mapbox.js. Then, some CSS. Then, some HTML. The jQuery: That is all! In addition to the settings, there are some methods that may be passed to any map once it has been created: Here's an example using some of these methods to implement a control panel for the map: Bandwidth costs money. The JavaScript error on this page is due to the Chili (code highligher) plugin.

Leaflet - a JavaScript library for mobile-friendly maps MapQuest Geocoding Plugin for Leaflet v1.0 - MapQuest Developer Network The Geocoding plugin makes it easy to create a geocode request using the MapQuest Geocoding Web Service. Getting Started To begin using the MapQuest Geocoding Plugin for Leaflet, add the following to the head section of your page. Replace YOUR_KEY_HERE with your AppKey. Additionally, you will also need to load Leaflet as described in the Getting Started section of the Map Tiles plugin page. Geocoding with Single-Line Addresses The Geocoding plugin supports addresses formatted as single-line addresses and as an advanced Location object. ©2014 MapQuest - Some data ©2014 TomTom | Terms Geocoding with an Advanced Location Object Below is an example of passing in a location as an advanced Location object as described in the Specifying Locations documentation. Geocoding and Custom Icons Setting custom icons for your POI markers can be easily achieved by defining a new L.Icon for the icon property. Geocoding and Handling POI Markers with Popups San Francisco, CAis located here. Reverse Geocoding

Android niceties A jQuery Plugin for Zoomable, Interactive Maps What is it and why was it built? A couple of months ago we launched a site about Marine Science in North Carolina with one of our design partners, Liaison Design Group. A key part of the project was an interactive map that allowed visitors to find important Marine Science resources in North Carolina. Each location on the map would be represented by a bullet. We wanted the experience to be engaging as possible but also easily updatable in the future. Demos This project is being used in production on a number of sites. Documentation Limitations This was originally developed for one project with very specific requirements. Data Required In Plugin Setup - Ideally all of the required data would be stored in the html pages that drive the bullets. Even with these limitations, this is ready for production and is being used on several sites as seen above in the demos. Instructions 1. There are very limited requirements on the background images: They must all be the same size. 2. 3. Questions/Comments?

jquery Tutorials with CSS BlueprintUI: jQuery Responsive Modal with CSS3 BlueprintUI Responsive Modal is a super simple fully featured jQuery modal plugin with more than 30 CSS3 powered animation possibilities and 7 home made themes to use it. Features: Responsive Design – The layout adpats to the viewing environment. CSS3 Animation – 31 funny and really smooth animations. Display Product Information on a Hover over Thumbnails using jQuery Product List - This could be your portfolio list, product list, image list, etc. Blueprint : Tooltip Menu with CSS3 & JavaScript This is a simple tooltip menu that will show a tooltip submenu when hovering over an item. Menufication : jQuery Responsive Fly-Out Menu with CSS3 Navigation is one of the most important aspects of a website. Menufication is a user-friendly, customizable jQuery-plugin to transform your sites navigation to a responsive fly-out menu in Facebook fashion. Features: Utilizes CSS3-tranforms for optimal and native-like performance. jQuery HoverMenu

Geocoding Web Service - MapQuest Platform The geocoding service enables you to take an address and get the associated latitude and longitude. You can also use any latitude and longitude pair and get the associated address. Three types of geocoding are offered: address, reverse, and batch. The following example demonstrates a simple request to get geocode information for Lancaster, PA. (Results will be displayed below) The following table describes the request parameters that are not related to specific Geocode Request options. Depending on the geocode function being called, one or more locations are needed. Specifying Country The geocoding target country can be specified by using the "adminArea1" or "country" request parameter (Refer to the Locations documentation). Country biasing is additionally provided. Single-line vs. 5-box Input The following are sample requests for 1090 N Charlotte St, Lancaster, PA, 17603 shown in single-line and 5-box request formats: Geocode Options Sample

Writing HTML5 Mobile Web Apps using Backbone.js 10 jQuery Google Map Plugins Here are 10 very different jQuery Google Maps Plugins to make life as easy as a street map. You might only want to display a simple map that displays directions to your clients address, or even an interactive map with more options as necessary. The plugins below offer not only an easier method to install a map, they also offer the option to add extra functionality, and should you choose to need them. Happy mapping! Related Posts: Premium – Google Maps Video Search Google maps video search and display script. 1. gMap A lightweight jQuery plugin that helps you embed Google Maps into your website. Source 2. jQuery GPS A jQuery plugin for people that want to add Google maps to their website, but don’t want their website to be bogged down with features they don’t need. Source 3. googlemaps This plugins makes it easy to put a Google Map on your page. Source 4. jQMaps A Google Maps plugin. Source 5. jQuery Google & Maps Another cool Google Maps plugin. Source 6. jQuery Maps Interface Source 7. Source 8. Source

Maplace.js - A small Google Maps Javascript helper.