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Editor - Argunet

Editor - Argunet
Argunet Editor is a free argument map editor for analyzing and visualizing complex debates. You can use it offline and save your debates on your hard-disk. Or you can use it as a client-server application. This allows you to share your debates and collaborate with others on the Argunet server. Fast sketching mode: You can use Argunet to quickly outline the macro-structure of a debate. If this all sounds like gibberish to you, don’t worry. Installation In order to run Argunet, a Java Runtime Environment 6.0 or higher has to be installed on your Computer. Please select the download files for your operations system below and follow the install instructions. After you installed your version of Argunet we highly recommend that you install the two plugins we currently provide: the yFiles Layouter and yFiles Exporter. To install the Argunet layout and export plugins open the ‘Help’ Menu in Argunet and select ‘Install Argunet plugins’. Download Microsoft Windows Mac OS X Linux Other operating systems Related:  Mind MappingWEB TOOLS DIDATTICA

The Biggest Stumbling Blocks When You Start Mind Mapping Some people start mind mapping and they’re changed forever. They can’t stop raving about it. Then there’s another group of people, which you might be in. It’s the group that tries out mind mapping, but finds there’s something not quite working for them. If I’m describing you, read on. And Fear not. If you’ve come across a stumbling block that’s not included in this article, let me know in the comments and we’ll talk about it. Deal? Onward. Block #1: I’m doing this wrong Never. If you think you’re doing it wrong, then you’re doing it wrong. Alright. But I don’t believe there’s a way to “do it wrong.” Most of your stress from mind mapping will come from you thinking you’re doing something wrong and not wanting to make a mistake. Don’t stress out about it. The process will feel a little weird at first. Don’t wait until you’ve learned everything about mind mapping before starting. And stop worrying about rules, or what someone says you should be doing. Block #2: I can’t pick a program to use Um. Phew.

35 Awesome Apps that Integrate with Google Classroom | Shake Up Learning Save Pinterest Google Classroom Apps! Did you know that Google Classroom plays well with others? Ready to find apps that make Google Classroom even better? How to Use These Applications with Google Classroom Most of the applications below connect to Google Classroom through a “share button.” To use the application with Google Classroom, Create an account within the application or website.Locate or create the activity or resources within the application or website.Use the “Share to Classroom” option within the chosen application. Note: This list is not exhaustive, nor does it include applications that sync with Google Classroom in other ways. Credit: Google for Education Blog 35 Awesome Applications that Integrate with Google Classroom Use this list to explore apps you may already be using, or find new ones that will allow you to share easily to Google Classroom. 1. (programs and educational resources) 2. cK-12 3. (learning management system) 4. (presentation tool) 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

theargumentativetheoryofreasoning - hugomercier Current philosophy and psychology are dominated by what can be called a classical, or ‘Cartesian’ view of reasoning. Even though this view goes back at least to some classical Greek philosophers, its most famous exposition is probably in Descartes. Put plainly, it’s the idea that the role of reasoning is to critically examine our beliefs so as to discard wrong-headed ones and thus create more reliable beliefs—knowledge. This knowledge is in turn supposed to help us make better decisions. This view is hard to reconcile with a wealth of evidence amassed by modern psychology. The theory Dan Sperber suggested—the argumentative theory of reasoning—proposes that instead of having a purely individual function, reasoning has a social and, more specifically, argumentative function. Our evolutionary account is much more in touch with the prevailing view of the evolution of human cognition. Prediction #1. Prediction #2. Prediction #3. Prediction #4. Prediction #5. Upshot.

ArguBlogging from ARG-tech Vitamin-R 2 Home - Freeplane - free mind mapping and knowledge management software Easily Turn Google Spreadsheets into Flashcards and Other Cool Stuff Announcing Carneades 4 · Carneades 29 Jul 2015 We have begun work on version 4 of Carneades. With this version we are pursuing the following goals: Developing a new version of the Carneades Argument Evaluation Structures (CAES) formal model of structured argumentation, with better support for cyclic argument graphs, cumulative arguments, practical reasoning, case-based reasoning, and multi-criteria decision analysis. Today we are pleased to announce the first release of this new version, Carneades 4.1. An evaluator for structured arguments, based on the new version of the Carneades Argument Evaluation Structures (CAES) formal model of structured argument. We recommend using the free yEd GraphML program for editing and viewing the GraphML files. You can use the Carneades 4.1 Server without having to build or install the system yourself. The source code is available in the Carneades-4 Github project.

Carneades Argumentation System Issue | MSU Press | Journal of West African History Volume 1, Issue 1 Pg. 179 Book Reviews Carola Lentz, Land, Mobility, and Belonging in West Africa, Reviewed by Assan Sarr Elizabeth Wrangham, Ghana during the First World War: The Colonial Administration of Sir Hugh Clifford, Reviewed by Kwame Essien Raymond E. John Iliffe, Obasanjo, Nigeria and the World, Reviewed by Hakeem Ibikunle Tijani Toyin Falola and Saheed Aderinto, Nigeria, Nationalism, and Writing History, Reviewed by Philip S. David Max Brown and Zola Maseko, The Manuscripts of Timbuktu; Shamil Jeppie and Souleymane Bachir Diagne, The Meanings of Timbuktu; Alexandra Huddleston, 333 Saints: A Life of Scholarship in Timbuktu, Reviewed by David E. Susan Z. Danny Hoffman, The War Machines: Young Men and Violence in Sierra Leone and Liberia, Reviewed by Douglas Thomas

MindMup Atlas La creazione del nastro di tempo - un servizio-online gratuito Automated argument assistance As part of the ITeR project I have been working in, I have developed several experimental systems for automated argument-assistance. Argument-assistance systems are aids to draft and generate arguments, e.g., by administering and supervising the argument process, keeping track of the issues that are raised and the assumptions that are made, keeping track of the reasons adduced, the conclusions drawn, and the counterarguments that have been adduced, evaluating the justification status of the statements made, and checking whether the users of the system obey the pertaining rules of argument. Currently the following experimental systems can be downloaded: Argue!

Solutions de cartes mentales (MindMapping) en ligne, open source et gratuit Vous souhaitez créer des cartes mentales et vous vous demandez quelles applications ou quels logiciels utiliser. Pourquoi créer une carte mentale ? Faire un brainstorming Ordonner ses idées Apprendre et faire apprendre une leçon Réaliser des classifications Identifier les éléments importants Voici en quelques mots, nos suggestions de deux solutions de MindMapping en ligne, open source et gratuit : Framindmap, tout d'abord, est un projet Framasoft visant à faciliter la création de cartes heuristiques (application en ligne, gratuité de l'outil, aucune inscription requise, aucune conservation des données). C'est un logiciel libre et gratuit, utilisable en ligne, par tous et sans installation. MindMup, service en ligne de mindmapping offre une interface alternative intéressante. Framindmap et MindMup ne nécessitent aucune inscription.