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15 Useful Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Tools

15 Useful Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Tools
Concept mapping and Mind mapping software are used to create diagrams of relationships between concepts, ideas or other pieces of information. It has been suggested that the mind mapping technique can improve learning/study efficiency up to 15% over conventional note taking. It is also a popular planning technique with applications across all business sectors and industries. It is used by individuals, corporate teams, students and teachers alike for various purposes. It is also great way to add structure to brainstorming sessions and visualize your ideas. The most obvious benefit of online collaboration is that it lets people who aren’t in the same location work together on a project. Advertisement 1. SpiderScribe is a user friendly, free and online collaborative mind mapping tool for project management and brainstorming. 2. MindMeister is by far the most simplistic mind mapping tool in the top five, but its simplicity is definitely an asset. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 15.

How Students Develop Online Learning Skills (EDUCAUSE Quarterly Good Ideas More and more, adult learners are finding the convenience and flexibility of online learning a match for their learning goals and busy lifestyles. Online degree programs, courses, and virtual universities targeting adult learners have proliferated in the past decade. Although students can easily locate an online course or degree program that's both convenient and accessible, they may face significant challenges in developing a new set of skills for this type of instruction. Educators have speculated on the development of student skills necessary to succeed in online learning, but relatively few publications cover the topic from the perspective of successful online students. Methodology The study began with the development of a set of questions that emerged from a group of online course designers, faculty, and administrators I consulted for ideas. Successful Online Students Identify Seven Tips 1. Students were asked what time-management strategies they found most helpful. 2. 3.

Top 10 Free Online Mind Mapping Tools As the name, mind mapping means that to draw your mind or ideas as a map, which are well-known for brainstorm, exploring your brain for many ideas. For mind mapping, you can just use a pen and one paper, but it will be funny and easier if you are using below tools, which are all available for you to create mind maps online for free without anything to download or install. 1. Bubblus Bubblus is very simple and easy to use, you just need to enter and drag. The mind maps can be exported as image, XML or HXML files, and you can also share the mind maps with your friends or embed them into your blogs. Go to Bubblus 2. The mind mapping tool Mindomo lets you search YouTube videos, add images, videos or audio with the exist URLs, upload attachment, and add a lot of symbols. You can export the mind map as PDF, Image, RTF and some other format files. Go to Mindomo 3. You can add many interesting icons on the Mind Map with MindMeister easily. Go to MindMeister 4. Go to Mind42 5. Go to Dabbleboard 6. 7. 8. 9.

Accessories What follows is a list of FreeMind accessories, provided by third parties. Feel free to add your own accessory. When adding a new link to an accessory you are the author of, please consider releasing your accessory by "GNU GPL V2 or later at your option" license. When you do, the FreeMind team can consider delivering your accessory as part of FreeMind. Conversions See also Other Browser-based collaboration with others I tried out mindmeister and imported a .mm file no problem.

7 Tools for Creating Mind Maps and Outlines Online One of the presentations that I made this week was about having students create videos to demonstrate their knowledge of a topic. In that presentation one of the points that I stress is the need for students to create outlines of their videos before moving onto the technical aspects of constructing a video. Here are some tools for creating outlines and mind maps to plan video projects, podcasts, or essays. Quicklyst is a nice tool for taking notes and creating outlines. Knowcase is a free tool for recording ideas and creating outlines. Spider Scribe is an online mind map creation service. Folder Boy is a new service for recording, sharing, and organizing ideas with a team. Wise Mapping is a free collaborative mind mapping tool. Exploratree is a free graphic organizer creation tool. Slatebox is a slick tool for collaboratively creating mind maps and organizational charts.

Joom!FreeMind - Open Source Current Projects Joom!FreeMind StandAlone ver.1.8 for Joomla 1.5.x (stand-alone tool) Copyright (c) 2008 Cosmin Damian Issued as open source under GNU/GPL. Joom! Joom! Quick download link : Joom! Mind Mapping Software - Create Mind Maps online

Mind Mapping Works – It’s a Fact! Mind Mapping is a world renowned process used by over 250,000,000 people. So, what is it about the phenomenon of Mind Mapping that so many people have grown to depend on? Read on for some of the Mind Mapping research highlights from the full Why Mind Mapping Works article on our website. Radiant Thinking P.K. This is what a Mind Map does. Memory, Learning & Teaching A 2002 study showed that Mind Mapping improved the long-term memory of factual information in medical students by 10%. The process of Mind Mapping involves a unique combination of imagery, colour and visual-spatial arrangement which is proven to significantly improve recall when compared to conventional methods of note-taking and learning by rote. In addition to improved recall, the visibility of Mind Mapping provides an effective approach for promoting better understanding in students. Creativity Mind Maps are a brilliant tool for encouraging creativity and unleashing potential. Presenting Mind Mapping Using Technology iM

Mind42: Free online mind mapping software Beyond Brainstorming Creativity is an idea-shaping process. Ideas themselves are a source of other ideas—and a useful strategy to remember something is to associate it with other ideas. One method of catalyzing the processes of creativity and memory is Tony Buzan's Mind Mapping technique. Developed in the 1960's (Buzan & Buzan, 2010), Mind Mapping is a multi-purpose tool for note-taking in meetings and classes, analyzing study materials for better retention and comprehension, brainstorming ideas for event planning, problem-solving, decision-making , presentations, writing, research, and development. Mind Mapping is remindful of Sigmund Freud's method of free association for uncovering repressed or unconscious memories. Some Mind Mapping Applications (Based on Buzan & Buzan, 2010; Created by using Freeplane, ) Mind mapping, like any other skill, requires practice for proficient use. Is Mind Mapping an "'ultimate thinking tool'" as its authors claim (Buzan & Buzan, 2010, p. xv)? References

MFX Newsletter : July 26, 2011 Now it's time for the group to describe and note what Freddie's personal experience is (empathizing from his point of view) in each of the categories above. Remember, the context is very important; what he's seeing, hearing, thinking, doing, feeling and saying will be very different, depending on the situation (i.e. say, Freddie wants to sell more product). Spend about three minutes on each section, moving through the sections as a group. What is Freddie hearing? The most important thing to keep in mind throughout the exercise is that the group should keep the emphasis on Freddie as they fill in each section.

When is the social curation bubble going to burst? You just can’t move for social curation services right now. The biggest noise might be coming from Pinterest, which is growing like a weed — but whether it’s the new-look Delicious, Switzerland’s Paperli, shopping curation site Svpply, image service Mlkshk or another site, the fact is that almost everybody seems to want to help you save and sort and share the things you find on the web right now. With this swirl of activity, then, it’s no surprise to hear that Parisian service Pearltrees — slogan “collect, organize, discover” — has just raised another $6 million of funding, led by local conglomerate Groupe Accueil. The company, which has been running in public since 2009, welcomed the injection of funds as a way to help expand and scale up its system for bookmarking and organizing, which is based around a clustered visual interface. And it needs that scale. When I made the comparison between the two services, however, Pearltrees’ marketing chief François Rocaboy objected.

Thinkmap visualization software facilitates communication, learning, and discovery.