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mapamok (English) · YCAMInterlab/ProCamToolkit Wiki This picture shows a screenshot of mapamok running using a model of the YCAM Library. Introduction mapamok is an experimental application for exploring some new ideas about projection mapping. Calibrating projectors shouldn't take so long.Think less about the projection, and more about the space.Prototyping ideas should be instantaneous. These ideas are approached from a few perspectives: Fast projector calibration, borrowing techniques from camera calibration, cuts calibration time down to one minute.Always working with a 3d model instead of a 2d mask or mesh.Sketching up ideas with auto-reloading GLSL shaders. This tutorial describes how to use mapamok, and how to develop it. Using mapamok Overview mapamok can be downloaded here. When you unzip the download, you'll see and a data/ folder. The general idea is to first prepare a model of the scene you are projecting on. Creating a Model with SketchUp Download and install Google SketchUp. Click on the Rectangle tool or hit CMD+K.

Another Nickel In The Machine The Madame Tussaud’s wax work of Hitler being taken to Marylebone Magistrates’ court as evidence used towards the conviction of three men and a woman. 1933. At Madame Tussauds on the Marylebone Road a pot of red paint was poured over a wax effigy of a man who had just been made Chancellor of Germany three months previously. A hand-drawn notice was hung around the neck and it read: “Hitler, the Mass Murderer”. The next day, on 14 April 1933, at the Marylebone Magistrates court, Mrs Bradley who was one of the protestors, was charged with assaulting and obstructing the police. “Herr Rosenberg” or Dr Alfred Rosenberg, to give him his full name, was editor-in-chief of the Nazi daily newspaper Volkischer Beobachter. Rosenberg was described by Reuters at the time as ‘one of the Nazi “Big Five,”’ and acting on Hitler’s behest, and as his unofficial Foreign Secretary, he was visiting the capital ostensibly to discuss the deadlock of the Disarmament Conference. Alfred Rosenberg and Hitler

vvvv - a multipurpose toolkit Tutorial MadMapper V : Como hacer mapping sobre un edificio En este tutorial usaremos After Effects para crear una película QuickTime con la que remapear el edificio. Además necesitaremos usar Photoshop para ajustar nuestras imágenes iniciales. El efecto que buscamos es un Glowing-Scan del edificio. La técnica es bastante simple, pero nos muestra el proceso para realizar el mapping de un edificio a partir de fotografías. Este tutorial asume que se tienen conocimientos básicos de Photoshop, After Effects y MadMapper. Partiremos desde la foto inicial de la izquierda hasta llegar a la imagen del mapping final de la derecha. Paso#1: Seleccionamos un edificio donde hacer el Mapping y tomamos unas cuantas fotos de el.Para este tutorial vamos a necesitar 2 imágenes diferentes: -1 imagen del edificio que usaremos como referencia inicial para nuestro mapping. -1 imagen diferente del edificio, desde un punto de vista diferente, para comprobar realmente la capacidad de MadMapper a la hora de realizar el Mapping. Paso#2 Paso#3 Paso#4 Paso#5 Paso#6 Paso#7 Paso#8 Paso#9