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C'est quoi le Vidéo Mapping ? Le Vidéo Mapping (Hispanophone) ou Mapping Vidéo (Francophone) voir encore Projection Mapping (Anglophone) est la technique de projeter de la vidéo sur des volumes comme des façades architecturales, des décors pour le spectacle vivant ou juste dans son salon.

C'est quoi le Vidéo Mapping ?

C’est l’idée de la transformation d’un objet réel par le virtuel. Le VidéoMapping projète des vidéos de grandes tailles pour la partie monumentale de la discipline, pouvant s’adosser au trompe l’oeil animé, permet aussi des fresques projections à 180° ou 360°. Le VidéoMapping crée des multivers graphiques audiovisuel ou le spectateur est au coeur même de l’oeuvre projetée. Le Stage Design quant à lui se retrouve sur scène pour les concerts de musique amplifiée ou électronique mais aussi pour le spectacle vivant comme le théâtre, théâtre de rue, danse, opéra. Les logiciels Logiciels spécialisés comme Millumin (dédié au spectacle vivant), TouchDesigner, HeavyM, MadMapper ou Resolume Arena pour la diffusion.

Very short throw distance, considering a mirror - AVS Forum. Home Theater Discussions And Reviews. I'm after 75 inch diagonal or better with a throw distance under 5 feet, and the trick is to do it really cheap.

Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

The end quality needed could be poorer than your typical home theater. I haven't decided on the projector or add-ons to buy yet. To explain my cheapness a little without boring you with all the details, I have to duplicate the setup at least 3 times, so any costs in the setup gets multiplied. I'm not so wary of blowing some money experimenting on the first setup. I can buy manufacturer's zoom/short throw lenses, but from what I see, these are quite spendy, e.g. $400-$1500 depending on make/model.

Buying Guide to Projectors. As with so many consumer products these days, selecting a projector can be daunting, since there are just so many options.

Buying Guide to Projectors

However, choosing the right projector is pretty simple as long as you can supply three pieces of information: The screen size (width, most importantly).Distance between the projector and the screen (throw distance).An estimate of the amount of ambient light present in the room in which the projector will be used. At this point you might be thinking, “Great. Keystone Correction. Part 1.

Keystone Correction

What is keystoning? Projector lenses are made to shoot an image above the actual projector. This enables an audience to see the image without the projector itself getting in the line of sight. For example, in figure 1, the projector is lying flat and is not tilted at all. Lens Shift vs Keystone Correction - Matching Projected Images To A Screen. By Robert Silva Updated June 07, 2016.

Lens Shift vs Keystone Correction - Matching Projected Images To A Screen

Projector People : Video Calibration - Brightness. Projector People : Lumens Guide. Aspect Ratios for Projectors - Projector People. Aspect Ratios for Projectors - Projector People. Projector People : Projector Lens Shift. Projector People : Projector Keystone Correction. Browse Stock Footage, Motion Loops & Images. Theatrical Supplies from Live Event Toolbox Archives - TripleWide Media. Tag Live Event Toolbox Archives - TripleWide Media Free Journal from TripleWide Media December 15, 2014 By Tim Southwick | Seasonal & Holidays, Transform Christmas, Updates & News | No Comments TripleHead2Go: The Quick Setup Guide November 28, 2014.

Live Event Toolbox Archives - TripleWide Media

Human Face Video Mapping by Oskar & Gaspar. Beginners Guide to Projection Mapping. Amazon. Amazon. DIY Rear Projection Screen Approx $20, Cheap Homemade GREAT Picture! Amazon. DIY cheap way to build 10,000 lumens large venues projector. Ghosts, holograms, and the quest for immersion by Chris Zwar - ProVideo Coalition. Video production is a broad term that covers many different markets and industries, but despite the huge variety in people and companies making videos, it’s a pretty safe bet that none of them go out of their way to make something that’s boring and forgettable.

Ghosts, holograms, and the quest for immersion by Chris Zwar - ProVideo Coalition

In many cases, agencies and their clients are always looking for new and innovative ways to grab people’s attention, and (as one example) over the past few years building projections have become an increasingly popular way to make an impact. Since they first started appearing around 2009, they’ve become bigger and bigger – and the Vivid festival in Sydney has become the largest lighting and projection show in the world, running for three weeks every year. Xian: The song of everlasting regretA 1,300 year old story and a 400 year old theatre trick. It’s not uncommon to find videos as part of museum exhibits, and there are companies around that specialize in producing videos and interactive kiosks for museums.

Pepper's ghost. A viewer looking through the red rectangle sees a ghost floating next to the table.

Pepper's ghost

The illusion is produced by a large piece of glass, Plexiglas or plastic film situated at an angle between viewer and scene (green outline). The glass reflects a room hidden from the viewer (left), sometimes called a "blue room", that is built as mirror-image of the scene. If the mirror-image room (left) is darkened, it does not reflect well in the glass. The empty room (top) is brightly lit, making it very visible to the viewer. When the lights in the mirror-image room are raised (with the empty room being dimmed slightly to compensate), the ghost appears out of nowhere. Theater scrim Archives - Sew What? Inc. Opaque, transparent……….

theater scrim Archives - Sew What? Inc.

Or translucent? When buying custom made stage draperies or backdrops, what type of fabric should I choose and when? This IS a great question – and in fact one which we are asked very frequently. One of the first conversations I like to have when a new client connects with me is in fact – where is the drape going and how do you intend to use it? So here are some tips and tricks for selecting an appropriate flame retardant fabric for your stage, theatre or event, as well as some key product fabric names to put in the mix for each category. o·paque adjective 1. not able to be seen through; not transparent. Scene-stealing magic: Lighting is key to using scrims for onstage theater trickery. Software. Easy Projection Mapping Software - TABULA FaçadeSignage. Facade Signage - Video Mapping Software Review. Theatre ghost effect. Chameleon Scrim Reveal Effect. Explanation of theatrical scrim effects, special effects achieved by use of scrim effects for photography, theater, props, film and video.

General Information, Scrim EffectsReveal Effect with Scrim There are several effects that you can achieve with scrim.

Explanation of theatrical scrim effects, special effects achieved by use of scrim effects for photography, theater, props, film and video.

The most common is the 'reveal effect', which means an actor or setting is made to appear or disappear behind a scrim by lighting change only. An example of a 'reveal effect' using a scrim Look at this wonderful shot on the left, and then look to the right to see how the shot was set up. (The girls have switched places, but the set up is the same.) Notice that one girl is spotlighted behind the backdrop and one is in front of the backdrop. There are basically two states of a scrim: The scrim is lit from the front (audience side) and it become opaque so it looks like a solid color screen—the color is any color of light you shine on it.The scrim has no light from the front (the audience), and some subject (in this case an angel) is behind the scrim and strong light falls on the subject.

Scrim state two: The angel will be seen, and will have a soft glowing effect. Creative Fabric Environments. Photo 1 of 6. Outdoor Projection Screens. Contact Support Team Theater Scrims & Giant Projection Screens Outdoor Projection Screens Marine Grade Quality and Any Custom Size Machine Washable Dual Projection From Back or Front Flexible Rigging Ideas Frameless & Easy to Employ Low Cost 10' x 7' (tall) = $175 16' x 9'(tall) = $325 Outdoor Projection Screen Details & Video Click Images to Enlarge Theater Scrims. Scrim (material) The term scrim has two separate meanings in terms of fabric. In each case, it refers to woven material, one a finely woven lightweight fabric widely used in theatre, the other a heavy, coarse woven material used for reinforcement in both building and canvasmaking.

A scrim or gauze is a very light textile made from cotton, or sometimes flax. It is lightweight and translucent, which means it is often used for making curtains. The fabric can also be used for bookbinding and upholstery. Explanation of theatrical scrim effects, special effects achieved by use of scrim effects for photography, theater, props, film and video.

Requirements, recommendations, etc. : techtheatre. 1.b. Rear-projection screens - Rear-projection screens. Theatrical Projection Design. In essence, theatrical projections consist of slide shows, films, mixed media, multimedia, and live video created for theatre, and executed in a living environment to support great storytelling. Some of my media designs have been used as backdrops or scenery, but mostly they interact with the characters to heighten specific moments of action and emotion. 3Penny%20final%20projection%20plot. A Christmas Carol. By Charles Dickens Clarence Brown Theatre, The University of Tennessee Knoxville 2012-14 Director: Casey SamsMusical Director: Terry Silver-AlfordSet Design: Christopher PickartCostume Design: Bill BlackLighting Design: Catherine GirardiSound and Projection Design: Joe Payne A truly delightful production.

The entire production felt actor generated, my favorite kind. Beautiful music of three live musicians, and a talented cast, created an energetic and stunning take on an old classic. Included in the Prague Quadrennial 2015 International Design Exhibition as one of 20 artists selected to represent the USA Exhibit. "Overall, creative lighting and sound, along with set design and projection technology, are used well. Jeffrey Cady- Lighting and Projections. Jeffrey Cady- Lighting and Projections. NTR - Tripolina String Curtain - Reflective and decorative materials. Robin Hood - Projected Theatre Backdrop.

Using projection as backdrop. Setup Environmental Projection Guide from TripleWide Media. When I first cast the vision for TripleWide Media, I wanted to have knowledge based resources on the site of the various multi-screen applications (such as environmental projection). Even though I began writing this post this week, I feel like I have been playing it out in my head for quite some time now. This is the heartbeat of our community section and something I hope equips thousands of people and communities in the future. How To Make Your Own Video Screen from a Shower Curtain. Buying Guide to Projectors. Top 6 Tools for Environmental Projection. With all this talk about Triplewide, Edgeblending, multiscreen, environmental projection and regular single screen video surfaces, we thought it would be helpful to start the Transform Christmas campaign with the “essentials” or the tools you will most likely use this christmas if you’re looking to transform your space and create an environment.

Don’t worry if you only have one screen, many of these tools still apply to you. You searched for stage design - TripleWide Media. The Best Projector for Environmental Projection. CrowdControlGames. Environmental Projection Archives - TripleWide Media. Topic. Amazon. TripleWide Suggestion: Outdoor Projection. With all this talk about Transforming Christmas on the blog we thought it would be fun to share each friday a very practical and possible idea that you may be able to implement this Christmas season. Every time we have a Transforming Tip we will do our best to break down the process and what you need in order to make it happen. Multi-moniteurs pour ordinateurs portables. En voir davantage. How to NOT Overuse Environmental Projection - TripleWide Media. Environmental Projection is a great option for any church looking to expand their canvas, delve into a new visual manner of storytelling, or craft a unique environment with the click of a mouse.

This technology can be extremely useful and can enhance any environment. Using Projection as a Theatrical or Digital Backdrop. Multimedia Projection for Drama - Find Projectors By Feature. Multimedia Projection for Drama - Écrans de projection, systèmes de pilotage et de gestion de médias - AV Stumpfl. Theater Projection Tools. Voile Hivernage - 10m - 30g. ProPresenter 6 - Extending the Power Even Further. Aubaine Kramer VP436 Switcher Scaler. EasyWorship, the standard in church presentation software.