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Smart socializing starts here

Smart socializing starts here

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FOSI GRID Common Sense Media This nonprofit provides rating information for parents and kids on a wide variety of topics including movies, TV shows, book, games, websites and music. The rating system allows parents to make informed choices on the types of media that their children consume.

Best Free Parental Filter OpenDNS is a web-based service that replaces your ISP’s DNS servers. You will usually have no software to install but you will have to register with OpenDNS and change the DNS settings for your router or PC. The online instructions are clear and easy to follow: select the router or PC & operating system, configure the settings, and test the new setup. If you are not confident about this then walk through the instructions without signing up. OpenDNS works very simply. Its main task is to find web pages for you.

Web-monitoring software gathers data on kid chats (AP) -- Parents who install a leading brand of software to monitor their kids' online activities may be unwittingly allowing the developer to gather marketing data from children as young as 7 - and to sell that information. Software sold under the Sentry and FamilySafe brands can read private chats conducted through Yahoo, MSN, AOL and other services, and send that data back to the company. The information is then offered to businesses seeking ways to tailor their marketing messages to kids. "This scares me more than anything I have seen using monitoring technology," said Parry Aftab, a child-safety advocate.

Five Laws of MIL Five Laws of Media and Information Literacy We are travelling towards the universality of books, the Internet and all forms of “containers of knowledge”. Media and information literacy for all should be seen as a nexus of human rights. Therefore, UNESCO suggests the following Five Laws of Media and Information Literacy. They are inspired by the Five Laws of Library Science proposed by S. R. Coding for Kindergarteners Last year at this time, I was trying not to think about kindergarteners. I was still teaching ninth grade English and had just accepted a job teaching technology to K-5. I was excited about the challenge, and I knew that I'd bitten off more than I could chew. Developing the tech curriculum challenged me to teach programming or at least computational thinking at each elementary grade level. Our school is mid-pivot in technology -- we're in our second year of a middle school 1:2 iPad program, our first year of having a cart of iPads available for elementary, and our last year of two PC labs for the students to use (next year we'll have only one lab).

10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know We’ve updated this guide with the new privacy settings just launched by Facebook. You can get the new Facebook privacy guide now. Everyday I receive an email from somebody about how their account was hacked, how a friend tagged them in the photo and they want a way to avoid it, as well as a number of other complications related to their privacy on Facebook. Nancy Willard: Cyber Savvy: A Web 2.0 Approach to Internet Safety Cyber Savvy: Supporting Safe and Responsible Internet Use Issues related to youth risk online and Internet use management are high on the “radar” in many schools. Following the lead of Virginia, many states also are beginning to require that students be instructed in Internet safety. Student use of Web 2.0 technologies is expanding, along with incredible opportunities for interactive educational activities -- and a host of risk and management concerns. Even the most die-hard techies now recognize that filtering systems are not the solution they were promised to be. In many schools, students regularly bypass the filter -- not to get to porn sites, but to access their favorite social networking sites.

Weeding Library Collections: A Selected Annotated Bibliography for Library Collection Evaluation "Next to emptying the outdoor bookdrop on cold and snowy days, weeding is the most undesirable job in the library. It is also one of the most important. Collections that go unweeded tend to be cluttered, unattractive, and unreliable informational resources." - Will Manley, "The Manley Arts," Booklist, March 1, 1996, p. 1108. There are two aspects to weeding.

The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus How You Can Help Here are a few things that you can do to help save the Pacific Northwest tree octopus: Posters motivate the citizenry to action! Agenda 16 September 2009 11-17 rue de l'amiral Hamelin, 75783 Paris Conference Proceedings will be in English only 8.50am Registration & Breakfast The Digital Citizenship Survival Kit It's a simple little prop I use when teaching Digital Citizenship to our K-8 #aurorahuskies students. I love utilizing props to try to get my point across to students. To me, it helps a student retain the lesson better. Let me introduce you to Mr. School Library Collection Development Resources for School Librarians - Index "It does not matter how many books you may have, but whether they are good or not." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca (3 B.C.-65 A.D.), Epistolae Morale Collection Development in General - Web Sites Information Access and Delivery - A guide for policy writing and collection maintenance by the Purdue University School of Library and Information Science. Average Book Prices, 2018 - School Library Journal, March 2018.Average Book Prices, 2017 - School Library Journal, March, 2017. Average Book Prices, 2016 - School Library Journal, March, 2016.