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Copyright and Creative Commons

Copyright and Creative Commons
Julia’s dream is to make a living as a photographer. In this dream, she takes amazing photos, people buy them, and their purchases fund her future work. But it’s not that simple. Julia wants to publish some of her photos to help spread the word, but she’s concerned because photos are easy to copy. She could lose control and not be able to make a living from her talent. So she does some research and learns that in the U.S., as with other countries, we have laws that give creators of materials like books, images, movies, artwork and music a way to own and protect their creations. And she’s surprised to find that when she creates photos, she owns the copyright to them automatically, without taking any other action. She likes being covered by copyright law, but it limits her exposure, because her permission is required for sharing a photo. Her research leads her to Creative Commons, which is a set of licenses that she can use to make her copyrighted photos free for sharing.

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Publish/Audio Internet Archive SoundCloud SoundCloud is a music and audio sharing community that allows artists to upload its works under the full suite of CC licenses. Its set of tools integrate nicely across the web, with adoptions from well known artists and labels. How to publish on SoundCloud Jamendo How to make presentations: techniques, handouts, display technologies Terry Teachout, who long ago reviewed my Visual Display of Quantitative Information for the National Review (!), and who is more famous for his arts reviews and his always interesting weblog has some good advice about making presentations (for authors on bookstore tours, and others as well): "A speech—and this includes a reading—is a performance. It's theater. The people who came to hear you don't want you to shamble up to the podium, mumble a few unintelligible introductory words, open up a store copy of your book, and stick your nose in it for the next half-hour. They expect you to look and sound prepared—and you'll feel more comfortable if you do.

44 Websites to Help You Improve Your Knowledge of WordPress We recently did a round-up of some of the leading design blogs that you need to follow in order to stay up to date with the latest trends in the design world. In this article we take a look at some blogs and websites that cover WordPress. Most, if not all, design blogs have WordPress-related articles. Punctuation - Writer's Guide - Brand Standards Colon / Semicolon Use a colon after an independent clause to introduce a series or a list, amplification or an illustrative quotation. A colon indicates that what follows is related to the preceding clause. The materials required for the art class are as follows: sketch pad, pencils and imagination. When he finally left the room, I was reminded of a line from Oscar Wilde: “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.”

4 Tools that Help in Flipped Classes 4 Tools that Help in Flipped Classes Flipped classroom , a pedagogical model, is known to flip the lecture and homework elements of a typical learning environment. Flipped classes are essentially a part of the blended learning environment where students devote most of their in-class time towards discussions and projects based learning. A blended cum flipped classroom requires certain basic tools to make it a success.

Activity 7: Fair use, copyright, and introduction to using images Welcome to our free professional development series on class and student blogging! This series consists of a range of activities that take you through the process of class and student blogging. While many of the class blog examples we’ve included are from primary grades, the same principles apply for class blogs regardless of student age (including adult learners). The activities can be completed at your own pace and in any order! The aim of this activity is to introduce you to the use of images and how to use them on class and student blogs. Click on a link below to go to the section you want to work on: Plagiarism detection in PowerPoint presentations Googling the phrase "bullets imply no significant order" yields many jackpot matches with the Harvard-Florida work. These slides listed below may have, however, made an appropriate attribution of the original source, something that can be verified by examining the relevant slides. [PDF] Guidelines for Effective Visuals File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML Bullets imply no significant order. *. Use numbers only to show rank or sequence. ?? 2002 Institute for Healthcare Improvement. HIV/AIDS Bureau, HRSA ... - Similar pages

The Dean's List: 50 Must-Read Higher Education Technology Blogs IT administrators, professors and CIOs are driven by the needs — and rising expectations — of students. In the world of higher education, technology is a catalyst for real growth. Topics like online learning, “bring your own device,” electronic textbooks and cloud computing are hot in the industry right now, and rightfully so. Technology is creating better learning environments, faster and more efficient access to resources such as e-mail and online lectures — and, ultimately, a better experience for professors and students. What about the men and women behind all that campus technology?

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