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Early Years & Key Stage One (KS1) Maths Teaching Resources & Printables Shape, Space and Measures DCSF ‘Numbers and Patterns’ Maths/Numeracy display banners (Ref: SB2363) Colourful banners for your ‘Maths’ or ‘Numeracy’ displays. Mathematics display banner (Ref: SB31) A colourful banner for your classroom ‘Mathematics’ display. Maths/Numeracy display banners (Ref: SB6701) Colourful banners for your ‘Maths’ or ‘Numeracy’ display board. Maths/Numeracy display banners - black and white (Ref: SB5513) Simple printable Maths/Numeracy banners that your class can colour or paint themselves. Maths topic display headings posters (Ref: SB4280) A set of printable posters with headings for the most common maths themes. Editable Maths/Numeracy topic book covers (Ref: SB6420) Printable book covers for topics within Numeracy to stick to your pupils’ books or folders. Editable Maths/Numeracy topic book covers - black and white (Ref: SB6421) Printable book covers for topics within Numeracy to stick to your pupils’ books or folders. Resources for Teaching 2D and 3D Shapes

Audio/Video Lectures EduPup Educational Games | Cool Math Games and Educational Games Live Worksheets Maker - Getting started guide Making interactive worksheets is very easy with ourLive Worksheets MakerTry it now!! Getting started guide 1. Open the Live Worksheets Maker and upload your worksheet Click here to open the Live Worksheets Maker. 2. Click, hold and drag to draw text boxes. 3. Write the right answers in the text boxes. 4. Click the preview button to see your live worksheet in action and check it. 5. If you like the result, click the save button. 6. If you want, you can share your interactive worksheet with other users. 5b. If you are not happy with your worksheet, click the discard button to upload a new one. More options 7. (Exercise 2 in this example) You can offer a list of options for your students to choose from. 8. (Exercise 3 in the example) Just enter "select:yes" on the right answer, and "select:no" on the wrong answer(s). 9. (Exercise 4 in the example) Enter "join:" followed by the same number on the answers that should be joined with an arrow.The numbers mustn't be repeated. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Próba Guided Math - Mrs.Shannon's First Grade Class This page has been created to help you get Guided Math, Math Workshop, up and running successfully in your classrooms to improve student engagement and student achievement. **Please note this was all created before Common Core. Click on the pictures to enlarge. Resources to Group Your Students:These attachments were used to assess my students at the beginning of the school year. Be sure to keep your groups flexible and fluid. Fluctuate between heterogenous and homogenous grouping. Download File Download File First 10 Days Detailed Lesson Plans:These are detailed lesson plans used the for the first ten days of getting guided math up and running in your classrooms! I Can Chart:It is very important that the students understand my expectations during small group instruction. Resources Around the Classroom:Here are a couple of attachments of posters and resources that I have created to post around our classroom that the children use as support during math time. Download File Download File

Nature Knows: Amazing macro-photography of individual snowflakes [10 Pictures] Photographer Alexey Kljatov takes incredible close-up photos of snowflakes in his backyard in Moscow. "I capture snowflakes on the open balcony of my house, mostly on glass surface, lighted by an LED flashlight from the opposite side of the glass, and sometimes in natural light, using dark woolen fabrics as background." Source: Los mejores contenidos multimedia para Matemáticas_Primaria ¿Dónde se encuentran los mejores contenidos educativos digitales multimedia para el área de Matemáticas en Primaria? Durante un curso de formación se me hizo esta pregunta. Es obvio que la respuesta está sujeta a la subjetividad (sobre gustos no hay nada escrito) y condicionada por la variable tiempo (continuamente aparecen nuevos contenidos educativos). No obstante, me voy a atrever a dar mi propia respuesta argumentada, a hacer mi propio "top 10", que no necesariamente va a coincidir con los sitios más populares... Para la realización de este top voy atener en cuenta fundamentalmente tres variables (cantidad, calidad y disponibilidad). Por otra parte, estoy convencido de que, a pesar de los intentos, no se puede medir la calidad del software educativo de forma correcta y objetiva debido a su propia naturaleza (no es un material que se fabrica, ni se degrada físicamente, sino que se desarrolla). 1.- ITE (Instituto de Tecnologías Educativas. b.)

30 Techniques to Quiet a Noisy Class One day, in front 36 riotous sophomores, I clutched my chest and dropped to my knees like Sergeant Elias at the end of Platoon. Instantly, dead silence and open mouths replaced classroom chaos. Standing up like nothing had happened, I said, “Thanks for your attention––let’s talk about love poems.” I never used that stunt again. After all, should a real emergency occur, it would be better if students call 911 rather than post my motionless body on YouTube. I’ve thought this through. Most teachers use silencing methods, such as flicking the lights; ringing a call bell—see Teacher Tipster’s charming video; raising two fingers; saying “Attention, class”; or using Harry Wong’s Give Me 5––a command for students to: Focus their eyes on the speaker, Be quiet, Be still, Empty their hands, and Listen. There’s also the “three fingers” version, which stands for stop, look, and listen. Below you’ll find a collections of lesser known techniques for all grade levels. Quieting High School Students

Dr. Nicki's Guided Math Blog 30 Heartwarming Vintage Photographs of New York City ~ ThePhotomag New York can rightly be called one of the most beautiful cities on earth. Every one of you would like to visit the busy city and especially for photographers it is not less than a paradise to take a dream shot. But our today’s post is not to show you the modernity of the New York City. In the post below you will find some of the most beautiful Vintage Photographs of New York City to honor the legacy of your dream city. Grand Central Terminal, New York City (1941) Painters on the Brooklyn Bridge (1914) Manhattan from Union Square (1942) Parachute Jump, Coney Island (1951) Boys in Central Park (1972) 30 Rockefeller Center Plaza (1932) Beneath the Brooklyn Bridge (1918) C Train (1985) City Hall Subway Station (1904) Chinatown (1900) Clouds Over the Brooklyn Bridge (1946) Downtown Mist (1953) Cops in the Train, the Bronx (1981) Dock View (1946) Fulton Street Dock (1935) Fulton Fish Market (1943) Harbour (1947) Harlem (1987) Lunch Atop a Skyscraper (1932) Manhattan Bridge in Progress (1908) Little Italy (1905)