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Digital Literacy Home

Digital Literacy Home
Welcome to the Microsoft Digital Literacy curriculum. Whether you are new to computing or have some experience, Digital Literacy will help you develop a fundamental understanding of computers. The courses help you learn the essential skills to begin computing with confidence, be more productive at home and at work, stay safe online, use technology to complement your lifestyle, and consider careers where you can put your skills to work. Use the menu below to see the Digital Literacy curricula and courses available in your preferred language. After you select a language, click “go”, and the offers available will appear in a new dropdown box. Select an offer, and click “go”, and you will be taken to the appropriate page. The Microsoft Digital Literacy curriculum has three levels. The Basic curriculum features a course called A First Course Toward Digital Literacy. The Standard curriculum is available in four versions.

A Few Simple Ways To Introduce Reluctant Colleagues To Technology (Cross-posted at TechLearning) Many years ago I helped operate a soup kitchen on San Jose’s (CA) Skid Row. We were well-meaning, but not the most responsible neighbors. Phoenix Public Library Programs Library programs are free to the public. Search for programs at a location near you, sign up for program alerts, and more. Mon, Oct. 1, 2012 - Mon, Dec. 31, 2012 All Ages Library Hours English Process - Digital Citizenship Scavenger Hunt Directions: Click on the links and read the information presented, then answer the questions on the answer sheet about the link you visited. Digital Citizenship: 1. Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101: Computer Basics You don't have to know everything to be comfortable with computers. But there is a lot of information that will help you understand why things are the way they are... and how disaster can strike! "Knowledge is power!"

- Helping Educators Get Started with Educational Technology 0 Comments February 7, 2012 By: David Andrade Feb 7 Written by: 2/7/2012 6:28 AM ShareThis Edudemic has a great article entitled "The Must-Have Guide To Helping Technophobic Teachers". Basic Computer Skills Tutorial Welcome to a short, easy-to-master, web based course on basic computer skills. Our goal is to give you a solid foundation. Once you have understood these basics, you will have a clear understanding on which to build your future knowledge of and skill with computers. To become acquainted with your computer there are certain basic skills to be mastered. While these skills might seem obvious at first, the fact is that many people never take the time to learn these very important basics. 9 resources for teaching digital citizenship How can we teach kids to use technology responsibly when the technology is changing faster than we can keep up? How do we foster the values of good digital citizenship in students who are old enough to scoff at the “thou shalts” and “thou shalt nots”? Grappling with these questions is just the beginning of the digital citizenship conversation. Most educators recognize the need for it, but many are at a loss for how to teach it. Some have tried creative approaches and failed. In classrooms where digital citizenship is taught effectively, the teachers often share two things in common: They model ethical technology use for their students on a daily basis, and they naturally incorporate conversations about it whenever technology is part of their lesson plan.

6 Secrets to Getting Kids to Cooperate As the parent of a preschooler, I often notice myself feeling frustrated and asking myself, “Why won’t she cooperate?!” If you have a young child at home, I know you understand. There are times when I’m tired or hungry or in a rush and I just want my daughter to do exactly as I say instantly without questioning, avoiding, or delaying.

This website, run by Microsoft, serves as a great introduction to computers, their uses, and some basic digital literacy skills. by jenicomprispas Oct 30