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jQuery Knob demo

jQuery Knob demo

jqueryrotate - jQuery plugin that rotate images (and animate them) by any angle You can also try contact me here: This is a small plugin for jQuery that adds a nice feature to rotate images (img html objects) by a given angle on web pages. An experimental version 3 tries to rotate all objects, but with some small issues. Base The Foundation All modules in Pure build on top of Normalize.css. It's our foundational layer to maintain some degree of cross-browser consistency. a jQuery plugin Slide through your content/images with ease using CSS transitions. No need to write code. In browsers that don't support CSS transitions, jQuery's animate is used. Keyboard navigation is available when the element has focus. Simply use the left/right arrows keys.

Slider for Bootstrap Examples Page Example 1: Basic example with custom formater and colored selected region via CSS. Example 2: Range selector, options specified via data attribute. Filter by price interval: € 10€ 1000 5 Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization - Growth Giant By Alaister Low on August 3rd, 2012 Marketers often focus on increasing traffic and building more awareness of their product or brand. However, post click marketing can have more impact on bottom line revenue, sales and product/service use. Increasing the conversion rate of a page by even 1 or 2 percent can dramatically improve key metrics.

17 Best CSS3 Tutorials for Web Designers [Fresh 2013 Collection] I was working on a website project few weeks back and looking around for a specific CSS3 tutorial on a specific topic. I went through lot of articles and got frustrated at the end that I spent a lot of time looking around for that single tutorial I wanted. To make you designers life easier and help you not go through the same thing, I decided to gather best CSS3 tutorials from which all web designers could benefit. CSS3 has become very powerful and it is often used with jQuery to add cool dynamic stuff. In this collection you’ll find only fresh CSS3 tutorials not older than year 2013. jq-tiles Pig ham: hock pork loin brisket pastrami frankfurter andouille. Sausage: ground round sirloin ball tip beef ribs. Pork turkey: shoulder, filet mignon chuck t-bone bacon. Short loin: pig jowl fatback, pork loin pork chop. « PrevNext »

Ember App Kit Ember App Kit (EAK) lets you develop, build, and test ambitious Ember.js applications. EAK is a community effort to come up with the ideal project structure for Ember.js projects. Its Grunt based asset pipeline lets you get real work done today. However, the goal is to eventually replace EAK with ember-cli, a faster, more user-friendly command line tool which is currently under development. Asset Compilation

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