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jQuery Plugins, jQuery Tutorials, jQuery Articles, jQuery Examples, jQuery Demos

jQuery Plugins, jQuery Tutorials, jQuery Articles, jQuery Examples, jQuery Demos

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Top 10 resources for jQuery plugins jQuery JavaScript library is very popular among website developers. According to W3Techs, jQuery adoption is about 55%. It is normal for such a popular library to have many plugins available. 51 Best jQuery Plugins jQuery is a popular javascript framework. The reason it’s so popular because it is very easy to extend with plugins. There is a vast and active community which continuously build plugins to suite different needs, however it is not that easy to keep track of them in your must have lists. This is why, in this post you’ll find 51 best jQuery plugins which you can implement in your project. 1. jQuery-Kit

Where The Web Is Going In 2016 -Telerik Developer Network The web is a strange place governed by multiple standards that together define how things work. Alongside the committees, browser vendors are both innovating to win new users and collaborating to push these standards forward. There is no traditional vendor-driven versioning here. There are web standards like ECMAScript 2015 but they aren't supported the same across browsers. Features from the next version of the standard (for example, Array.prototype.include from ES2016) get implemented before features from the previous (default function parameters). ECMAScript 2015 Support Table Backstretch: a simple jQuery plugin that allows you to add a dynamically-resized background image to any page Advertisement a simple jQuery plugin that allows you to add a dynamically-resized, slideshow-capable background image to any page or element by Scott Robbin Download Backstretch Now link to a hosted copy on or download the entire project, including examples.

Original Hover Effects with CSS3 The power of CSS3 is enormous and in this tutorial we will see how to exploit it in a very creative way. We are going to create some thumbnail hover effects with CSS3 transitions. On hover over a thumbnail, we will reveal some description of the thumbnail, using a different style in each example. Kwicks for jQuery Welcome to the Kwicks for jQuery home page. Kwicks is a plugin providing sexy sliding panels with an emphasis on navigational interaction. Kwicks was originally a port of a MooTools effect (of the same name), but has since evolved into a highly configurable and versatile UI component. Please check out the examples to see it in action. New in v2.2.1 This is a patch release with no API changes, and is aimed at fixing a rare and sporadic bug that causes styles to not initialize properly.

Powerful animation plugins for jQuery Velocity-js Velocity is a jQuery plugin that re-implements $.animate() to produce significantly greater performance (making Velocity also faster than CSS animation libraries) while including new features to improve animation workflow. Created by Julian Shapiro DownloadHomeExample View more → slick - the last carousel you'll ever need Set up your HTML markup. <div class="your-class"><div>your content</div><div>your content</div><div>your content</div></div> Move the /slick folder into your project

maxatwork/form2js @ GitHub Javascript library for collecting form data Example: If you have any questions/suggestions or find out something weird or illogical - feel free to post an issue. rcarousel – continuous jQuery UI carousel rcarousel development is discontinued at the moment. Maybe If I have more time and feel like it I will resume the work on the project. Anyway I encourage you to share it, fork it and whaterver you feel like. But please – respect the licence. simple to use Now rcarousel is very simple to use.