background preloader » Collection of jquery plugins and javascript libraries. » Collection of jquery plugins and javascript libraries. Line25 Web Design Blog Freeze Coders | Open source programming blog axemclion/jquery-indexeddb spin.js Best Open Source Resources for Web Developers | WebAppers Free Online Web Design Tutorials In this, second add-on series to our main E-commerce course you will learn how to add an option to the checkout process, where user can specify a different delivery / shipping address than the one used for the billing. We will also add the shipping cost to the checkout, based on the location and the weight of all of the products in the basket. For local shipping (within the same country as the operating business) we will use the Zone + Weight approach, where each zone comes with the associated Post Codes, and for International - Country + Weight. Either it's a local or international destination, we will create a list of different shipping types - such as for instance: Next day delivery, Standard and Economy. We will then pass the shipping cost together with the items sub-total and tax to PayPal - where visitors will have a full breakdown of the cost before they make a payment. PLEASE NOTE: This is the second add-on series for our E-commerce course. Price: $142.44 USD

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