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Internet Of Things - ThingSpeak

Internet Of Things - ThingSpeak
[C.A.V.A.] created a cigar humidor with a social life. A humidor stores cigars in a humidity controlled environment to maintain freshness, but this special humidor sends the humidity sensor value to ThingSpeak and alerts Twitter when you need to add water. The project uses a humidity sensor and an Arduino Ethernet to post the data to the ThingSpeak API. Mi Humidor de Cigarros conectado a Internet por medio de un Arduino. C.A.V.A. has more info about the project, parts list, and photos on his website. [via CAVA]

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A very cheap ESP8266 WiFi smart car controlled by phone based on NodeMCU DoitCar is designed and developed by Shenzhen Doctors of Intelligence & Technology (SZDOIT), which is the most cost-effective. It is widely applied in many fields, sucha as the electronic lover, college students, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile data collection, etc. DoitCar has a great temptation for the smart car solution. The DoitCar kit is including the car chassis, 2 pieces of 6V motors, NodeMCU WiFi board, motor driven shield board. Especially, all the codes and hardwares are open for all people. Accordingly, the software collections are including android, Webchat, and internet.

IFTTT Smart Button This is a v2 of my original ESP8266 IFTTT Easy Button project. Instead of modifying my original post. I will document the changes here. The big changes are that the module is not enabled until the button is pushed. This brings the battery life to whole new level. The push button "boots up" the module by sending a HIGH signal through a diode to CH_PD. EVE Alpha - Raspberry Pi wireless development hardware by Ciseco Eve is a plug in board for the Raspberry Pi mini computer A hub that connects your wireless devices to each other and the web.This is development hardware, we need your help to accelerate development of freely downloadable software.EVE is something YOU own not a service you rent. The Raspberry Pi EVE board is the reference hardware for the IoT Toolkit gateway ( It's work in progress, but will be available for general use soon. There will be software development on EVE. The guys behind OpenRemote which is a software integration platform for residential and commercial building automation have code that will already run on the Pi. OR has end-user control interfaces for iOS and Android devices.

Use Old Bottles to Make Chic Concrete Vases Got a Kombucha addition? Hooked on Perier? We’re right there with ya. But the next time you gulp your precious last sip, don’t be so fast to toss your bottle into the bin—be it glass or plastic, they make dynamite molds for decorative vases. 27 Simple Ways To Check For Understanding 27 Simple Ways To Check For Understanding Checking for understanding is the foundation of teaching. Whether you’re using formative assessment for data to personalize learning within a unit, or more summative data to refine a curriculum map, the ability to quickly and easily check for understanding is a critical part of what you do. (Which was the idea behind our post last March, “10 Assessments You Can Perform In 90 Seconds Or Less.”)

ESP8266: Weather Station V2 Code published This is a total make over of the earlier weather station. Instead of building my code on the NodeMCU lua firmware I decided to switch to the Arduino IDE based development setup. The reason for this was the constant problems with heap memory running out and other instabilities. When I finally found code that demonstrated the use of my beloved SSD1306 based OLED 128×64 displays the final piece was in place. I tried to separate the building blocks of the code into different classes, so they can be reused easiley for other purposes. There is a class for the SSD1306 display and one for talking to the weather API of

mini2440 Note that many of the pins have several functions which are selected by setting the pinmux in the SoC - I'll discuss that in greater detail in the software section. Also be aware that pins 16 and 24 are also tied to buttons on the board, and many of the pins are also routed to some of the other connectors so don't try to use them for more than one function at a time. Refer to the schematic for further details about potential conflicts. Grove - Electricity Sensor Introduction The Electricity sensor module is a member of Grove. It is based on the TA12-200 current transformer which can transform the large AC into small amplitude. You can use it to test large alternating current up to 5A. The MakerGear Mosaic 3D Printer Posted by Rick Pollack on June 02, 2011 3 Comments We are very pleased to introduce Mosaic - your desktop 3D printing companion. Mosaic is an easy-to-assemble, low-maintenance, fantasically fantastic desktop 3D printer kit. Mosaic features: Easy-to-assemble, laser-cut wooden frame - assemble it using fasteners (screws/nuts) or for a super-rigid, super-easy assembly, just glue it!

Advanced emergency medical services for the disabled based on innovative ICT technologies - Results The main results achieved so far by the project are: PRESYDIUM, a web-based system to support emergency medical services for disabled patients.EMSAVE, a virtual training environment for emergency medical procedures concerning disabled patients.SLEC, a mobile system to support communication between first responders and deaf patients.Help!, a serious game for learning the guidelines on emergency evacuation of disabled persons.Scientific publications. Our PRESYDIUM (PeRsonalized Emergency SYstem for DIsabled hUMans) system has been designed to (i) allow physicians, disabled persons and their relatives to access and manage personal medical profiles, and (ii) provide Emergency Medical Service (EMS) personnel with tailored operating instructions based on the disabled persons' profiles. To reach such goals, domain knowledge was preliminarly acquired and formalized as follows: Click to enlarge

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