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Meny - A three dimensional and space efficient menu concept

Meny - A three dimensional and space efficient menu concept
A three dimensional and space efficient menu. Move your mouse towards the arrow — or swipe in from the arrow if you're on a touch device — to open. Test it with any page by appending a URL, like so: Meny can be positioned on any side of the screen: top - right - bottom - left Instructions and download at The name, Meny, is swedish. Created by @hakimel /

reveal.js - The HTML Presentation Framework HTML Presentations Made Easy Created by Hakim El Hattab / @hakimel Heads Up reveal.js is a framework for easily creating beautiful presentations using HTML. Nettoyez vos feuilles de style CSS avec CSS Trashman - ressources Découvrez CSS TRASHMAN, un outil web pour nettoyer au mieux vos fichiers CSS ! CSSTrashMan est un service web actuellement gratuit et en bêta, tout récent, qui permet de nettoyer vos feuilles de style. Donnez-lui simplement une page de votre site web et c'est parti ! Grâce à une architecture PhantomJs et cette library, il va analyser le Dom de votre site, et nettoyer votre CSS en fonction. Tous les styles associés à des noeuds qui n'existent plus seront impitoyablement supprimés.

Powerful UI widgets for jQuery and HTML5 cloud apps The leading jQuery & HTML5 UI framework Over 60 Advanced widgets. Ready to work and do more than expected. Powerful UI widgets for jQuery developers jQWidgets delivers everything you need to build rich client UI with JavaScript, HMTL5 and jQuery. It contains more than 60 UI widgets and is one of the fastest growing JavaScript UI frameworks on the Web.

Animated Content Tabs with CSS3 In this tutorial we are going to implement some simple CSS3 content tabs using radio buttons together with the :checked pseudo-class and sibling combinators. View demo Download source Content tabs are a very common and familiar element in web design, and often their turn out to be pretty useful. So, in this tutorial we are going to implement some simple CSS3 content tabs using radio buttons together with the :checked pseudo-class and sibling combinators. Note that the CSS3 properties will only work in browsers that support them. The Markup w2ui - JavaScript UI What People Are Saying I have been using it quite substantially for a number of different projects now and must say that I absolutely love the way it works. - Soteri Panagou I've been using your grid on a couple of small projects and I've got to say it's an awesome piece of work. It's very easy to configure and offers a lot of features while staying really responsive. As a programmer it inspires me to write better code.

Animated Content Tabs with CSS3 About us You think water moves fast? You should see ice. It moves like it has a mind. Chosen: Select Boxes jQuery Plugin Chosen is a jQuery plugin that makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user-friendly. Downloads Project Source Contribute Standard Select Turns This Into This Multiple Select Hovercard - Twitter and Facebook cards Hover over the red text to see the hovercard in action: jQuery is a cross-browser JS library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. It was released in January of 2006 by John Resig is an application developer at Khan Academy. hoverIntent jQuery Plug-in What is hoverIntent? hoverIntent is a plug-in that attempts to determine the user's intent... like a crystal ball, only with mouse movement! It is similar to jQuery's hover method. However, instead of calling the handlerIn function immediately, hoverIntent waits until the user's mouse slows down enough before making the call. Why?

noty - Notification Plugin Hi! noty is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to create alert - success - error - warning - information - confirmation messages as an alternative the standard alert dialog. Each notification is added to a queue. (Optional) The notifications can be positioned at the: top - topLeft - topCenter - topRight - center - centerLeft - centerRight - bottom - bottomLeft - bottomCenter - bottomRight

boxy - dialog Box Overview Boxy is a flexible, Facebook-style dialog box for jQuery with support for dragging and size tweening. It differs from other overlays I've seen by providing an object interface to control dialogs after they've been created. And for simple usage scenarios, boxy also provides a jQuery plugin for automatically hooking up links and forms, as well as an ask() helper for presenting multiple choices to the user. Pretty Single Range Slider Plugin With jQuery - Bubble Slider Bubble Slider is a simple yet customizable jQuery slider plugin which turns number input fields into beautiful, touch-enabled single range sliders with custom slider handles, labels and controls. How to use it: 1. Place the jQuery Bubble Slider plugin's stylesheet in the head section of the html document.

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