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Stroll.js - CSS3 Scroll Effects

Stroll.js - CSS3 Scroll Effects

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reveal.js - The HTML Presentation Framework HTML Presentations Made Easy Created by Hakim El Hattab / @hakimel Heads Up reveal.js is a framework for easily creating beautiful presentations using HTML. Live Tools - Ribbon Builder Ribbon Settings Ribbon Width Ribbon End Size Stitching & Shadows jQuery BBQ: Back Button & Query Library jQuery BBQ leverages the HTML5 hashchange event to allow simple, yet powerful bookmarkable #hash history. In addition, jQuery BBQ provides a full .deparam() method, along with both hash state management, and fragment / query string parse and merge utility methods. This plugin and the jQuery urlInternal plugin supersede the URL Utils plugin. Note: If you’re using jQuery 1.3.2 or earlier and need BBQ to merge query string or fragment params containing [], you’ll want to include the jQuery 1.4 .param method in your code.

30 game scripts you can write in PHP, Part 1: Creating 10 fundamental scripts Getting started As both a game master/storyteller and a developer, I frequently find myself writing little utilities and scripts to help me when running, planning, and playing games. Sometimes I need a quick idea. Other times, I just need a whole pile of names for Non-Player Characters (NPCs). Occasionally, I need to geek out on numbers, work out some odds, or integrate some word puzzles into a game. 23 Truly Amazing and Unbelievable HTML5 Canvas and Javascript Experiments HTML5 has been a thing to talk these days. There are various features of HTML5 which are already really very famous. Many designers have that quality to unearth the features of anything new and start doing as much R&D as possible.

Powerful UI widgets for jQuery and HTML5 cloud apps The leading jQuery & HTML5 UI framework Over 60 Advanced widgets. Ready to work and do more than expected. Powerful UI widgets for jQuery developers jQWidgets delivers everything you need to build rich client UI with JavaScript, HMTL5 and jQuery. It contains more than 60 UI widgets and is one of the fastest growing JavaScript UI frameworks on the Web.

Alternative Style: Working With Alternate Style Sheets So you’ve got a web page. You’ve marked it up with structural XHTML. You’ve also been a good little web developer and used style sheets to control what your document looks like. You’ve even gone the extra mile and created several alternative style sheets to show how hardcore you are. Create a Sticky Navigation Header Using jQuery Waypoints In this tutorial, we'll be creating a navigation bar that stays with you as you scroll down — and we'll also throw a gimmick or two into the mix to polish it off. Republished Tutorial Every few weeks, we revisit some of our reader's favorite posts from throughout the history of the site. This tutorial was first published in March of 2012. Introduction “Everybody loves ribbons” Chris Coyier says when discussing the virtues of the :before and :after pseudo-elements.

108 Best Photoshop Web Designs Layout Tutorials Posted in Interface design,layouts,Games, Photoshop Tutorials. Tagged with layouts. 1 comment reveal.js - The HTML Presentation Framework HTML Presentations Made Easy Created by Hakim El Hattab / @hakimel Heads Up reveal.js is a framework for easily creating beautiful presentations using HTML. You'll need a browser with support for CSS 3D transforms to see it in its full glory. w2ui - JavaScript UI What People Are Saying I have been using it quite substantially for a number of different projects now and must say that I absolutely love the way it works. - Soteri Panagou I've been using your grid on a couple of small projects and I've got to say it's an awesome piece of work. It's very easy to configure and offers a lot of features while staying really responsive. As a programmer it inspires me to write better code.

Skinning · Docs · Flowplayer Flowplayer skin design is CSS3. There are 4 approaches use the default skins with modifier classesoverride default skins with your own CSSclone our default skins and edit them.

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