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The Brand Gap

The Brand Gap
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Can Curated Content save the Internet? The internet is stuffed with so much content that it long ago passed the point where we could hope to absorb even a small chunk of it. That’s called saturation point which leads to user fatigue (or fear of one’s head imploding from the inside). It isn’t pretty and the people aren’t happy. Accepting the general consensus that we need more not less content in our daily lives thanks to numerous channels, platforms and devices we seem to rely on, there’s only one real solution – we have to start organizing it. Not even the might of Google can keep up with content production, and searching the internet has become as frustrating as sweeping leaves in the middle of a tornado. That understood, the next phase of online’s evolution story is all about reigning in the chaos that is the internet and organizing it into some kind of collection that is relevant, granular and intuitive to the end user. We’re going to see curation in every corner of the web. Flickr Creative Commons: image by HollyLadd

La boîte à outils idéale du Community Manager Quels sont les outils indispensables à un Community manager efficace ? Voici une liste participative non exhaustive qui répond à trois grandes problématiques : veille, production, diffusion. Il vous faut un bon agrégateur de flux RSS pour surveiller l’occurrence des mots-clés de la marque, du site dont vous avez la charge. Vous pouvez intégrer les flux de Google actualité, de Google Blogs, de Twitter, de Delicious, Slideshare… L’intégration de flux RSS en provenance de Twitter se fait sur l’ancienne version en ligne (plus pour longtemps semble-t-il). N’oubliez pas l’outil Ponyfish pour créer votre propre flux RSS quand ce dernier n’existe pas sur un site. Le plus professionnel des agrégateurs est Google Reader qui permet d’intégrer des centaines de flux sans ciller. Netvibes Netvibes est une alternative plus conviviale d’aspect pour réaliser sa revue de presse rapidement. Inconvénient : recherche moins fine puisqu’elle s’applique à l’ensemble de la page Netvibes. Jimdo, le plus simple.

4 Ways to Measure Social Media and Its Impact on Your Brand | So Do you know how social media is helping your business? Want to find out how Twitter, Facebook and other sites are impacting your brand awareness? The good news is social media has finally made it to the grand stage of “accountability.” A place where there are lots of people who want to measure it. The bad news is there isn’t a single clear-cut answer. However, with a few simple steps, you can build a measurement strategy that accomplishes your goals. Defining Terms To start, let’s agree that brand awareness is a measure of how recognizable your brand is to your target audience. Also, let’s agree that the measurements for social media aren’t all that different from how you’ve been measuring traditional media. With that understanding, let’s look at how you can level the playing field between your traditional media metrics and your social media metrics. #1: Measuring Social Media Exposure How many people could you have reached with your message? #2: Measuring Engagement #3: Measuring Influence

Tech giants poised to go M&A crazy Therese Poletti's Tech Tales By Therese Poletti, MarketWatch SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- It was as if an investment banker slipped some deal-making potion to technology executives last week, making them all crazy for M&A. The chief executives of long-time rivals IBM Corp. /quotes/zigman/230066/delayed/quotes/nls/ibm IBM -0.13% and Oracle Corp. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison told Reuters in a lengthy interview that the business software giant -- which just swallowed its first hardware company, Sun Microsystems Inc. -- will keep on buying in the hardware business. As cash piles are growing at many tech companies, the hefty balances in the coffers are probably acting more as a nudge than any potion from investment bankers. digits: Does Microsoft have a future in tablets? HP and other computer-makers are rethinking their ties to Microsoft as they plan a wave of new tablet devices similar in design to Apple's iPad. "Or, does H-P offer a counter to SAP and make a bid for Sybase?" /quotes/zigman/230066/delayed/quotes/nls/ibm

Why Impresarios (Not Algorithms) Will Rule Web Video According to a number of predictors, and my friends, 2011 is going to be the year of curated video. The old, algorithmic approach is out, and instead we'll see audiences flocking to videos selected for your viewing pleasure by friends (in the case of Facebook) and experts (maybe even from YouTube). Yes, it looks like "curation" is bound to be the first big buzzword of 2011. But when it comes to video, before there was curation there was programming. Take Fred Silverman, for example. Back when he was curating network TV, there were only three networks to watch. Even though many of the principals are similar, what worked for network TV won't drive web video to success. We're going to see a lot of blather over the next months about video curation, but remember that it's really just an extension of network programming. It's about the audience Silverman changed the face of Saturday morning programming by understanding, and super-serving, the kids. Fred Silverman's networks meant something.

How Three Organizers Are Making Social Media Day Happen The second annual Social Media Day, a worldwide celebration of the revolution of media becoming social, is in two weeks. It’s a day to connect not only through the instant, real-time communication tools we use online, but also in person. For this reason, we’re encouraging our Mashable readers to self-organize Social Media Day Meetups in their hometowns. As members of our Mashable community prepare to connect offline on June 30, we recognize that these Meetups will take many forms, depending on what works best for each community. Here’s a look at how a few Mashable fans are celebrating Social Media Day 2011. Phoenix, Arizona Desiree Ford of Phoenix, Arizona, is putting together a big blowout event to honor Social Media Day at District American Kitchen and Wine Bar. The idea is to keep it loose and have a fun, informal networking event. Paris, France Raleigh, North Carolina Not every Meetup needs to include drink specials and music, though. Worldwide How will you celebrate Social Media Day?

Sociétés : Les marques françaises prudentes sur Face Échanger beaucoup avec les internautes se révèle payant sur le réseau social, fort de plus de 15 millions de membres en France, révèle une étude de l'agence Performics. Plus de 15 millions d'internautes français sont membres du réseau social Facebook. Ils y consacrent en moyenne plus de trois heures par mois. Les marques ne peuvent donc pas passer à côté de ce nouveau média. Ainsi 70% des annonceurs sondés ont une page officielle sur Facebook. Le luxe en tête «C'est important, pour une marque, d'avoir une présence officielle afin de pouvoir s'exprimer», estime Maxime Baffert, directeur général adjoint de Performics. Grandes productrices de contenus, les marques de luxe semblent avoir une facilité à «nourrir» ainsi leur communauté. La majorité des annonceurs (35%) opte pour une animation hebdomadaire de leur page.

1,000 True Fans After 23,358 Submissions, Mediums Collide at YouTube’s Guggenheim Exhibit You are here: Home / After 23,358 Submissions, Mediums Collide at YouTube’s Guggenheim Exhibit NEW YORK (AP).- After 23,358 submissions and countless double-clicks, the results are in for YouTube’s “biennial of creative video.” On Thursday night, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and the Google Inc.-owned video website presented “YouTube Play,” an exhibit of 25 videos selected by a jury including the filmmaker Darren Aronofsky and the music group Animal Collective. The videos, which are gathered online at and will be on view at the Guggenheim through Sunday, display a curious collision of mediums. Videos are displayed on the exterior of the Solomon R. Though the exhibit can only be dwarfed by that endless, roaring stream, it still manages to convey the exciting artistic possibilities of online video — so often considered the domain of bedroom vloggers and kittens. Media reality takes a more ominous tone in “Auspice,” a video by Bryce Kretschmann of Newark, N.J.

10 Tips for Better Startup Marketing Scott Gerber is a serial entrepreneur, internationally syndicated columnist and TV host, and the founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council. He is also an active angel investor and author of the book Never Get a "Real" Job. Many aspiring entrepreneurs foolishly believe that all they need to do is sign up for a Twitter account, blog about special offers, and hand out a flashy looking brochure, whereupon leads will come pouring in. This couldn’t be further from the truth. These are unfortunate social media fantasies and free marketing delusions. In order for your business to avoid getting lost among the glut of content already clogging direct marketing channels, your promotions and tactics must be highly creative, contain a quality message and fit the audience you are targeting. I asked a panel of successful young entrepreneurs about the types of promotions they have used to build their companies' buzz and sales. 1. — Danny Wong, Blank Label Group, Inc. 2. — Steph Auteri, Word Nerd Pro 3. 4.

Organiser un Concours avec les Réseaux Sociaux Les concours existent depuis toujours, mais leur organisation pouvait être fastidieuse. L’arrivée des réseaux sociaux a complétement changé la donne. Avec un budget minime, voir nul, il est désormais possible de toucher un large public, et surtout de générer une viralité qui multipliera les résultats. Reste à connaitre les quelques clefs du succès qui permettront à votre concours de sortir du lot. Voici donc quelques conseils qui sauront j’espère vous inspirer pour, vous aussi, vous lancer: Pourquoi organiser un concours? C’est évidemment la première question à vous poser, car l’organisation même de votre concours en dépendra. Générer l’enthousiasme de vos clientsGénérer du traffic sur votre site webOptimiser votre référencementTravailler sur le branding de votre marqueAugmenter vos ventesAugmenter votre communautéEngager un échange avec vos prospects… À toujours garder en tête Comment mettre en place son concours et l’optimiser pour les réseaux sociaux? Sur le même sujet:

Tim Ferriss Scam! Practical Tactics for Dealing with Haters Brute force seldom works with haters. Redirection does. (Photo: Deadstar 2.0) I recently spent a week in Amsterdam enjoying bicycles, canals, Queensday, and… ahem… coffee shops. I also gave a short keynote at The NextWeb about how to deal with haters, protect yourself from (some) media, respond to FlipCams, and other personal branding self-defense 101. Think you have crazy people contacting you or commenting on your blog? It is possible to learn to love haters. I elaborated on a few points in an interview in the Netherlands with Amy-Mae Elliot, who originally posted them on Mashable in her piece Tim Ferriss: 7 Great Principles for Dealing with Haters: 1. Afterword One of my favorite authors, Nassim N. Robustness is when you care more about the few who like your work than the multitude who hates it (artists); fragility is when you care more about the few who hate your work than the multitude who loves it (politicians). Choose to be robust.

Content Curation: cómo filtrar el contenido de calidad en la web social Mucho se ha hablado ya del término de “content curation” entendido como la capacidad de filtrar y aportar valor a todo el contenido que nos llega cada día a través de las distintas plataformas sociales y medios de Internet. Sin duda, es algo más necesario que nunca y una labor crítica en el entorno empresarial, no sólo en Departamentos de Marketing, Comunicación o Publicidad, sino que lo es especialmente en áreas como Producto, Innovación, Atención al Cliente o Recursos Humanos. Su impacto va mucho más allá del contenido que podamos generar como compañía, contenido de calidad, valor e interés para las personas a las que queremos llegar, ya que es especialmente importante a la hora de filtrar el contenido que la empresa recibe del entorno social de la web. Dolors Reig, en su post “Content curator, Intermediario del conocimiento: nueva profesión para la web 3.0“, lo define de forma general como: Encontrar el mejor contenido.

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