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Creating A Successful Online Portfolio

Creating A Successful Online Portfolio
Advertisement Your portfolio is the showcase of your work, your skills and your potential for your future employers. The more time and effort you dedicate for a usable and nice-looking design, the higher are your chances for getting better account balance in the end of the month. Creating a successful portfolio is easier than you think. There are some common mistakes designers make in their portfolios. Pitfall #1: Obfuscation Clarity and focus should permeate your portfolio. Over at Copyblogger there is an article that covers a simple list of writing tips from the man known for cutting out the fluff from writing in the early twentieth century. 2The Portfolio of Evan Eckard53 is an example of a website that promotes the work from the first page and Gets to it quickly. In the article Creating The Perfect Portfolio4 author Collis Ta’eed offers portfolio advice from the perspective of a potential employer. Pitfall #2: Information Cramming Pitfall #3: Overdoing It Pitfall #4: Uncommon Navigation

Frequently Asked Questions This page contains answers to many frequently asked questions about the nonprofit sector. More detailed technical notes are also available in the KnowledgeBase. General Nonprofit Information What are nonprofit organizations? Formal organizations in the United States are typically thought about in three broad categories: Business and industry, or "for-profit" organizations Government, including state, local, and federal agencies that provide services and regulation Nonprofit organizations, that qualify for tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code because they are organized for the specific purposes stated in the Code. Although there are legal distinctions among nonprofit organizations and different reporting requirements, all are exempt from paying federal income taxes. Are all nonprofit organizations public charities? No. Public charities receive their tax-exemption under subsection (3) of Section 501(c). Other tax-exempt organizations and their 501(c) subsection include: Form 990.

Image Slicing in Photoshop CS3 | Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Tutorials | Layers Magazine: For Everything Adobe No doubt you’ve heard about image slicing, but do you know what it is and how it works? Image slicing is a technique for creating a web page (or a component of a web page, like a header or navigation menu) visually in Photoshop (Fireworks and Illustrator also allow you to slice images, too). But how does it work? Well, you’d first design a page in Photohsop exactly as you want it to look when it goes live on the web. Then you cut out all the page components—title bars, buttons, navigation menus, and so on—using Photoshop’s Slice tool. Then, when you save everything out, Photoshop saves each slice as an individual graphic, and (and this is the icing on the cake for the code-leary) all the necessary code will automatically be written as well. Finally, once everything’s saved out, you can pull everything into Dreamweaver and finish off your layouts with any necessary tweaks. Once your dimensions are set, it’s simply a matter of building your design. Slicing up your design is the fun part.

Futuro de la Universidad - UB 50 Beautiful And Creative Portfolio Designs Advertisement Design portfolios come in various forms. Traditionally, they have been print-based and something you would carry to a client pitch or meeting to showcase what you’ve done and how you did it. Today, many designers take advantage of the Internet to publish and showcase their work via their online portfolios. Having your work displayed online removes the geographical restraints that traditional portfolios impose on you. With many portfolios online, it’s often hard to stand out from the sea of competition out there. In this showcase, you’ll find a variety of beautiful, unique and highly creative portfolio designs. You may also want to take a look at the following related articles: Creating A Successful Online Portfolio1031 In this article, we review five pitfalls that commonly plague portfolio design. 50 Beautiful and Creative Portfolios Pikaboo2 This portfolio showcases a creative navigation scheme; use the scroll button on the mouse to navigate up and down the showcase.

Gallery | Your photos on your website La importancia del Retweet La importancia del Retweet (estudio) Una reciente investigación de Microsoft Research recuerda la importancia del retweet, una práctica común en Twitter pero – a menudo- “mal utilizada”. Según el estudio, las razones son: Se debe compartir el ‘gran’ dato para ayudar a la comunidad así como fomentar su conocimiento.Es una manera de hacer notar nuestra presencia hacia los demás. Si se trata de empresas, estos pueden ser posibles clientes.El retweet puede ser un ‘acto de amistad’. “No se puede tener éxito sin la ayuda de ‘amigos’”, aseguran. Por otro lado, el informe reúne algunas características del ‘retwiteo’: 18% contiene un hashtag.52% presenta una URL.11% tiene otro retweet (RT @ RT @ usuario1 usuario2 … mensaje).9% posee una respuesta a la persona retwitteada. El reporte recomienda que los retweets pueden prescindir de la puntuación mientras no se cambie el sentido del mensaje. Vía GovLoop Nota: Sigue a los investigadores (@redlog, @zephoria y @gilgul) en Twiter.

NRA Halts Sale of Ex-Members' Names Mar. 3, 1994 12:10 AM ET WASHINGTON (AP) _ The National Rifle Association, besieged by members angered to learn that the group was selling former members' names to anyone with the money to buy them, canceled the practice, effective immediately. Wednesday's action by NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre Jr. came a day after The Associated Press reported that the group had been selling lists of more than 697,000 former NRA members who had dropped out in the past four years. ''The privacy of our members is of paramount importance and outweighs the revenue benefit of renting the lists,'' LaPierre said, stressing that active NRA members' names have always been and will remain confidential. Robert Marcario, the NRA's managing director of membership, had said earlier: ''Our rule is, somebody gone for six months, they're fair game and we can sell their name.'' Many organizations sell membership lists, but the NRA promises to keep its members' names secret.

Ten Ton Books - Creatin' CSS Layouts In Dreamweaver Part 1 Today Finland officially becomes first nation to make broadband a legal right Starting today (July 1), every Finnish citizen now has a guaranteed legal right to a least a 1Mbps broadband connection, putting it on the same footing as other legal rights in the country such as healthcare and education. As we reported last year, Finland was the first nation in the world to pass this type of legislation, followed by Spain in November. The Finish government has promised guaranteed speeds of 100Mbps by 2015 for all of its citizens, and currently about 97% of Finns already have access to broadband connections. As our @Zee mentioned last year: “the fast growth of technology has led the European Commission to bring forward a review of the basic telecoms services Europeans can expect.” And as this blog points out: “This is no mean feat in a geographically challenging region, with a quarter of the country lying above the Arctic Circle. Finland’s communication minister Suvi Linden told the BBC that, “We considered the role of the internet in Finns everyday life.

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