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Creating A Successful Online Portfolio

Creating A Successful Online Portfolio
Advertisement Your portfolio is the showcase of your work, your skills and your potential for your future employers. The more time and effort you dedicate for a usable and nice-looking design, the higher are your chances for getting better account balance in the end of the month. So how can you make sure your portfolio is better than the portfolios of your competitors? How can you point employer’s attention to your works? Creating a successful portfolio is easier than you think. There are some common mistakes designers make in their portfolios. Pitfall #1: Obfuscation Clarity and focus should permeate your portfolio. Over at Copyblogger there is an article that covers a simple list of writing tips from the man known for cutting out the fluff from writing in the early twentieth century. 2The Portfolio of Evan Eckard53 is an example of a website that promotes the work from the first page and Gets to it quickly. Pitfall #2: Information Cramming Pitfall #3: Overdoing It 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

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My (Simple) Workflow To Design And Develop A Portfolio Website Please notice that this article is targeted at newcomers to the industry rather than seasoned designers and developers. The point of the article is to provide a general guide to building meaningful, future-friendly websites today, including strategies, techniques and tools that most Web designers are used to today. — Ed. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… a young designer embarked on an epic journey strewn with perilous layout challenges, constant procrastination, devious jQuery errors and deadly Internet Explorer bugs. It was a rite of passage that all designers must take in order to stand proud with their peers in this wide world we call the Web. Yes, I’m talking about creating your own portfolio website.

10 Solutions to Easily Create Your Online Portfolio You don’t have to be a coding nerd to be able to build your own online design portfolio. There’s a bunch of handy sites and communities out there that are allowing designers to showcase their work and flourish with with work requests. Here’s 10 solutions to easily create an online portfolio of your own, giving you the platform to showcase your work to the world. Krop Krop’s Creative Database is an hosted portfolio solution that allows you to spend your energy promoting your portfolio, not building it! How To Build a Stylish Portfolio Web Design Concept This tutorial covers part one of a multi-part series where we’ll go through the process of building a stylish design portfolio website. In this particular article we’ll create the visual concept and overall design concept in Photoshop, using various effects, blending modes and layer styles to create all the detailed elements of the design. The website we’ll be creating features a nice and clean layout and makes use of a contrasting header area to draw in the user.

50 Beautiful And Creative Portfolio Designs - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Design portfolios come in various forms. Traditionally, they have been print-based and something you would carry to a client pitch or meeting to showcase what you’ve done and how you did it. Today, many designers take advantage of the Internet to publish and showcase their work via their online portfolios. Frequently Asked Questions This page contains answers to many frequently asked questions about the nonprofit sector. More detailed technical notes are also available in the KnowledgeBase. General Nonprofit Information What are nonprofit organizations? Formal organizations in the United States are typically thought about in three broad categories: Business and industry, or "for-profit" organizations Government, including state, local, and federal agencies that provide services and regulation Nonprofit organizations, that qualify for tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code because they are organized for the specific purposes stated in the Code.

10 Steps To The Perfect Portfolio Website Advertisement You may have a personal portfolio website for a number of reasons. If you’re a freelancer, then you’d need one to showcase your work and allow people to contact you. ePortfolio Portal: Teaching The most prominent use of ePortfolios can be found in colleges of education. However, faculty from a variety of disciplines have discovered ePortfolios for effective teaching and learning. ePortfolios are also increasingly being utilized in general education required courses. ePortfolios can be catalysts for deeper teaching and learning experiences that may include formative and summative assessment practices, rubric-driven assignments, and the use of both peer and faculty reflection and feedback in a kind of scaffolding archive showing learning progress over time.

6 Steps To Creating A Knockout Online Portfolio As the Chief Designer of Behance, few people are better at identifying a great online portfolio than Matias Corea. While judging contests, looking for new talent, and conducting design research for Behance, he has reviewed thousands of creative portfolios on the web.To get some insight on what works (and what doesn’t!) when it comes to showcasing creative work online, I chatted with Matias about his observations and extracted six simple tips for building a knockout creative portfolio:1. Take a step back, and curate your best work. Take the time to look at all of your work and carefully choose the right pieces for your portfolio. “One piece of advice I got from my mentor was to always showcase the type of work you want to be doing in the future,” says Matias.

10 Characteristics of Excellent Portfolio Sites Recently we looked at the characteristics of effective blog theme design, and I’d like to take a similar look at the portfolio sites of freelance designers. A designer’s online portfolio is a critical part of the business, and in some cases the most valuable asset of the business. A good portfolio site is a constant lead-generation tool, but what is it specifically that makes a great portfolio site? 1. Clear Communication NRA Halts Sale of Ex-Members' Names Mar. 3, 1994 12:10 AM ET WASHINGTON (AP) _ The National Rifle Association, besieged by members angered to learn that the group was selling former members' names to anyone with the money to buy them, canceled the practice, effective immediately. Wednesday's action by NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre Jr. came a day after The Associated Press reported that the group had been selling lists of more than 697,000 former NRA members who had dropped out in the past four years.

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