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The Best Ways To Make Comic Strips Online I decided to create another quick “The Best…” list today rating sites that allow you to create online comic strips. These can be excellent opportunities for English Language Learners to be able to focus more time on developing language, writing, and storytelling skills instead of having to focus on creating drawings. Of course, I’m not denigrating the role of art in the classroom. It’s just that there are a number of online sites that make that part easier, and might make both writing and reading a little more engaging and attractive.

10+ No-Signup Collaboration Tools You Can Use in 10 Seconds What do you think of when you hear the word “collaboration”? Do you associate it with the frustrating clunkiness of trying to synchronize everyone’s work? Many collaboration tools require an account to even get started before you benefit from their collaboration features. That in itself negates the act of swift collaborating, with people coming from all ends of the spectrum to combine ideas, talent and work. Many believe that collaboration should be as “painless” as possible. We dug through the web with these simple guidelines in mind. Manifesto for the Content Curator Every hour thousands of new videos are uploaded online. Blog posts are written and published. Millions of tweets and other short messages are shared.

It’s Time for PechaKucha: Do it with Style “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”Michael Altshuler [Image credit: Greedy Pics] A 60-year-old woman was arrested after exceeding her allotted three minutes of speaking time at a California city council meeting. She had the whole 3 minutes for her speech, while I have just about 20 seconds to introduce my guest today – Tekhnologic. 99.9% of readers will now ask: Why 20 seconds?

Definizione di Content Curation Curation has always been an underrated form of creation. The Getty Center in Los Angeles is one of the most frequently visited museums in America – and started as a private art collection from one man (J. Paul Getty) who had a passion for art. Aside from a few well known examples like this one, however, the term curation has rarely been used outside of the world of art … until now. One of the hottest trends in social media right now is content curation – thanks in no small part to the leading efforts of several thought leaders actively promoting the idea. Joe Pulizzi is a “content marketing evangelist” who speaks and writes often about content marketing publishes a list of the best content marketing blogs across the web.

QR Codes in Education ? An innovative way The main purpose of this blog is to share how technology can be integrated with teaching and learning , making students more active in the process. Well, something which has been going on for a lot of mostly commercial and marketing uses is the QR code. The video below illustrates the QR Code experience : Have you ever heard about it ? Watch this quick video for an overview on the usages : Duolingo For Schools Opened Today – Here’s How It Works As I posted earlier this week (see Duolingo Takes Next Step To Conquer Language Learning World & Lets Teachers Create Virtual Classrooms), the super-popular Duolingo language-learning app unveiled its free Duolingo For Schools feature today. It looks impressive. It’s very easy to register as a teacher and create a class — in fact, it just took a few seconds. The only minor annoyance is that it appears you have to create a new username as a teacher — in other words, if you presently are registered on Duolingo, they won’t let you use that same username.

The Best Resources For Doing A “One-Sentence Project” One of the many great ideas that Daniel Pink has shared is having people come up with one sentence that they hope other people will use to describe them in the future. He writes about it in his books and in other writings, and I also discuss it in my new book. Students in two of my classes — one an ESL class and the other a mainstream ninth-grade English class — are doing it now and it’s going well. It’s a short and simple lesson that’s a good reflective exercise for students. I’ll be sharing a video of my ESL students sharing what they came up with and the posters they illustrated.

Web Application 1 As the web becomes more and more inundated with blogs, videos, tweets, status updates, news, articles, and countless other forms of content, “information overload” is something we all seem to suffer. It is becoming more difficult to weed through all the “stuff” out there and pluck out the best, most share-worthy tidbits of information, especially if your topic is niche. Let’s face it, Google definitely has its shortcomings when it comes to content curation and the more it tries to cater to all audiences, the less useful it becomes. Free online network to learn and practice languages Learn and practice any language online for free with real language partners! Your choice: text, audio, or video. Our growing community now represents 170 countries and 130 languages! Practice with as many partners as you want--online or offline. Anyone.

Librarians Blogging - Library 2.0 I believe in the power of the people. Not in a political way, because I'm not after your vote for anything. But in a social way that is changing how we find information and how marketers communicate with their customers. Technology is an enabler, but the real shift is in people collaborating and sharing an authentic voice.

Security & Privacy for Chrome Google’s Chrome Web Store hosts many extensions that can protect your security and privacy while using Chrome. Whether you want to block JavaScript, plug-ins, cookies and tracking scripts or force websites to encrypt your traffic, Chrome has an extension for you. We’ve written about security and privacy add-ons for Mozilla Firefox in the past, but Chrome’s add-on ecosystem has taken longer to mature.

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