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Curation and art

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Street Artist Posts Signs Across Country Reserving Vacant Lots for Trump Internment Camps. If this morning you happened across a sign warning of a Donald Trump-endorsed internment camp coming to a vacant lot near you, don't worry.

Street Artist Posts Signs Across Country Reserving Vacant Lots for Trump Internment Camps

The sign, of which there were several zip-tied to fences in cities across the United States, was the work of a street artist named Plastic Jesus. As of Monday afternoon, the president has not actually signed an executive order requiring the construction of immigrant camps; he has, however, signed a new version of his controversial travel ban. Related: Banksy opens 'Walled Off' hotel on separation barrier in Bethlehem "Lot reserved for: Future Internment Camp," the signs read, below which Plastic Jesus included a very official looking Trump signature and White House seal.

Try Newsweek for only $1.25 per week “What I’m trying to get across is the thought that with Trump’s recent policies we’re actually possibly not that far away from some kind of detention center purely for immigrants,” Plastic Jesus told the Boston Globe. The art of learning: Why art history might be the most important subject you could study today. We Americans tend to think of the British as infinitely more refined and cultivated than we are (despite the Brexit vote), but England almost eliminated art history as a field of study for high school students.

The art of learning: Why art history might be the most important subject you could study today

This would have cut it off at the knees and crippled it as a field of study altogether, because in the UK, high school students must choose their study subject when applying to university — if they’ve had no art history in high school, they are unlikely to choose it at uni. But after much protest from the liberal intellectual establishment, art history was “saved” and will stay on British curricula. If the cultured British nearly did away with art history, then what hope have we Americans? There has been much discussion of the advantages of humanities versus STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The Best Digital Podcast Recorders on the Market. The most basic thing you need for any podcast is a recording device.

The Best Digital Podcast Recorders on the Market

Pretty simply, to create an audio file, you need to be able to record your voice! Recording devices take many forms, from really basic dictaphones to full-quality professional audio recorders. Most simply, your computer can act as a recording device – it’s easily possible to record a regular podcast using no more than a laptop and its inbuilt microphone. But, when you start becoming a bit more professional, looking to improve both your sound and your workflow, a good digital recorder is a vital podcasting tool. Interview with Sophie Calle - The White ReviewThe White Review. Sophie Calle: stalker, stripper, sleeper, spy. One day, a journalist from Le Monde interviewed Sophie Calle.

Sophie Calle: stalker, stripper, sleeper, spy

He sat down in her studio and asked her her date of birth. She said: "October 9, 1953. " He said: "Go on. " So she did, the story of her life, right from the start. Interview: Sophie Calle. Picture this.

Interview: Sophie Calle

You're one of France's best-known living conceptual artists. You're 51 and visiting Berlin. Your mobile beeps, it's an email from your boyfriend. Artist Walead Beshty Shipped Glass Boxes Inside FedEx Boxes to Produce Shattered Sculptures. FedEx® Large Box ©2005 FEDEX 139751 REV 10/05 SSCC, Priority Overnight, Los Angeles-New York trk#795506878000, November 27-28, 2007 In this intriguing sculptural series spanning 2005 to 2014, LA-based artist Walead Beshty packaged his artworks in FedEx boxes and shipped them across the country to exhibitions and galleries.

Artist Walead Beshty Shipped Glass Boxes Inside FedEx Boxes to Produce Shattered Sculptures

But unlike most artists who utilize every bit of care to protect and pad their artwork from the inevitable rough handling of mail carriers, Beshty designed his pieces to break. For his famous FedEx works he constructed laminate glass objects that fit seamlessly within the dimensions of standard size shipping boxes. The Concerned Photographer. Brainard Carey. Praxis Center for Aesthetic Studies – The Art World Demystified: Professional development tools for artists. Cate Blanchett rewrites art history in 13 short films. Found Furniture Pulverized into Conceptual Art. BERLIN — What’s most striking about Daniel Turner’s Particle Processed Cafeteria at König Galerie is the sheer immensity of it.

Found Furniture Pulverized into Conceptual Art

The focal point of the exhibition is a rust-brown powder staining the gallery’s floor. It’s a pretty sizable stain, to say the least, yet the sense of scale Turner’s exhibition commands is something of a paradox. Located in a former church, the Gothic immensity of König Galerie’s St. Agnes wing precedes Turner’s work and will remain there after the show is taken down. Unleashing Dogs' Inner Spirits in Photographs of Their Shadows. Over the past two years, photographer Thomas Roma spent countless mornings running around Dyker Beach Dog Run in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, holding an eight-foot-long pole attached to a camera.

Unleashing Dogs' Inner Spirits in Photographs of Their Shadows

This contraption, which he’d rigged using supplies from Home Depot, allowed him to photograph the shadows of dogs from a bird’s-eye view. Nate DiMeo's The Memory Palace in Residence at the Met Museum. Nate DiMeo’s The Memory Palace podcast excels at transporting the listener to a historical place purely with sound.

Nate DiMeo's The Memory Palace in Residence at the Met Museum

As the MetLiveArts 2016-17 artist in residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, DiMeo is creating a series of 10 episodes. Each one offers site-specific experiences with the museum that consider how the objects, artists, curators, collectors, and even architecture of the place impact art history. “The mandate of the residency, and the opportunity of the residency, is to make art out of the art at the museum, to find ways to interpret and explore the collection,” DiMeo told Hyperallergic. “And one of the things that has always captured my imagination as someone attending the museum is the history of the museum itself.” 20-year-old drone photographer turns coastline into stunning art. Throw away your holiday snaps and deactivate your aspirational Pinterest boards, because Australian man Gabriel Scanu has shut down the photography game.

20-year-old drone photographer turns coastline into stunning art

The 20-year old uses drones to capture some of the most aerial photographs your eyes have ever clapped upon. Professional Performing Arts School: Home Page. How to Write An Effective Artist Statement. Like what you see, share it! It’s one of the most exciting and anticipated times in life when an artist finally goes pro. Having your work displayed in a gallery (or galleries) is the ultimate dream of most artists! However, it’s important that you write an artists’ statement if you really want to reach your ultimate level of success. When people look at and admire your work, they’re curious about the “real” person who’s behind it. Those who love art know that those who create these works are talented and creative – but they want to know more. Georgia O’Keeffe on Public Opinion and What It Means to Be an Artist, in a Letter to Sherwood Anderson.

Untitled. Here's Fidel Castro's Head Made of 3,000 Door Hinges. Yoan Capote: Collective Unconscious (installation view), Jack Shainman Gallery, May 28 –July 10, 2015. Courtesy of Jack Shainman Gallery, New York. YOAN CAPOTE - COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUS. Opening reception: Thursday, May 28th, from 6-8 PM at 513 West 20th Street and 524 West 24th Street. Standards and Guidelines. Adopted by the CAA Board of Directors in October 2000. GetArtUp. Instagram Photographers to Follow in All 50 States. From Maine to California and Florida to Alaska, more than 90 million Americans have joined Instagram since the photography site launched in 2010.

Nylon Rip Stop White. Photography Equipment: Building a Diffusion Panel : Building a Photography Diffusion Panel: Portable Version. Looking and Being Looked At in the New International Center of Photography. The exterior of the new International Center of Photography at 250 Bowery (photo © Saul Metnick, courtesy the International Center of Photography) Art School Creates a New Reality. MoMA PS1 : Exhibitions. Amazon. NSSE Report Builder. History%20of%20Student%20Affairs%20Workshop. Rethinking Student Affairs Practice: Patrick G. Love, Sandra M. Estanek: 9780787962142: Books. The Foundations of Student Affairs: A Guide to the Profession. Blake. StudentAffairsrole. 128118e. Principles of Good Practice for Student Affairs. Engages students in active learning.Helps students develop coherent values and ethical standards.Sets and communicates high expectations for student learning.Uses systematic inquiry to improve student and institutional performance.Uses resources effectively to achieve institutional missions and goals.Forges educational partnerships that advance student learning.Builds supportive and inclusive communities.

Introduction Today's context for higher education presents student affairs with many challenges. Among these are new technologies, changing student demographics, demands for greater accountability, concern about the increasing cost of higher education, and criticism of the moral and ethical climate on campuses. Institutions of higher learning are also influenced by social and political issues, including multiculturalism, personal responsibility, and equal opportunity. Our response to these challenges will shape our role in higher education. Contexts of Student Affairs Practice References. How the role of the curator has changed since the 1960s. A Natural History of Man: Reflections on Anthropology, Museums, and Science on JSTOR.

Curator. Curator responsibilities[edit] Is the Role of the Curator Evolving? Increasingly, the curatorial role is focused on audience engagement and collaboration, rather than specialized knowledge. RELATED THEMES : The role of the curator. Fowle Kate. Forbes Welcome.