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The Science Network YOVISTO - Academic Video Search The Story of Science: Power, Proof and Passion For thousands of years we have wrestled with the great questions of existence. Who are we? What is the world made of? How did we get here? The quest to answer these is the story of science. Each week, medical journalist Michael Mosley traces the often unpredictable path we have taken. It is a tale of courage and of fear, of hope and disaster, of persistence and success. This is the story of how history made science and how science made history, and how the ideas which emerged made the modern world. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Watch the full documentary now (playlist - )

Lalisio - The International Knowledge Network OSP Curriculum Curriculum Overview » home » Curriculum » Curriculum Overview Curriculum Curriculum Overview The Wigner function curricular package's splash screen showing the button navigation to the material in the package. The Open Source Physics project, with its wide variety of packages, libraries, programs, and files, is a large body of work useful for the study of computational physics. On this site you will find three different types of material suitable for teaching introductory to advanced physics: Program Archives, Package Archives, and Worksheets. Physlet Books The second edition to Physlet Physics, and Physlet Quantum Physics represents a major change in how the Physlet-based interactive materials are delivered to teachers and students alike. Single-Program Archives A Java application is a program that runs just like any other installed program. Package Archives For complete units of instruction on a given topic, we use packages for distribution. Worksheets OSP Examples

Green Energy TV - Green Videos and Green Tips for the Green Movement Gutenberg-Blog - alles rund um Drucken und Medien Documentary Heaven | Watch Free Documentaries Online Goodman's Classes Physics Friday 5/31 Robotic Bugs Students will build and analyze the circuits of robotic bugs Thursday 5/30 Wednesday 5/29 Tuesday 5/28 Application of Optics: Hubble Telescope- Video, notes and discussion over the repair of the Telescope. Monday 5/27 No School Friday 5/24 Thursday 5/23 Resonance Demo and Lab Wednesday 5/22 25-3 Wave superposition Tuesday 5/21 p401 1-20 Monday 5/20 Chapter 26 Mind map Friday 5/17 refraction and reflection Thursday 5/16 Wednesday 5/15 Wave Video (depending on Wednesday's schedule) Tuesday 5/14 Lab: Catch a wave-superposition (will post video and assignment page.) Monday 5/13 p 388 1-25 Friday 5/10 Catch a wave-superposition Thursday 5/9 Wednesday 5/8 Grandfather Clock- Period of a pendulum Tuesday 5/7 Tick Tock Pendulum Lab Monday 5/6 Chap 25 Concept Map Friday 5/3 Test over induction Thursday 5/2 Review Induction Alternative assignment: Read and watch the videos Link Wednesday 5/1 Complete Assignment from Tuesday Tuesday 4/30 Historical Electrical development assignment Monday 4/29 Friday 4/26

Web of Stories The Serving Library How do we access, share and preserve information in the modern age? As we increasingly depend on technology, specifically the World Wide Web, and shy away from traditional sources of information, what is to become of the library? The Serving Library provides an answer to what the library of the future could look like. Using three forms of publication – magazine (Bulletins of the Serving Library, formally Dot Dot Dot), exhibition and public talks programme – to educate, share and discuss information and ideas, The Serving Library offers a new structure for the traditional public library. At its heart The Serving Library is a publishing institution based around two physical collections - of objects (artworks, artefacts and other materials) and books. This final online strand of the project has been compared to an ‘engine room’, where the traditional act of borrowing occurs on the internet, where the Bulletins of The Serving Library are freely available to download as PDFs.

Top 10 Offbeat Documentaries - Top 10 Top 10 Offbeat Documentaries "I will die for these animals, I will die for these animals, I will die for these animals . . ." Legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog returns to his favorite theme, obsession, as he traces the story of Timothy Treadwell, an amateur naturalist who spent 13 summers among wild brown bears at Katmai National Park in Alaska. A surprisingly engrossing documentary about door-to-door Bible salesmen, Salesman was directed by the Maysles brothers, Albert and David. An Academy Award nominee for Best Documentary Feature (but don't let that scare you away), Murderball follows the U.S. quad rugby team as they prepare for the 2004 Paralympic Games. You See Me Laughin' explores the rundown juke joints of rural Mississippi as we get a rare opportunity to visit with the last of the true Delta bluesmen such as R.L. "I go for the lowest common denominator. "There's your dog; your dog's dead. As Crumb opens, R. © 2014 Shelf-Life Productions LLC

How to Put the Rigor in Project-Based Learning Tips from a one-time skeptic turned teacher-leader. A Whitfield Career Academy student (left) studies fingerprints as part of a forensic science project. Eric White (right), one of the Academy's teachers, enjoys a laugh during collaborative planning time with his colleagues. Credit: Grace Rubenstein It took some convincing. Here are White's top tips for implementing projects that engage and reward students while deepening their learning and enhancing their ability to retain valuable knowledge: CPR: Critique, Presentations, Reflections Critique: White and his teaching partner, Lindsey Ott, routinely pause in mid-project to allow time for four or five student-to-student critiques before they accept any student work. Design an Exciting Entry Activity White and Ott think of the introductory activity for each project as the key opportunity to capture students' interest and engage their passions. Craft a Strong Driving Question Be an Anthropologist Keep Tests in Their Place