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Mouvement Français pour un Revenu de Base

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Brazil: Will Citizen's Basic Income Ever Happen? “Imagine all the people, with a basic income to live” would probably have been a line in John Lennon’s immortal song, Imagine. Then again, maybe not. Words like income and basic are probably too prosaic to figure in the lyrics of a song like that. Yet, basic income for all is the stuff of the kind of dreams the song talks about, a dream that seems too impossible to make true. However, a basic minimum income for every human being is precisely what 71-year-old Leftist politician, economist and professor Senator Eduardo Matarazzo Suplicy, believes is possible given the economic prosperity the world is seeing. And he intends to start with making this a reality in Brazil.

About Basic Income About basic income | FAQs | History of Basic Income, Part One | History of Basic Income, Part Two Additional Information A basic income is an income unconditionally granted to all on an individual basis, without means test or work requirement. It is a form of minimum income guarantee that differs from those that now exist in various European countries in three important ways: What’s the Emotional Value of a Word? Assigning emotional values to words. Last month I wrote about Matthew Jockers’s research on the shapes of stories, which has since met with a welter of reactions within and without academe. His critics ask two questions, essentially: Is it really possible to assign every word a reliable emotional valence? And even if the answer is yes, can we really claim that all the plots in the history of literature take so few basic forms?

Public Software Group e. V. · LiquidFeedback LiquidFeedback is an open-source software, powering internet platforms for proposition development and decision making. LiquidFeedback is an independent open source project published under MIT license by the Public Software Group of Berlin, Germany. The developers of LiquidFeedback have joined together in the Interaktive Demokratie association to promote the use of electronic media for democratic processes. For general information about the software, visit Technical information and download below. Current version: LiquidFeedback 3.2

SWIFT is ready to implement sanctions against Iranian financial institutions Published on 17 Feb 2012 This article is also available in German A clear multi-lateral legal framework in relation to international financial sanctions against Iran is emerging. We understand that the European Union is now drafting new international sanctions regulations which directly affect the ability of EU based financial communication service providers (such as SWIFT) to provide their services to Iranian financial institutions subject to EU sanctions. Rupees in your pocket The village of Panthbadodiya lies 30km south of Indore, in Madhya Pradesh. Known as the “Heart of India”, this central state has the country’s highest levels of malnutrition and largest tribal population. The ethnic majority here are the Bhil: under the classification system inherited from the British administration they are an “aboriginal tribe”; under the Indian government’s policy of positive discrimination towards disadvantaged communities and castes a “scheduled tribe”. A group of Bhil women were gathered on mats before their mud and straw homes, built some distance from the other village houses. Mamatabai Punjraj told me the government had given her a bigha (about a quarter of a hectare) of land to farm. But a few months later she fell from a tree while collecting firewood and broke her left leg and hand.

The Town Where Everyone Got Free Money “Do we have to behave in particular ways to justify compassion and support?” Evelyn Forget, a Canadian social scientist who unearthed ​some of the findings of the Dauphin experiment, asked me rhetorically when I reached her by phone. “Or is simply human dignity enough?” Why Do Americans Stink at Math? Photo When Akihiko Takahashi was a junior in college in 1978, he was like most of the other students at his university in suburban Tokyo. He had a vague sense of wanting to accomplish something but no clue what that something should be. But that spring he met a man who would become his mentor, and this relationship set the course of his entire career. Takeshi Matsuyama was an elementary-school teacher, but like a small number of instructors in Japan, he taught not just young children but also college students who wanted to become teachers. At the university-affiliated elementary school where Matsuyama taught, he turned his classroom into a kind of laboratory, concocting and trying out new teaching ideas.

Halkevleri - Wikipedia Halkevleri (singular Halkevi literally meaning "people's houses", also translatable as "community centres") is the name of a Turkish state sponsored enlightenment project. Its history can be reviewed in three distinct eras; between 1932-1951 (1st era), 1963-1980 (2nd era) and after 1987 (3rd era). [1] Halkevleri in Mayday 2012 Background[edit] The Turkish Republic was proclaimed in 1923 after a series of costly wars involving the Ottoman Empire. The human loss was great, especially among the intellectuals.

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