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4 Great YouTube Channels That Provide Intelligent Content for Students April 5, 2015 For today’s post, we have curated for you 4 interesting YouTube channels to recommend to your students.These popular educational channels feature educative videos ideal for inclusion in classroom instruction. Students can use them independently to expand their knowledge and push the limits of their intellectual curiosity. The content shared on these channels is adequately challenging for students and will definitely benefit their cognitive growth and raise their critical awareness to a wide range of topical subjects. 1- Crash Course In this channel, teachers John and Hank Green provide some excellent video explanations and tutorials on a variety of topics related to World History, Biology, Literature, Ecology, Chemistry, and US History.

Early Childhood Education for Sustainability - Reflections from Downunder By Sue Elliott, Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Education, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne Campus, Australia By Sue Elliott, Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Education, AustralianCatholic University, Melbourne Campus, Australia This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the first early childhood education for sustainability (EfS) professional network established in Australia. It’s timely to reflect in this article on our early beginnings, paradigm shifts and current initiatives. This journey over twenty years may resonate with North American readers who have also been advocating for the inclusion of EfS in early childhood programs for many years.

Kindergarten worksheets - Printable Worksheets for Kindergarten Kids Language acquisition involves processes of scientific inquiry such as observation of data, classification and categorization, hypothesis formation and its verification. Our language worksheets not only promote these cognitive abilities in kids but also help in increasing their language proficiency and sensitivity. They stimulate the kid’s imagination and encourage creativity. Each kid varies in the level of comprehension and pace of learning. Meeting this requirement our worksheets give plenty of practice to each kid so that they read and write confidently and fluently.

Opensource Code For Augmented Reality Productions Augmented Reality is the name given to technology that integrates virtual data on real world in real time, using for it something technologic. We have some nice examples of uses on our blog. Some people call it "Reality Expanded," but the term "Augmented Reality" was the most famous and there is nothing to do about it. Let's call it "A.R." from now on, to save characters and save the nature and the world.

Buy Books for Exams, Books for Students IBPS exam books Disha Publication is an Online bookstore for Competitive Exam books which provides books for IIT-JEE preparation, AIEEE, PMT,AIPMT, SBI Bank PO, K 12 domain and much more. Students can find study material for exams through our online bookstore, buy books online through our online bookstore Disha Publication Like this: Like Loading... 10 Educational YouTube Channels Made for Marathoning What used to be a depository of cat videos and dimly-lit vlogs has quickly become the Internet giant of all kinds of video content. YouTube is now the go-to place for nearly any video you could want — and that makes it a wonderful educational resource. Whether you want to learn about sex, learn about STEM fields, learn about cars, or learn about photography, YouTube has you covered.

10 Ways To Guide Children Without Punishment "The reason a child will act unkindly or cause damage is always innocent. Sometimes she is playful and free spirited, and other times, when aggressive or angry she is unhappy or confused. The more disturbing the behaviour, the more the child is in pain and in need of your love and understanding. In other words, there is no such thing as bad behaviour in children. Instead there is a child who is doing the best she can and we don’t understand her.” – Naomi Aldort Parents are often surprised to hear that I don’t believe in most of what we think of as discipline (spankings, consequences, timeouts) because it keeps kids from becoming responsible, self-disciplined people.

Adventures KevinTMC on was about to play his first session of Hero Kids, and he asked for clarification of some of the game's rules. It strikes me that the clarification I provided there would also be useful here: "1) Split attacks: Is a player allowed to use both attacks against the same enemy?" Six Most Popular Posts in Educational Technology and mLearning for Last Week Hi everyone, this is Med wishing you all the best from Halifax in Canada. We have had a very sunny and warm weekend. I did some sightseeing driving around and the rest was preparing for my master thesis.

Department of School Education The Ministry of Human Resource Development in India is the guiding force of education which leads both primary and higher levels of education. Our current HRD Minister is Smriti Irani, the youngest ever to hold the office. In India, since 1985, the ministry of Human Resource Development has been working separately under two departments, one of which is Department of school Education and Literacy and the other one is Department of Higher Education. Department of School Education and Literacy ensures that every citizen gets The Fundamental right to education.

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