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Engineering The Perfect Fit

Engineering The Perfect Fit

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Virtual Fitting Room Integration with Ecommerce Site General information for the website: Website retails clothes and glasses Description of requirements/features: Hi, I'm interested in a) ballpark costs and b) timeframes for integrating a virtual fitting room (i.e. allows customers to upload images of their face to try on glasses or full body images to try on clothes). Examples can be found here: Glasses - Clothes - (see sample list) The site that I want to integrate this software is likely to be Magento. Guidebook Massachusetts, The people of Massachusetts have always stood up for their right to repair. In 2012, voters passed a law that ensured residents' right to repair their car wherever they wanted. Now, it's time to do the same for electronics. With the Digital Right to Repair Bill, H.3383, we have a chance to guarantee our right to repair electronics — like smartphones, computers, and even farm equipment.

The complete history of mannequins: Garbos, Twiggies, Barbies and beyond The shop window during the Second World War becomes subdued. Bright clothes are replaced with sombre expressions, evoking a sense of patriotic duty. Duty and rationing — MATERIALS: The wartime period sees material advancements; Wolf&Vine become the first company to create a completely plastic mannequin.

Retail technology vendor innovation: Each week Essential Retail focuses on the leading vendors in the retail technology space. We shine the spotlight on and its CEO and co-founder Heikki Haldre. What is London-headquartered is a virtual fitting room provider, integrating its technology into retailer's websites to offer consumers an opportunity to 'try on' clothing when shopping online. The company works with a number of retailers, including QVC, Hugo Boss, Thomas Pink and Henri Lloyd. At the start of September opened a sales office in California, US and Auckland in New Zealand, adding to its existing offices in New York, Paris and Munich and continuing the business's international growth strategy. One VPN To Rule Them All! June 18, 2014 | By Jean Taggart | | Share If you want to anonymize your traffic, one of the most common solutions available is to use a commercial VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. A VPN allows you to establish an encrypted tunnel over the Internet, and have your traffic exit out of a server on the VPN network. This exit point is usually configured to be in another country. Routing your traffic through such a service is what provides you with a certain level of privacy.

Eye on eCommerce: Stuart Simms, CEO, Essential eCommerce catches up with Stuart Simms, boss of virtual fitting room platform,, to talk about how the business has transformed into a data company. provides fashion retailers with a virtual fitting room to help online customers understand how different branded clothes will fit their body shapes. Customers enter their height, age and weight and from that data the algorithms are 80% accurate in determining the shopper's body shape and whether the clothes they are interested in buying will fit. If the customer chooses to share further measurements, the platform becomes more accurate. Creating a relationship with the consumer

Beyond the Rack "Thank you so much, I am very pleased with your service, and your customer service. I'm very happy with the way you handle issues. People always complain, but it's important to notice good actions. Just to let you know that I am a happy customer and that I am looking forward to ordering again.

8 Great Tools to Make You an Excel Expert Excel is a powerful tool for collecting and manipulating data. In the accounting world, spreadsheets are an everyday tool used to analyze financial data, review exports of inventory, or search for trends of accounts payable invoices. Whether you are a CPA, doing accounting for your business, managing your personal finances, or just keeping track of simple data, the more you know about using Excel, the easier your tasks will seem. Here are eight specific hacks users of Excel can master and use to their benefit. 1. Mobile game revenues will overtake console games in 2015. Here's why. © Time Inc. All rights reserved. is a part of the network of sites. Powered by VIP Luxury members-only business club Description Luxury Society is a private business network and online publication, a trusted place for all luxury industry professionals in the world to meet, connect, stay informed, showcase their work, find experts, share ideas, ask questions, find jobs and make business. In order to maintain a high-quality membership and ensure that our members are serious about doing business, there are only two ways to join Luxury Society.You must be either invited by an existing member or pay a one-time application fee. Only professionals with proven experience or expertise in the luxury industry will be accepted. Benefits

Rakuten Buys Virtual Fitting Room Startup Fits.Me In A Fashion Commerce Play Rakuten — Japan’s answer to Amazon with e-commerce operations and investments that stretch from digital media and e-commerce marketplaces through to social media and transport apps — is making another acquisition to expand its holdings, this time in the area of fashion. The company has acquired, a startup founded in Estonia and now headquartered in London that develops “virtual fitting rooms” — two-way technology that lets online buyers who can’t physically try something on better visualise how those items might fit them; and lets retailers collect more information about the preferences and interests of visitors to their sites (for the latter, think ad tech applied to fashion to improve personalization). Rakuten plans to run as a standalone business, where it will continue to develop its technology, grow its business and work with existing clients. The latter includes Thomas Pink, Hugo Boss and home shopping channel QVC. There was a reason for this.

Report: Mobile to become gaming's biggest market by 2015 A new report has named 2015 as the year in which the value of the mobile games market will exceed that of consoles, making it the industry's most lucrative sector. The Quarterly Global Games Market Update, from Newzoo, pins the total estimated value of mobile games at $25 billion for the year, a huge leap of 42 per cent from the total value in 2013. That rise, the company believes, is not only thanks to the sudden rush of revenues from vast developing markets like India, but also the continuing performance of markets like North America and Asia, which some had predicted to have reached saturation point. "With the public release of these new forecasts, Newzoo is deliberately countering the sentiment aired in recent months that the mobile gaming market is becoming saturated in mature Western markets, especially the US," said analyst Vincent van Deelen in a note accompanying the research.

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