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josheiten: Got a bit carried away with some homework for Jama Jurabaev’s wonderful LearnSquared course, Narrative Concept Art.More on [ArtStation] (via legendarylandscapes) evanpalmercomics: Continuing my Monster Manual series with the nasty reptilian dragon-worshiper, the Kobold. evanpalmercomics: Been thinking about doing a series of Monster Manual illustrations. me-za-me-ro: They have two personalities and both want to kill you. phobso: Sketch-concepts of demons, ‘’Demonslayer’’ comics vielmond: Not even Riful’s underworld is exempt from the city long standing bureaucratic tradition. (via goblincaves) anniemeiproject: Dont know what I was going for with the outfit…at least I drew something. (via ctchrysler)

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Painting sci-fi girls by Clonerh Kimura Clonerh Kimura's love of sci-fi, girls and guns fueled the inspiration behind his image, Journey. He guides us through his thought process, from the early stages to the finishing touches of his illustration... Sci-fi, girls and guns are just some of my inspirations. I'm a big fan of many things, but Japanese animé, comic books and sci-fi movies are my principal inspirations. Amazing pieces such as Akira, Ghost in the Shell, or, on a different note; Stars Wars, Aliens and Blade Runner have had a massive impact on my life.

Herpich(s) kingofooo: Walnuts & Rain - title carddesigned by Tom Herpichpainted by Nick Jenningspremieres Thursday, March 5th at 7:30/6:30c on Cartoon Network 4:40 pm • 27 February 2015 • 449 notes New Adventure Time, Walnuts & Rain- Thursday, March 5th, probably at 7, but maybe at 7:30, who knows!? After “The Visitor”, Steve and I took a little partnership detour to both do a board on our own.We’d each had an episode idea we’d been wanting to work on, and had both been mulling them over for so long that they’d gotten really fleshed out already in our heads- so it just made a lot of sense to finish them up ourselves.This one, “Walnuts & Rain” is mine.

ANEYEONI.COM SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2nd 2005 Too much news and projects ! I’m currently too busy to update my gallery but I’ve got tons of new pictures to show. My website even need a new complete lifting, with removal of a lot of old pictures. Realistic Looking Pokemon corycat90: Never posted these as their separate filesso why notI would post them as separate posts but I’d rather not do that to your dashes hahaa (via seraphile) 1/43 older »

Top 10 Essential Concept Art Books Email ‘King’ Concept by Felix Yoon from one of the best concept art books ever: ‘The Skillful Huntsman’ My favorite concept art books have two things in common: A realtime portrait - HUGE MAKING OF / TUTORIAL -BREAKDOWN--I started cleaning the raw data using the clay brush with alt pressed (zsub) and also using the Smoothing`s tweaked algorithm – Hold shift, click and hold with the pen, release shift, and then you go. This mainly smooth out the surface without changing the overall surface too much. This also removes all those stars and triangles points that you get using dynamesh. -I duplicate the head, set a morph target and then re-project all those raw details back. Art and Reference point The other day I came across this awesome program by accident (I don’t even remember what I was actually searching for, but on the several times I’ve looked for a program like this I’ve had no luck). It’s cool enough that I wanted to share it. It’s called DesignDoll (website here) and it’s a program that lets you shape and pose a human figure pretty much however you want.There’s a trial version with no expiration date that can be downloaded for free, as well as the “pro license” version priced at $79. I’ve only had the free version for two days so far, so I’m not an expert and I haven’t figured out all of the features yet, but I’ve got the basics down. The website’s tutorials are actually pretty helpful for the basics, as well.

Pinup Research & Development: Sensitivity Training "Babe Lab : Sensitivity Training" Sensitivity in art is vital, especially when women are involved. Join concept artist / pinup enthusiast Paul Richards and veteran model Stacy E. Walker as they guide you through the do's and don'ts of portraying the female form. Where January 26th, 7PM-11PMGnomon School of Visual Effects1015 N.

SPARTH I’m not very good at the whole store thing, same when it comes to prints. but there are still a few things you can find online really.first of, my Structura art book series is available on Amazon and DesignStudioPress. here’s a link to my author page. But for your information, the art of Halo 5 Art book will be available at the end of October when Halo 5 ships, and as you may already know, i have quite a few pieces visible in these pages. i also took a lot of time selecting the best pieces from the Halo 5 production from many great illustrators from 343 Industries, and the book is truly awesome. Here’s a page taken from the Amazon preview, here. finally, you can also find a lot of additional personal pieces in the Halo 4 Artbook from 2012, here: Awakening, The Art of Halo 4.

Crossing the uncanny valley WIP latest update : Quote: __________________________________________________ ______________________ So, this is gonna be sort of a making-of'ish, tutorial'ish thread on how to create an accurate face scan for anybody, basically all you need is a digital camera and internet connection. JohnKCurriculum: Character Design Character Design 1: The Character Design Fallacy Character Design 2: Primer Character Design 3: Layout Artist With Versatility, Conservatism, Style and Control Character Design 4 : Tex Avery .

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