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Effectuation: Comment les entrepreneurs pensent et agissent… vraiment

Effectuation: Comment les entrepreneurs pensent et agissent… vraiment

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What I learned bootstrapping a 6-figure business from school When I got to college three years ago I set two goals for myself. By the time I graduated I wanted to: Be well readLearn how to build a real software business By real business I meant a business that has paying customers from day one and that makes enough money every month that I could work on it full time when I graduated. Although I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself well-read (I don’t think that’s something to be achieved, just pursued) I can confidently cross goal number two off of my list: 5 patterns behind successful billion-dollar consumer Web companies There are five strategies, or patterns, that set apart leading internet startups – or the billion-dollar club companies – from all the rest. Emma Butin points them out and explains how we can implement them in our ventures Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Tim Geisert tells how to create a smarter workforce What's the corporate culture? Determining a company's culture brings its own set of challenges. An organization may hold a mistaken vision of its own culture; so communicating a more accurate picture is vital. Kenexa does this by combining its fact-based findings of corporate traits with a story-telling component that uses easy to recognize archetypes. As an example, Geisert cites the evaluation that was undertaken as IBM was acquiring Kenexa late in 2012.

How to Create "Out of Office" Auto Email Replies with OS X Mail Michael writes: It's summer and I'll be on vacation for a few weeks with no desire to keep up with my email inbox. How can I set up an "out of the office" automatic reply in Apple's Mail app so that my contacts know that I'm away and when to expect me back? Often in corporate environments a company’s email provider will offer this feature as a server setting. You want to do an action research thesis? Bass, M. (1985) Issues involved in relations between methodological rigour and reported outcomes in evaluations of organisation development. Journal of Applied Psychology, 6, 197-199. UQL Cent PER BF1.J55 Bawden, Richard (1991) Towards action researching systems. In O. Zuber-Skerrit, ed., Action research for change and development.

Search as a Service Pricing What is a Record? A record is a schema-less object you index and make searchable thanks to Algolia. It can contain an unlimited number of attributes (e.g. title of the object, description, category, price, popularity) as long as its total size does not exceed 10KB. To get an estimate of the total number of records you might need, we usually recommend to apply from a 1x up to a 5x ratio to your number of searchable objects, depending on the number of “sort by" strategies you want (e.g. price ascending/ descending, number of views ).

How a Decision Room Can Enable Change and Innovation One of the challenges leaders face in times of uncertainty and rapid change is helping senior managers to engage in bigger-picture thinking. To enable this process, a growing number of companies are creating “decision rooms” – dedicated areas that help them visualize challenges and opportunities from a number of perspectives and make better decisions. David Sibbett, in his new book, Visual Leaders: New Tools for Visioning, Management and Organizational Change, explains why a growing number of organizations are dedicating meeting space to creating visual environments called “decision rooms” that are designed to better support bigger-picture thinking and innovation. “Much of leadership is focused on guiding people to do things that will produce superior results for the organization,” he explains. “This is a process of maintaining the big picture… and then making astute choices of what to do next.

16 ultra-creative CVs / interactive résumés that catch the eye Pretty much everybody has created a CV / résumé at some stage in their life. As with most forms of content I think the key is to establish a tone of voice, and try to stand out from the surrounding noise. I always used to put ‘vinyl junkie’ in the ‘interests’ section on my CV, which always worked a treat in interviews regardless of the role. Funders and founders For all the hype that crowdfunding has caused, there are very few startups that have been crowfunded. Yet. The future is looking very good for crowdfunders.

Steven M. Muegge: Resources for students and practitioners: Business models [ Overview ] [ References ] [ Frameworks ] Overview There is a small but growing research literature on the business models of technology entrepreneurs. This website is a collection of resources for graduate students and others interesting in accessing this body of research. Why you should share your “secret” startup idea with anyone who will listen The best way to distinguish between an experienced entrepreneur and one making his first steps in the startup world is by watching his willingness to share his startup idea. When I was a student at the IDC Herzliya university , my partner Avi and I founded a mentorship program for startups. The aim of the program was to help young entrepreneurs by introducing them to the founders of successful companies.

How Companies Can Profit from a “Growth Mindset” To hear Carol Dweck discuss her work on individuals and growth mindset, visit the IdeaCast “The Right Mindset for Success.” Download this podcast When Carol Dweck was a graduate student, in the early 1970s, she began studying how children cope with failure—and she quickly realized that “cope” was the wrong word. “Some didn’t just cope—they relished it,” she says. “For some people, failure is the end of the world—but for others, it’s this exciting new opportunity.” Dweck, now a psychology professor at Stanford, spent the next several decades studying this dichotomy, which she originally described using the clunky academic monikers “fixed mindset entity theory” and “incremental theory.”