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LoL Pro - Pro League Of Legends Guides and Videos

LoL Pro - Pro League Of Legends Guides and Videos

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Apprenez à farm comme un Challenger ! Premièrement: pourquoi apprendre à mieux farm? Quelques éléments de réponse dans cet article. Statistique intéressante, quand vous pensez que vos 150 cs à 30 minutes sont bons, en réalité vous n’avez tué que 42% des minions qui sont passés sur votre lane (150 /355 = 42%). Cela veut dire qu’en tuant 5 minions par minute dans une partie de 30min vous récupérez moins de la moitié des golds que vous auriez pu.

CategoryReferenceGameArt This page contains links to game art in released games and kindly shared by artists for inspiration and education, occasionally with breakdowns and production insights. Aeon Flux (2005) Afterfall InSanity (2011) Age of Conan (2008) Allods Online (2010) Assasins Creed 4: Black Flag (2013) Article: Game Art Art Concerning Deus Ex: it often seems to use both a grand defining texture and a detail texture map, and it just looks especially funky on the screens. It's one of the few games that I've noticed utilising them, but that may be me. I suppose the game doesn't quite have the texture resolution to keep the effect from being a bit jarring, but it's still cool that you've got sharp texels even when standing right in front of something. Take a look at this screenshot, where it's obvious there are a seperate door and wood texture: Or the right side of this picture: (Taken from this review, which has more high-res pictures showing it.)

PSG Art tutorial Foreword I believe there is logic behind why a picture works or not. I also believe that humans are meat machines, and that one day computers will be able to emulate humans and what we do. Since logic can be formulated into rules, guidelines and theories, these can be shared. I will attempt to do so here. Note that I have just empirically deduced the theories I present here, and that I'm a highly fallible meat machine.

Prime Wars by 3DTotal Games We reached our funding target in just 10 days, super thanks to everyone! NEW STRETCH GOAL ANNOUNCED! If we can reach $16,000 by the end of the project every backer (over $20) will get an additional deck of different poker cards too!!

Top 5 Free Screen Recording Softwares For Windows Screen Recorders are handy tools used to record the computer’s screen, i.e., record the ongoing activities on the screen. Using these, you can record the screen as easily as you would take screenshots on your computer or record life’s best moments with a camera. These tools do provide live-capture enhancements, post-capture video editing options and more. Top 10 Video Apps for Windows Phone Top 10 Video Apps for Windows Phone Charlie Bowater It’s still a work in progress, but after being here for a year our office is no longer decorated like a nursery! WIN. #large Be right back, just reliving my youth! Well, my teenage years at least.

Men's Health Think big. Most adults would benefit from eating more than the recommended daily intake of 56 grams, says Donald Layman, Ph.D., a professor emeritus of nutrition at the University of Illinois. The benefit goes beyond muscles, he says: Protein dulls hunger and can help prevent obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. How much do you need? ZB Tiling Tut A wall with uniform bricks running along horizontal rows is a common asset that is easy to create. Creating nonuniform rough stones that stray away from the horizontal course, such as rubble masonry, is a more challenging matter. The amount of noodling required to make the rubble masonry wrap and tile seamlessly is enough to drive most artists mad.

Girlsfactory* Beautiful Girls love Sex. *NSFW Adults Only, (Since Nov 11, 2011) #All of the pictures are from web search. If you own any of the images that I posted here, please send a message and it will be removed promptly. Goldtatze Cat Heavens and Trees Are the Coolest Pet Products If you like your cats, you buy them collars and treats. If you love them, maybe you'll go the extra mile and buy a big kitty tree. But if you really love your cats (like, maybe a little too much) you can buy them a "cat heaven" from (which means "gold paw"). A "cat heaven" is exactly what it sounds like. The German company specializes in making very attractive kitty towers and walkways. It all started when craftsman and designer Stefan Hofman decided to make some walkways for his cat, Mowgli.

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