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Fantasy Premier League - The official fantasy football game of the Barclays Premier League

Fantasy Premier League - The official fantasy football game of the Barclays Premier League

Using the B2G desktop client - Mozilla The Firefox OS desktop client, also called the B2G desktop client, lets you run Gaia and Web apps in a Gecko-based environment somewhat similar to an actual device. It doesn't emulate device hardware, so it's not adequate for testing device APIs, and isn't a replacement for testing on actual hardware. However, it does have a several APIs enabled that aren't available on Firefox such as the Contacts and Settings APIs. It can therefore be useful during the development of your application, or while working on the Gaia user interface itself. Note: The easiest way to use the Firefox OS desktop client is to use the Firefox OS Simulator. Download nightly builds Just like Firefox Nightlies, the Firefox OS desktop client is automatically built every day from the latest source code. Be sure to install the application in a writeable location; the application needs to be able to update the included Gaia profile. Building the desktop client Downloading the code for the first time Updating the code or . .

High Resolution Widescreen Wallpapers StudentAmbassadors/Activities/Affiliates 1. Review the Contest Rules 2. Go to the Firefox Affiliates website 3. Follow these instructions to create a new banner: Category: Firefox for Desktop Pick a Banner: Student Ambassadors (please note only Student Ambassador banners will be eligible to win the monthly contest) Pick a Size: You can choose from either 250x300 pixels or 160x600 pixels Language: Currently the Student Ambassador Affiliate Buttons are only available in English 4. 5. 6. Here's how you edit your Firefox Club's wiki page: Go here: in the name of your Firefox Club and press 'Create or Edit' Under 'General Info', include the code of your Firefox Club's affiliates button Click 'Save Page' at the bottom of the form Please note that you do not need to include the entire code, only the five digits after "/banner/XXXXX." 7.

Blender Desh | 3D Video Tutorial in Bangla 21 Free UI Design Tools, Toolkits and Resources (Part 1) Don't Forget to participate in a contest where you can win an amazing e-Commerce template from TemplateMonster. Having a nice and complete set of web user interface always come in handy for a web designer in order to simplify and ease the design process. Designing user interface particularly in the initial stages is a difficult thing and UI design elements can come handy. This is first part of the series of posts where we are showcasing a compilation of some amazingly helpful UI Design Tools, Toolkits and Design Elements for the web designers that can make their designing process an easier task. We have already published a post about Free Web UI, Mobile UI, Wireframe Kits And Source Files For Designers and today’s collection will also definitely help you in learning new skills by discovering a new and perfect tool kit for your design project. You are welcome if you want to share more useful apps and resources for designers that our readers/viewers may like. Lumzy Mockingbird Dojo Mocklinkr

GUI Design Studio | Rapid UI Design and Software Prototyping - Caretta Software “As a User Experience Designer, I need to convince stakeholders that my designs will meet their requirements. With GUI Design Studio I was able to produce a pseudo functional prototype in a very short amount of time that showcased my designs and enabled stakeholders to see how those designs would fulfill their requirements. Caretta Software's very quick response to questions and feature requests was a major contribution to the success of my delivered solutions.” - Kevin Alderton User Experience Designer SAS Institute Inc. Ready to start prototyping? “In the last four weeks I've prepared a new rich GUI design for our Money S3 software – a classical ERP system for which we have 100,000+ customers. - Martin Cígler Cígler Software, a.s. “Using GUI Design Studio, I spend less than one hour prior to the meeting to get the forms ready. - Kelley Brigman Data Architect and Internal ToolsDevelopment Team Manager ProVation Medical

Modifying existing file content in Java Dare to be Digital | How to apply other countries | video games competition, design a video game, play games, Abertay University Dundee, Dare to be Digital If you are a team not from the UK or Japan, this page is for you. Basic facts: you can choose to be interviewed in the UK or through video conferencing once short-listed. You need to be a team of 5 containing a balance of art and programming students with a team member who will tackle the audio aspects of the game. You can still apply if your whole team is currently in their fourth year and will graduate in summer 2014. All teams will be hosted at The University of Abertay, Dundee in Scotland. Please note you cannot enter and take part in Dare if you have taken part before, this includes applicants who were successful in securing a place in the competition but who later withdrew from the competition either prior to its commencement or after it started. Once you have a complete team, complete the team application form on this site by the closing date set out on this site. If you have any queries check out the FAQs or if you can't find an answer contact

IRC How to use IRC to get connected with others in the Mozilla project is shown on this page. Also frequently used IRC channels with descriptions of their general purpose are listed. And some instructions for the non-technical folks on how they can join an IRC chat are given. Getting Started IRC stands for "Internet Relay Chat". Mozilla runs an IRC server to host channels for discussion of topics related to the Mozilla project. Community Participation Guidelines The heart of Mozilla is people. Despite our very best efforts, occasionally people do experience behaviors in IRC that are not inline with our Community Participation Guidelines. Pick an IRC client There are several ways to participate in IRC and here are a some common options. Mibbit: web-based chat client. See also Comparison of IRC clients at Wikipedia. Connect to the Mozilla IRC server The Mozilla IRC server settings are: Mibbit Colloquy Set up a connection as per the screenshot and hit 'connect': Chatzilla Andchat Nicknames Set your nickname