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Advancing the Chemical Sciences

All Nobel Prizes in Chemistry The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2002 "for the development of methods for identification and structure analyses of biological macromolecules" John B. Fenn and Koichi Tanaka "for their development of soft desorption ionisation methods for mass spectrometric analyses of biological macromolecules" Kurt Wüthrich Practical Physics This website is for teachers of physics in schools and colleges. It is a collection of experiments that demonstrate a wide range of physical concepts and processes. Some of the experiments can be used as starting-points for investigations or for enhancement activities. Teachers TV - Schools Skip to main content GOV.UK uses cookies to make the site simpler. Find out more about cookies

The Elements Revealed: An Interactive Periodic Table In the October 2011 issue of Scientific American, we celebrate the International Year of Chemistry. Learn more about its impact on our daily lives in our Special Report. UPDATED: 06/18/2013 In honor of the 2013 Lindau meeting, which focuses on chemistry, we have updated our interactive periodic table with links to Nature Chemistry's In Your Element essay series. Each essay tells the story of a particular element, often describing its discovery, history and eventual uses.

WWW Chemistry Resources WWW Chemistry Resources Please note that the new Virtual Library: Chemistry site is located at WWW Chemistry Sites The Cell: A Learning Tool This interactive learning tool was developed to help middle school students attain a greater understanding of the cell, cell organelles and their functions, and to improve retention of scientific knowledge in preparation for the State of California Standards exams in life science. Onscreen and off screen ("hands on") activities are provided in this learning tool on the cell. Off screen activities include printing outlines of the animal cell, which the students cut out, color, assemble, and label. Onscreen activities include an interactive exploration of the animal and plant cells and a quiz. Bestsellers Bestsellers The books below are a selection of the bestselling titles available from ASE Publications, for the full selection of titles in the ASE Bookshop click here. ASE members enjoy significantly lower prices for all ASE Publications! Analysing Practical Science Activities to Assess and Improve their Effectiveness This booklet presents a method for analysing practical activities to provide a clear description of their principal features.

Časopis Pedagogika ISSN 0031-3815 (Print), ISSN 2336-2189 (Online) The main aim of this monothematic volume is to contribute to the field by offering from different perspectives and different contexts a wide spectrum of topics related to the application of digital technology in learning, in teaching and, generally, in education in advanced societies. We would like to mediate the latest knowledge and findings of pedagogy and psychology about the impact of digital technology on forming cognitive processes of pupils and to point out on methodical, instructional, pedagogical and organisational aspects of education using digital technology. Qualitative systematic reviews, research studies, comparative studies, critical review, meta-analysis or mixed-mode studies and reviews that are not focused only on positive experiences with digital technology, but that also indicate their limitations, risks and negative aspects or consequences are welcome.