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Das prometheus-Bildarchiv: Hochwertige Bilder zu Kunst, Kultur und Geschichte

Das prometheus-Bildarchiv: Hochwertige Bilder zu Kunst, Kultur und Geschichte
In prometheus you will find 1,150,123 high-quality digitized images from the fields of arts, culture and history. prometheus is a distributed digital image archive that currently connects 78 databases from institutes, research facilities and museums on a common user interface. Situated at the Institute of Art History of the University of Cologne, prometheus is supported by the non-profit association prometheus e.V. which promotes the ongoing developments of the digital media for science and research. Image series of the week Andreas Schlüter Baroque Berlin – He was a multifaceted artist, court sculptor and castle builder and … | more...

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Hauptseite Cancel Edit Delete Preview revert Text of the note (may include Wiki markup) Could not save your note (edit conflict or other problem). Please copy the text in the edit box below and insert it manually by editing this page. OxLIP+ - Find Database New Resources and Trials Statistics South Africa Open data portal maintained by the government of South Africa to produce and co-ordinate statistics on its economy and citizens and to assist in evidence-based policy making. Data and publications based on a variety of census and survey sources are available and may be searched according to key themes, locations and indicators.

Search the British Museum collection database online Registration numbers The most common type of Museum number begins with the year of acquisition. The database standardises these numbers in the form, for example: 1887,0708.2427 (year: comma: block of four numbers - usually representing a month and day: full-stop and final number). The final number can be of any length and may be followed by another full-stop and a sub-number. Links ~ Digital Miscellanies Index Our Project and Partners Digital Miscellanies Index Verse Miscellanies Online Humanities Humanities Art Design Digital Humanities Disability Studies Drama ullstein bild - Picture library documenting the present and the past Grossglockner High Alpine Road The Grossglockner High Alpine Road is the highest surfaced mountain pass road in Austria. It connects Bruck in the state of Salzburg with Heiligenblut in Carinthia via Fuscher Törl and Hochtor Pass at 2,504 m (8,215 ft). The road is named after the Grossglockner, Austria's highest mountain, and was opened on 3 August 1935.

Data repositories - Open Access Directory From Open Access Directory This list is part of the Open Access Directory. This is a list of repositories and databases for open data. Please annotate the entries to indicate the hosting organization, scope, licensing, and usage restrictions (if any). If a repository is open in some respects but not others, please include it with an annotation rather than exclude it. If you're not sure whether a given dataset or data collection is open, post your query to Is It Open Data? A List of +2600 Open Data Portals around the World Where can I find clean and usable data? But the truth is, some Open Data portals can be hard to come by. We decided to put together a resource that would be truly useful for all the data geeks out there (and we know we are plenty ).

dhresourcesforprojectbuilding [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Data Collections and Datasets Guides to Digital Humanities | Tutorials | Tools | Examples | Data Collections & Datasets ● Demo Corpora (Small to moderate-sized text collections for teaching, text-analysis workshops, etc.) ● Quick Start (Common text analysis tools & resources to get instructors and students started quickly)

HISCO - History of Work Central to social, economic and labour history is the world of work, as known by occupational activities and titles. Yet research, especially comparative research, is severely hampered by confusion regarding occupational terminology across time and space, within as well as between languages.This project aims at creating an occupational information system that is both international and historical, and simultaneously links to existing classifications used for present-day conditions. The information system will make available on the Web (link is external)a historical international classification of occupations (HISCO) combined with information on their tasks and duties in historical settings as well as images on the history of work. Starting in the 1950s the International Labour Office has developed an International Standard Classification of Occupations (isco) allowing classification of occupational activities worldwide. Why the Work on HISCO started

DBpedia datasets The DBpedia data set uses a large multi-domain ontology which has been derived from Wikipedia as well as localized versions of DBpedia in more than 100 languages. 1 Background Wikipedia has grown into one of the central knowledge sources of mankind and is maintained by thousands of contributors. Wikipedia articles consist mostly of free text, but also contain different types of structured information, such as infobox templates, categorisation information, images, geo-coordinates, and links to external Web pages. About the History Data Service Collection About the History Data Service Collection The History Data Service data collection brings together over 650 separate studies transcribed, scanned or compiled from historical sources. The studies cover a wide range of historical topics, from the seventh century to the twentieth century. Although the primary focus of the collection is on the United Kingdom, it also includes a significant body of cross-national and international data collections.

Rundata - Wikipedia History[edit] The origin of the Rundata project was a 1986 database of Swedish inscriptions at Uppsala University for use in the Scandinavian Languages Department.[2] At a seminar in 1990 it was proposed to expand the database to cover all Nordic runic inscriptions, but funding for the project was not available until a grant was received in 1992 from the Axel och Margaret Ax:son Johnsons foundation.[2] The project officially started on January 1, 1993 at Uppsala University. After 1997, the project was no longer funded and work continued on a voluntary basis outside of normal work-hours.[2] In the current edition, published on December 3, 2008, there are over 6500 inscriptions in the database.[2]

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prometheus is a digital image archive for Art and Cultural Sciences. Research in 67 art historian, design, architectural, theological, historian and archaeological image databases with 928,654 images in total by augustins Oct 12