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Quipsologies • Quipsologies, is a division of UnderConsideration, chronicling the most curious, creative, and notable projects, stories, and events of the graphic design industry on a daily basis. • Quipsologies uses TypeKit to render P22 Underground, Skolar Web by TypeTogether, and Coquette by Mark Simonson. • Quipsologies is run with Six Apart’s MovableType 6.3.2

Clever Illustrations: Copywriter vs. Art Director The Machine Ready for a set of clever illustrations? Like that funny series Paris vs. New York, Copywriter vs. Art Director pits two similar but quite opposing subjects together in a quick and witty way. How to Draw Eyes For a video version of this tutorial visit This tutorial is a continuation of How to Draw the Head from Any Angle. I will go over the structure of the eye and detailed information on drawing the brow ridge, eyeball, eyelids, eyelashes, iris, cornea, and pupil. The Basic Forms The Eyeball

Gliffy Online Create and Share Flow Charts, Diagrams, and More With Gliffy online diagramming software, you can easily create professional-looking flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, technical drawings, and more! Research verifies the power of graphic organizers in promoting strong thinking skills and comprehension for all ages. Gliffy is a FREE online tool for creating graphic organizers without purchasing ANY software. The free use is limited to 5 "maps," however, so you will have to delete old projects. Individuals or groups can create the organizers or the class can create them together, such as in a brainstorming session on a projector. You can export the graphic organizers to a blog or "publish" them on the web -- all for free. tag(s): graphic organizers (44)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Puts 400,000 High-Res Images Online & Makes Them Free to Use On Friday, The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced that "more than 400,000 high-resolution digital images of public domain works in the Museum’s world-renowned collection may be downloaded directly from the Museum’s website for non-commercial use." Even better, the images can be used at no charge (and without getting permission from the museum). In making this announcement, the Met joined other world-class museums in putting put large troves of digital art online. Witness the 87,000 images from the Getty in L.A., the 125,000 Dutch masterpieces from the Rijksmuseum, the 35,000 artistic images from the National Gallery, and the 57,000 works of art on Google Art Project. The Met's online initiative is dubbed "Open Access for Scholarly Content," and, while surfing the Met's digital collections, you'll know if a particular work is free to download if it bears the "OASC" acronym. In an FAQ, the Met provides simple instructions on how to figure that all out.

Stunning Collection of Abstract Art Paintings Top Home » Illustration • Inspiration » Stunning Collection of Abstract Art Paintings Abstract art is an interesting form of art that makes use of visual language of form, color and line. Portraits Of Iconic Musicians Printed on Vinyl Records I’m digging these portraits of iconic musicians made from reclaimed vinyl records. Los Angeles based artists Kaylee Carrington and Donny Phillips created these create unique and collectable works of art. You can purchase the portraits from Music Heads Etsy shop for $49.99 or £32.20. My favourite is Morrissey – The Smiths. Carrington said:

How to Draw Lips For a video version of this tutorial visit This tutorial is a continuation of How to Draw the Head from Any Angle. I will cover the basic forms of the mouth, some anatomical information, and the key information about the minor planes. At the end, I will show a step by step drawing of the lips.

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