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PVC Pipe Organ Medley

PVC Pipe Organ Medley

POV.HD camera review It's time for another new entrant into the increasingly crowded pov camera fray, a high-end selection for current or budding professionals -- or well-heeled amateurs. It's the POV.HD from V.I.O. and, if you hadn't guessed, it shoots footage in high definition. Properly high as it were, up to 1080p30, though it'll happily make stops at 720p30, 720p60, and even a tasty 1080p24 along the way. See all photos 37 Photos Hardware The POV.HD features a rather different design than other cameras like the GoPro HD Hero and the Contour GPS. It's powered by four whole AA batteries that fit in there too, hiding behind a somewhat clumsy to remove door on the back. The whole assembly is impressively durable feeling and waterproof, but it's also rather bulky. Exposure settings are just one of the many options you can tweak through the menu, including recording resolution, recording quality, volume levels, and even what file format to encode the footage in. Testing Wrap-up Is the POV.HD for you? Pros Cons

In Practice: David Byrne And St. Vincent Table Connect for iPhone Eleanor Rigby vs. Psycho Connected by Strings Revolver (album) [“Eleanor Rigby”] George Martin used to claim that his composition was inspired by the Bernard Herrmann score for François Truffaut's film Fahrenheit 451, however this is not possible because the film had not yet been released. The writers of the book Recording The Beatles theorized that Martin was probably referring to the score from Psycho, which was also scored by Herrmann. Martin has since altered his telling of the story and agrees that he was probably thinking of the score to Psycho. The strings were recorded without reverberation, and compressed, giving a stark, urgent sound. For 35 years I’ve listened to the wonderful song that became (at least in some small and probably unconscious way) part of the inspiration for my daughter's first name.

Father and Son Launch iPhone Into Outer Space This breathtaking video documents Brooklyn-based cinematographer Luke Geissbuhler's quest with his son to launch an iPhone 4 and an HD video camera into space using a weather balloon. The mission was a success, and the footage is absolutely gorgeous. Geussbuhler launched the balloon from Newburgh, New York, and it climbed at a rate of 25 feet per second to 19 miles above the surface of the earth just an hour later. The balloon burst and the package containing the iPhone and the camera fell back to the ground on a parachute. The father-son team tracked the package using the iPhone's GPS (go MobileMe!) Geissbuhler posted a beautiful slideshow of space images taken by the craft to his website, the Brooklyn Space Program. Image courtesy of Brooklyn Space Program, Luke Geissbuhler [Via NYMag]

Scientists discover most relaxing tune ever - Music A British band and a group of scientists have made the most relaxing tune in the history of man, an Mp3 of which is at the bottom of this article. Sound therapists and Manchester band Marconi Union compiled the song. Scientists played it to 40 women and found it to be more effective at helping them relax than songs by Enya, Mozart and Coldplay. Weightless works by using specific rhythms, tones, frequencies and intervals to relax the listener. Dr David Lewis, one of the UK’s leading stress specialists said: “‘Weightless’ induced the greatest relaxation – higher than any of the other music tested. The study - commissioned by bubble bath and shower gel firm Radox Spa - found the song was even more relaxing than a massage, walk or cup of tea. The top 10 most relaxing tunes were: 1. Listen to it on Soundcloud here. Image: Rex Tags: Music

Video: NYC Band Replaces Stolen Instruments With iPhones :: App Advice I used to manage an indie rock band back in the day, and having our instruments break down or even stolen was definitely a huge concern. With technological progress, and especially the iDevice revolution, it seems like this is not much of a big deal anymore. Indeed, after a New York City band, Atomic Tom, (spotted by 9to5mac) had their instruments stolen, the band realized they could just as well replace them with iPhones. They gave the idea a try on the subway, and you must admit the result is actually quite amazing. Seeing how skilled they are, I have a feeling they’ve been experimenting with this for a little while.