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44 essential digital camera tips and tricks

44 essential digital camera tips and tricks
Our collection of top digital camera tips and essential photography advice will have you improving your photos in no time. Culled from experts and photographers who have been taking pictures for quite some time, they all agree that these 44 camera tips are essential knowledge for honing your craft. So feast your eyes below, check out some of our best photography tips on everything from setting up your digital camera to honing your photo composition, and by the end you will learn the secrets and shortcuts to getting high-quality pictures every time. Digital Camera Tips: 01 Always reset camera settings There are few things worse than taking what you think is a stunning picture, only to find your camera’s ISO and saturation were cranked right up from a previous shoot and you’ve missed the moment. Avoid this by checking – and resetting – all of your settings before moving from one picture-taking opportunity to the next (find out The right way to set up your camera).

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Best camera settings for sunsets (free photography cheat sheet) The key to choosing the best camera settings for sunsets is to make sure you capture the sunset’s colours as they are, not how the camera ‘thinks’ they should be. You might also need to adjust the exposure settings to suit the conditions, too, because in extreme lighting situations the camera might not interpret the scene in the way you expect. In our photography cheat sheet below we’ve provided some of the best camera settings for sunsets. Use these as a starting point and then let your creativity take over! Image by Chris Rutter It’s hard to resist the colours at sunset, but watch your exposure to make the most of them.

4 Tips for Photographing Bugs and Insects Sometimes the most interesting things to photograph are right under your nose, even though you might have to look a little harder to see them. Bugs, insects, and other creepy crawlies might not seem like compelling subjects, but if you take a bit of time to examine the smaller creatures who inhabit the world around us, you might not only come away with new and exciting photographic opportunities but a renewed sense of wonder and admiration for the beauty of creation. If you have never tried this type of photography before, you can get started right away without any special equipment and these tips for photographing bugs might give you a few ideas to try out along the way.

10 Tips to better outdoor portraits 1. Capture candid moments: Candid photography is about capturing spontaneous moments, it’s not posed, not forced, and it’s un-obtrusive. The aim here is to show life as it’s happening. 10 Photography tips to help edit your pictures! - I Heart Nap Time Welcome! If you missed the beginning of this Photography series start with the posts below (click the links): For a long while there, I was obsessed with scrapbooking. I loved adding all of the embellishments, using fancy scissors on the patterned papers, being over run with ridiculous amount of ribbon and adhesives, and having a lasting document to chronical what I valued as our most important family moments. Although I still love scrapbooking, I’ve come to a pretty epic revelation: I was so focused on the stuff around the pictures that I failed to take great pictures that I wanted to remember. I’ve rounded up 10 of the best photography tips that I’ve found around the internet that will help you from starting to take awesome pictures all the way to how to edit them in Photoshop.

photography cheat sheet - Digital Camera World In this quick tutorial we’ll show you how to choose the right AF points and weigh the pros and cons of single point vs area selection. Many people dream of turning their passion for photography into a full-time job, and in his brilliant infographic professional photographer Robert Sail guides you through some of the key steps and lessons you’ll learn from newbie to pro. Often we talk about the reasons why you should upgrade your camera, but rarely do we examine the reasons why you shouldn’t buy a new camera. Here is our checklist of 9 danger signs that you may not like a camera. What is TTL flash?

4 Secrets for How to Get Tack Sharp Photos We’ve all been here before. You get home from an afternoon with your kids in the park, at the ball game, or even a formal photo session only to load your pictures on the computer and realize that many of them are fuzzy, blurry, or just plain out of focus. It’s a problem that has plagued photographers for years. How to Get the Perfect Exposure Using Your SLR Digital Photography Camera's Histogram Edit Article Edited by Robert Benson, Teresa, Flickety, Maluniu and 4 others The most important tool in digital photography besides the camera - the histogram! Learning to expose photos properly can be a headache for new photographers. If you are relatively new, you are probably using your camera's automatic functions to shoot most of your images.

Best Digital SLR Camera Settings - What do I set my camera to? Now you've bought a great new digital SLR camera, what are the best settings? Surely it will work straight out of the box? Sorry, most will give you unsharp slightly overexposed pictures if you just turn them on and shoot. Welcome to the one page they all missed from the manual. Use these settings and you'll be OK until you really get the hang of it. Basics : Stage 1 8 Awesome YouTube Tutorials Every Photographer Should See Jimmy Mcintyre is a travel photographer, educator, and 500px ISO contributor. His photos have been published in local and national magazines, including the BBC. His online courses on digital blending and post-processing can be found on his official website. The Internet is awash in photography tutorials, some of which can truly revolutionize your photography.

Expert guide to manual focus photography Despite autofocus technologies, manual focus remains an important feature in photography. Matt Golowczynski looks at how best to use this tool Nowadays, it seems like almost every new camera arrives with the promise of the world’s fastest autofocus for its class, which is understandable given how critical this feature is to a camera’s overall performance.

10 Street Photography Tips from an Anonymous Street Photographer I recently got these 10 street photography tips from an anonymous street photographer who wanted to share this information with you. I found these tips to be very insightful, and I hope you will too! Keep reading more to learn about all the goodness. 1.