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Hdr. Use Lightroom or Camera Raw to Create Natural 32 bit HDR Images. Strobist video: Portraits with Helios 40-2 Lens in the Japanese Red Leaves / 紅葉 で ポートレート ストロボ使用. PHOTOSHOOT using Manual focus on the SONY A7RII paired with the HELIOS 58mm F2. Mouse. Architecture. Cityscape. Tilt/Shift. 500px ISO » Beautiful Photography, Incredible Stories…6 Photography Tips for Making Puddles Look Epic - 500px ISO. Spring is in full swing, which means it’s time to dust off your camera and head back outdoors.

500px ISO » Beautiful Photography, Incredible Stories…6 Photography Tips for Making Puddles Look Epic - 500px ISO


Why You Need A Reflector For Shooting Better Portraits. It's Amazing What A Simple Piece Of Inexpensive Gear Can Do For you!

Why You Need A Reflector For Shooting Better Portraits

Something that any long-suffering photographer will notice about their development within the craft is that overall growth is generally steady and subtle, but it is occasionally marked by moments of seismic revelation. Alex Wise Photography. My name is Alex and I’m photographer originally from Tasmania, a beautiful and diverse island off mainland Australia.

Alex Wise Photography

When I’m not working my regular day job, I’m out exploring locations around my new home, Melbourne, Australia a stunning city that is home to some equally stunning landscape and seascape locations. This blog provides a log of my trips around Victoria (and occasionally returning home to Tasmania) and photography tutorials when I can.


NightScape. Light. How to Make a Scene Shot During the Day Look Like Night. Want more Useful Photography Tips?

How to Make a Scene Shot During the Day Look Like Night

Click here. Western Digital Password Pro. Interior Photography. Camera accessories -bag, -backpack, -go pro, -gopro. Adobe Tip: What’s New in Adobe Camera Raw 9.9. Amateur Photographer of the Year 2017. In association with Sigma’s mission is to provide exceptional products at an affordable price.

Amateur Photographer of the Year 2017

All Sigma products are manufactured exclusively by Sigma in the company’s own dedicated factory in Aizu, Japan. APOY.


Learn From the Masters of Photography Zip File. Dear friends, If you want inspiration from the masters of photography, I compiled the following 178MB .zip file for you: It includes: You can also see the books on Google Drive Learn more from the masters of photography >

Learn From the Masters of Photography Zip File

Plants. Landscape Tips. German Photographer Captures Beauty of Colorful World Around us as "Grey Matters" About the Talented Tom Jacobi Tom Jacobi was born in 1956 in Bonn (Germany) and started photographing when he was 15 years old.

German Photographer Captures Beauty of Colorful World Around us as "Grey Matters"

After a short escapade studying law, he became a photographer for the renowned news agency “Sven Simon” at the age of twenty. He stayed with Stern for nine years, winning many prizes for his creative work and being appointed as a member of the German Art Directors Club. He left the magazine in 1986 to work as a freelance photographer in the field of fashion, celebrities and advertising. Between 2000 and 2008 Tom returned to Stern as its Creative Director. His last photographic oeuvre before joining Stern was called “Where God Resides,” a two-year journey around the world, capturing the beauty and spirit of sacred sites.

During his time as creative director for Stern, Tom also published the quarterly book series “Stern Fotografie,” founded the monthly photo magazine “View” and became its first editor-in-chief. The project GREY MATTER(S) was shown at: 16 Essential Tips for Capturing Great Photos of Kids. Links. Search supporters Discussion Discussion at the dpBestflow® blog White papers Karl Lang on rendering the Print Peter Krogh on Non-destructive Image Editing Jeff Schewe on preparing images for deliveryPeter Krogh on Camera Scans Software.


DIY Lighting Hacks for Digital Photographers. Lighting can be the difference between a good shot and a great one.

DIY Lighting Hacks for Digital Photographers

Walk into most professional photographer’s studios and you’ll be confronted with truckloads of lighting equipment. A Quick Guide to Fill In Flash - Great Tips to Help You Out. Add some Dynamics to Your Photos Using Fill In Flash Camera flash can be an immensely useful tool.

A Quick Guide to Fill In Flash - Great Tips to Help You Out

It can also be an immensely frustrating tool. The tiny light that adorns the top of your camera is The tiny light that adorns the top of your camera is capable of some hideous results if not used carefully and with some thought. You could experience one of the following without fill in flash: Red eye, harsh shadows, bright, unflattering and cold light.


Finding The Tipping Point. Photo Cascadia Blog. Landscape photographers are increasingly turning toward more interpretive modes of presentation in order to express their own ideas about the scenes that they encounter. New techniques in field work and related digital processing have fueled this development, often enabling photographers to produce images that were nearly impossible to achieve in the film era. The 15 best photography websites. The web is full of endless resources and tutorials on the subject of photography, but sometimes too much choice can be confusing so we've picked the 15 top photography websites that will really help you get to grips the medium. If you want to take things to the next level, why not find the best Photoshop tutorials and be inspired by some great examples of still life photography too?

01. The Image Quality Professor's Blog » Blog Archive Choosing the Right f-stop for Night Shots with Long Exposure - The Image Quality Professor's Blog. By using long exposure times for exposing water in movement, its possible to achieve a very nice silky effect. Typically an exposure time of 15-60 sec is enough to turn a moving water surface into a flat silky looking surface. Depending on the conditions you may need to expose up to a couple of minutes. To achieve this long exposure time for a night shot, simply by selecting a smaller aperture like f22 and f32, may not be the best solution. Lens diffraction at these apertures has a significant negative influence on the contrast and the sharpness of the final image. The Photography Tutorial eBook.


EyeFi's Cloud Program Is for the Photographer Always on the Go - You’re not always going to have your laptop there with you when it’s time to back up those important photos you took over the weekend, so why not try cloud storage? If you’re a fan of the WiFi camera, one thing you’ll rely on is the ability to give serious photographers, especially those of them with two or more cameras, the ability to do away with the gruesome switching of SD cards and cables. If this is you, then you’ve probably heard of a little company by the name of EyeFi, right? Well Eyefi isn’t just a little company. Food Photography Lighting - Easy Artificial Side Lighting.

Photo Preparation

Shooting Macro. Google Play. 5 Tips to get great light for outdoor portraits. Shooting outside in bright sunlight scares many photographers. I always see people saying to not go out and shoot portraits when the sun’s high in the sky. To wait until golden hour and shoot in the sunset, or only go out on a cloudy day. Well, I think that’s nonsense. Tripods and Heads. Composition. Images Telling a Story. Extra Light. Time Lapse. JJCAMERA Infrared Nikon Canon Converted Camera Conversion Sydney - Nikon DSLR IR Conversion. This ad is for the IR conversion of Nikon D40 D40x camera bodies only. Any other models will need to be confirmed the price before purchasing.

Photography Tips.

Optimum Exposure

Digital Camera Warehouse. Jimmy mcintyre. Food. Tips. Portrait. The Leica M8 10th Anniversary. A decade long Love affair, By Five Passionate Photographers – STEVE HUFF PHOTOS. The Leica M8 and it’s 10th Anniversary. BW. Download photos from devices using Adobe Bridge Photo Downloader. Photographing composites. Free Photoshop Video Tutorials. Stock Photography. 6 Cool Techniques You May Not Know. **SUPER STICKY** all stickies together -A collection of super links. Stock Photography. 6 Cool Techniques You May Not Know.


Top 10 Must Know iPhoneography Tips to Shoot Like a Pro. Taking photos with your iPhone is just about as simple as simple gets. Apple makes everything so easy and they have certainly made it easy for the iPhoneographer. You Only Need 5 Things to Make Your Own Home Studio. Lighting 101. Free portrait lighting guide: 24 essential studio lighting set-ups. Macro. How to Get the "Instant Black Background" - Layers Magazine.

Expert guide to manual focus photography. 4 Secrets for How to Get Tack Sharp Photos.

DXO Optics

Street Photography. Sony cameras. 4 Tips for Photographing Bugs and Insects. Focus Stacking. 77 photography techniques, tips and tricks for taking pictures of anything: Portrait photography techniques, tips and tricks. Forbes Welcome. Fuji X-T2. 6 Helpful Photography Tips from a Professional Photographer: Scott Kelby. iOS Photography Apps. How To Sharpen Cleanly in Photoshop Without White or Black Edging - Shutter...Evolve. The 15 best photography websites. Wine Photography For Professionals. 44 essential digital camera tips and tricks. 500px ISO » Beautiful Photography, Incredible StoriesCapturing Equine Elegance: How to Photograph Horses - 500px ISO.


PS Sharpening. Fujifilm Camera and Lens. Infrared Photography. Landscape. Tutorial - How to Remove Tourists From Your Photos - Shutter...Evolve. 14 portrait photography tips you'll never want to forget. Cameras and Lenses. Untitled. 44 essential digital camera tips and tricks.