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Camera Exposure: Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed

Camera Exposure: Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed
A photograph's exposure determines how light or dark an image will appear when it's been captured by your camera. Believe it or not, this is determined by just three camera settings: aperture, ISO and shutter speed (the "exposure triangle"). Mastering their use is an essential part of developing an intuition for photography. Achieving the correct exposure is a lot like collecting rain in a bucket. While the rate of rainfall is uncontrollable, three factors remain under your control: the bucket's width, the duration you leave it in the rain, and the quantity of rain you want to collect. You just need to ensure you don't collect too little ("underexposed"), but that you also don't collect too much ("overexposed"). In photography, the exposure settings of aperture, shutter speed and ISO speed are analogous to the width, time and quantity discussed above. Each setting controls exposure differently: By the Numbers. How it Appears. Slow Shutter Speed Fast Shutter Speed By the Numbers.


Nikon D3100 For Dummies Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet With the D3100, Nikon proves once again that you don't have to give an arm and a leg — or strain your back and neck — to enjoy dSLR photography. This addition to the Nikon family of dSLRs doesn't skimp on power or performance, offering a great set of features to help you take your photography to the next level.

Canon EF-S lens mount An example of a plastic EF-S lens mount. The Canon EF-S lens mount is a derivative of the EF lens mount created for a subset of Canon digital single-lens reflex cameras with APS-C sized image sensors. It was released in 2003. Breathtaking Long Exposure Photography and How to Capture It As you know, our first free e-Book was launched and so we were all, including me, busy making Photoshop resources. Thanks to you, the e-Book has met with a landmark success. Now I am free to focus on the other subjects as well. For today, I chose a form of trick photography. So after many weeks, here’s a super tutorial for learning Long Exposure Photography.

Studio Lighting Workshops Photofusion runs a broad range of short photography courses, catering for beginners through to professional photographers who are interested in improving their photography skills. Funded by the Arts Council, Photofusion is London's largest independent photography resource centre and is renowned for the quality of it's teaching. All of our photography courses are taught at our premises in the heart of Brixton, which house our cutting edge digital suites for both stills photography and video, a fully equipped photography studio, and a range of other workstations and digital resources. Camera Courses Our camera courses offer a wide variety of options for photographers of all levels and abilities.

Aperture and Depth of Field Depth of Field Depth of Field (DOF) is the front-to-back zone of a photograph in which the image is razor sharp. As soon as an object (person, thing) falls out of this range, it begins to lose focus at an accelerating degree the farther out of the zone it falls; e.g. closer to the lens or deeper into the background. With any DOF zone, there is a Point of Optimum focus in which the object is most sharp. There are two ways to describe the qualities of depth of field - shallow DOF or deep DOF. Shallow is when the included focus range is very narrow, a few inches to several feet. PhotoTech Tutorials Advertisement Over the recent months we’ve been presenting various showcases of photography – while many readers hated the showcases, most readers found them inspirational and perfect for a lousy workday’s morning. However, what we should have done in the inspirational posts is not just provide you with some inspiration for your work, but also present useful photographic techniques which can help you to achieve optimal pictures for your designs. And as requested by many of you, now it’s time to correct our mistake. In this post we present useful photographic techniques, tutorials and resources for various kinds of photography.

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