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badi : Baha'i/Badi Developers Institute This grass-roots initiative aims to allow Baha'i developers a forum to discuss plans to collaborate together to render services both of special interest to the Baha'i community as well as to the wider public (especially projects which are open source and could benefit others as well). The project has begun with a desire to refine the Text Browser project--a project which aims to allow sophisticated browsing and searching of the Baha'i Writings and other texts as well (now offline due to issues needing fixing). The site is itself to be made open source at a later date, and these two projects (as well as other open source CMS') are intended to be integrated. A special focus will probably be the TEI Writings prepared by the Baha'i World Centre. Other possible activities might include setting up a webpage to showcase Baha'i initiatives on the web.

Toolserver The Wikimedia Toolserver is a collaborative platform providing Unix hosting for various software tools written and used by Wikimedia editors. The service is operated by Wikimedia Deutschland e.V. with assistance from the Wikimedia Foundation. It consists of thirteen servers as outlined here. The contents of the live databases are replicated in three clusters: S1 (English Wikipedia), S2 (some major languages), S3 (all others), with varying degree of delay (often referred to as replag). Baha'i Date Schema - TEIWiki From TEIWiki The following is a Schematron schema to allow an unofficial scheme for the validation of Baha'i dates. The predictability of this schema could vary in the future, if a decision is made by the international governing body of the Baha'i Faith, the Universal House of Justice, as to the site for which Naw-Ruz, the new year, will be determined. At such a time, the beginning of the year will vary by one or two days, so it will not be as easy to detect the validity of dates which might change (in the first or last month, or intercalary days?). It is also certain whether the leap years will follow the current Gregorian calendar or not.

Support Center If the organizer schedules a session that gives attendees the flexibility to use different audio options, attendees can use the Audio pane to switch between Telephone and Mic & Speakers. If you're having trouble connecting to the audio conference, see Audio Help. Use Telephone to connect to the audio conference Use Telephone with an alternate phone number Manage audio via telephone controls (organizers only) Manage audio via telephone controls (attendees only) Use Mic & Speakers (VoIP) to connect to the audio conference (Windows) Use Mic & Speakers (VoIP) to connect to the audio conference (Mac) Test your audio setup (Windows only) Edit audio mode (organizers only) Play or disable on-hold beeps (organizers only) Play or disable entry or exit chimes (organizers only) Use the Sound Wizard Use Telephone to connect to the audio conference You can use a landline or mobile phone to dial in to the audio conference.

Bahá'í Calendar - Bahai9 From Bahai9 For the publicly editable wiki article, see WikiPedia:Bahá'í calendar Names of the Bahá'í Week-days CKEditor Standard editor The following is the standard editor configuration provided with the standard option in the download page. Rich Text Editor, editor1 Note: This demo uses ​​CKFinder to upload and manage files. CKEditor with lots of features enabled UAX #15: Unicode Normalization Forms Unicode Standard Annex #15 Summary This annex describes normalization forms for Unicode text. How to: enter text - Kalim - Baha'i Writings search software From Kalim - Baha'i Writings search software Thanks for adding text to Kalim. As you are doing this, you are adding metadata , based on the English metadata, and your own work, to the texts to the version in your language. This enriched version of the Writings is freely available to everyone in the Kalim database, ready for use by the Kalim program.

UTS #18: Unicode Regular Expressions Unicode® Technical Standard #18 Summary This document describes guidelines for how to adapt regular expression engines to use Unicode.

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