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LivePipe™ : User Interface Components for Prototype

LivePipe™ : User Interface Components for Prototype
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15 Javascript Web UI Libraries, Frameworks and Toolkits Almost all of the rich web applications that we currently see on the web today rely on a subtle set of UI controls, libraries or frameworks (or toolkits) that not only greatly simplify application development, they also provide a consistent, reliable, and highly interactive User Interface. What more could you ask for? Currently, there are a wide varied range of Web UI frameworks covering varied languages – for today we will focus on Javascript Web UI libraries. Not all libraries are suited for every project, but most developers will still rely on a single UI framework, a faithful friend they will always turn to in times of need… …so, if you are looking for a fresh UI outlook, below you will find the best 15 Javascript Web UIs, all offering, to different degrees, solutions. LivePipe: UI Components for Prototype LivePipe UI is a suite of widgets and controls for applications that has been built using the Prototype Javascript Framework. UKI – Simple UI Kit for Complex Web Apps jQuery UI Yahoo!

Web UI Frameworks Worth a Try We have been used to the fact that every second site looks like Twitter. That's because of their awesome Bootstrap UI framework. We've seen CSS frameworks before, but all of them were narrow enough to solve one problem at a time. From another point of view, a site built with Bootstrap loses it's individuality. But how to make site look more unique? Let's try something different then. Foundation Foundation is the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world. Fuel UX Extends Twitter Bootstrap with additional lightweight JavaScript controls. HTML KickStart Ultra–Lean HTML5, CSS, & JS Building Blocks for Rapid Website Production MetroUI Metro UI CSS allows to create a Web site in the style of Windows 8 quickly and without distractions on routine tasks. Groundwork Say hello to responsive design made easy. AlloyUI Alloy is a UI framework built on top of YUI3 that provides a simple API for building high scalable applications. Kendo UI Ignite UI

43 Essential Controls for Web Applications Designing a web application? Familiarize yourself with Rich Internet Application technologies and the best UI controls for creating your application. Rich Internet Application technology has empowered us to create really amazing user experiences. Most of these libraries, toolkits, and/or frameworks have an online gallery of controls (also called components, widgets, UI controls) you should explore. Many products are siloed by the RIA framework they are using, and designers create novel controls when the framework doesn’t have what they need.

10 Creative & Rich UI & How to Create Them Mar 29 2009 Sometimes it’s just amazing to see, which level of usability, legibility and visual appeal can be achieved using some basic design techniques. In fact, some talented web-developers manage to deliver powerful, functional and gorgeous web-design in “look-and-feel”-style, which is easy to use and nice to see. The User experience has dramatically improved over the past few years, resulting in rich and responsive user interface. There have been plenty of posts on the number of awesome javascript, Ajax and CSS techniques and where to find them. 1. Beside the absolutely incredible design you will find: 1.1 A menu with a nice animated effect on hover state How To » Super elastic effect to design high impact web menu This tutorial explains how to design an high impact elastic effect to make original web menu using some lines of Javascript code and MooTools framework. Check out the demo 1.2 A sliding post panel. How To » Elegant animated weekly timeline for websites Check out the demo 2. 4.

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Tree Component The ICEfaces Component Suite provides a completeset of enhanced standard and custom JavaServer Faces (JSF) components. These components provide the following additional benefits over other JSF components: Optimized to fully leverage ICEfaces Direct-to-Dom rendering technology providing seamless incremental user-interface updates for all components without full-page refreshes (partial-page rendering).Support for additional attributes for ICEfaces-specific features such as effects, partialSubmit, renderedOnUserRole, etc.Support for comprehensive component styling via predefined component style sheets that are easily customized. Using the ICEfaces Component Suite complete JSF applications may be rapidly developed that fully leverage the rich application features that ICEfaces provides:

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